Sweet Potato Power by Ashley Tudor

Book Review: Sweet Potato Power by Ashley Tudor – and a giveaway!

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One lucky reader will win a softcover copy of Sweet Potato Power here! See details to enter to win at the end of this post!

I was excited to get my hands on Sweet Potato Power by Ashley Tudor, a whole book dedicated to just one ingredient – I was curious to see what that would look like.

Sweet Potato Power by Ashley Tudor

Well, my curiosity was cured this past weekend when I dove into the book.  I flipped through and found myself in the last section scanning over the recipes. Sweet Potato Linguine, Stuffed Sweet Potato, Sweet Potato Poppers and Sweet Potato Cupcakes. There is even a recipe for homemade sport gel and a recovery drink, very cool! The creative recipes are really just the icing on the top, this book is packed full of useful and practical information.  The first three parts of the book read more like what I would imagine a Paleo Carb textbook to look like. Sweet Potato Power does a great job of laying out complex information in a simple and organized format that makes this book accessible to all.

What I discovered in Sweet Potato Power

Carbohydrate Spectrum

Part one takes us through food technology and ends with the history of the sweet potato. I really enjoyed the nutrition comparison of the white potato vs. the sweet potato. I also noticed that each chapter ends with a brief chapter takeaway. This is one of the many little extra treats in this book.

Part two goes way beyond the sweet potato dives into the four pillars of optimal health; Food, hormones, low inflammation and activity. Not only does she lay out the science behind the four pillars, but you can find helpful particle tips all the way through the chapter, like “Tips for managing cravings” and “Quick tips for athletes about their carb intake”.

Part three called “Your Body, Your Rules” is my favorite part of this book. Ashley gives us a practical step by step guide to use the knowledge learned from part two of this book. She outlines different types of testing and tracking tools to discover what works for your body. There are more tips hidden within this chapter, like what to look for when seeking out a doctor. Now we are back at part four of the book, yes it’s full of yummy recipes waiting to be tested (see the one I made below) but we also get practical kitchen tips for cooking and storing our powerful sweet potatoes. There are even notes about eating sweet potatoes out and buying sweet potatoes products at the grocer.

Turkey Burger Cookies

The Finished product “Turkey (Deer) Burger Cookies”

I could not wait to bite into one of these delicious and creative recipes. It was not hard to find a recipe I could make with what I already had in the house. I enjoyed that the recipes are simple in ingredients but complex in flavor. Now back to the Turkey Burger Cookies. I had some ground deer meat already defrosted so I substituted ground deer meat for ground turkey. If I had already had some sweet potato puree set aside in the freezer (another great tip from the book), the prep time would have been just a few minutes. This recipe could not be any simpler; sweet potato puree, herbs, seasoning, ground meat, and chopped onion. I mixed it all together and formed them into small patties/ “cookies”. While the patties were cooking, I quickly sliced up tomato, washed my lettuce, and sliced a few rings of red onions. How easy is that?! The burgers took no time at all to cook because they were small in size, and putting them together was just as simple. Although the book says they are more like a cookie than a main course I had two and felt satisfied. Hmm, wonder if it was the power of the sweet potato hiding in my burger? I am excited to try out all the new uses for sweet potatoes I discovered in Sweet Potato Power.

My Takeaway from Sweet Potato Power

Glucose Testing

The three things I loved most about Sweet Potato Power was how easily the information was to digest, the notion that we all have to use self-discovery to find out how carbs fit into our bodies, and all the useful and practical tips. No longer can we gripe about the sweet potato being the safe starch monarch for the Paleo community. Ashley has put a spotlight on this seemingly simple food and showed us all how sweet potatoes really are our power.


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  1. I’ve liked Balance Bites for many, many moons now.
    I’ve been on the mailing list for just as long.
    I would follow on twitter, but the day is not so long.
    I now like Sweet Potato Power
    And if I win, I promise not to glower.

  2. I liked Sweet Potato Power & Balanced Bites on Facebook and subscribed to the newsletter! This book was totally written for me. My co-workers give me a hard time because I eat 2-3 sweet potatoes a day. LOVE THEM!! ;)Oh ya.. my birthday’s coming up. **Pick me! haha**

  3. Liked Sweet Potato Power (already a Balanced Bites FB and newsletter fan!). My family LOVES sweet potatos, and I’d love to get my hands on this book!

  4. I was already following Balanced Bites on FB & Twitter. But I followed Ashley Tudor and Sweet Potato Power on FB & Twitter. I am also already subscribed via email for Balanced Bites updates.

    I hope I win! Fingers crossed!

  5. Liked and followed Sweet potato power. Already was a fan of balanced bites. followed balanced bites on twitter and subscribed to balanced bites. 🙂

  6. I have done all of the steps and absolutely love the sounds of the book. The timing is appropriate because I’m in the stages of toying with how many carbs are appropriate for me. I look forward to reading it!

  7. I have been subscribed to the newsletter for sometime. Followed steps one and two. Appreciate the opportunity to be part of the drawing.

  8. For a few weeks now, I’ve been following Ashley and Balanced Bites on Twitter and I receive e-mail from Balanced Bites. I’m interested in the book about Sweet Potatoes, one of my favorite foods.

    I’ve been following some of the Paleo sites along with a number of vegetarian/vegan sites. The data and information is confusing. Although I think the scientific evidence is strongly against dairy and factory animals, finding conclusive evidence for/against paleo or vegetarian eating seems to be emotional, not conclusive. I’m still looking for a convincing argument. Does anyone have non-emotional, yet useful links.

  9. Done! Thanks for all the wealth of information you provide! Looking forward to the subscribed emails! 🙂

  10. I liked Sweet Potato Power, already like BB and #3. I have just started liking sweet potatoes after 43 years of thinking I hated them.

  11. I liked both on FB…I love love love sweet potatoes and look forward to reading this book. I will buy it if I must but it would be so much fun to win a copy.

  12. 1) i liked sweet potato power on facebook
    2) i followed Ashley Tudor on twittwr
    3) I already LOVE Balanced Bites and subscribe to the newsletter!!!

  13. I’m new to your site; it looks interesting. Sweet potatoes are a favorite of mine as in cut them into wedges, smear well with organic coconut oil and generously sprinkle with cinnamon. Bake at 400 F or so until edges are crisp. Yum. Even my 18-year-old daughter can’t resist them when they are roasting! I’d love to win that book!

  14. I have completed all of the above. I love sweet potatoes!!! Excited for this book so I can convince my husband as well!

  15. I did it all except follow you on Twitter bc I already do that which is how I learned about this contest! I am always favoriting your tweets. Yes that is me. xoxox love your stuff! newbie to paleo and you are the most helpful!!!

  16. I’ve been following Balanced Bites, but just found out about Sweet Potato Power. I love Sweet Potatoes. Since going Paleo, they have become my favorite food. I’ve liked the facebook pages, followed both on Twitter, and get the Balanced Bites newsletter. I would love to have a copy of this book.

  17. I’m guessing the giveaway is over, but I did all of the above just ’cause this book sounds amazing. Add another one to my shopping list!

  18. Great looking book, I’d love to own it.

    I liked the Sweet Potato Power and Balanced Bites Facebook pages: Carl Scott

    I followed Ashley Tudor and Balanced Bites on Twitter: @carlrscott

    I subscribed via email to the Balanced Bites newsletter/blog updates: carlscott(at)prodigy(dot)net(dot)mx


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