The Joy Sutton Show appearance - Diane Sanfilippo

Catch my segments on The Joy Sutton Show!

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A few weeks ago, I traveled to Roanoke, Virginia to film with The Joy Sutton Show.

A producer from the show reached out to me several months ago because she loved my program and books, and she thought I'd be a great fit for their audience.

It sounded like a fun time, and a good fit. Often when the opportunity for media exposure comes up, it's not always with the “spin” I'd want to put on the information. But the folks at The Joy Sutton Show were happy to let me tell my story, and show the viewers what I felt was important in terms of healthy food swaps. So, it was a win-win!

My segments on The Joy Sutton Show aired just this past weekend. In the first segment, I talk all about the problems with sugar and The 21-Day Sugar Detox. In the second segment, I covered the basics of what Paleo is, and a handful of quick swaps to make going Paleo easier!

The Joy Sutton Show appearance - The 21-Day Sugar Detox

In the second segment, I talk about Paleo and show a handful of easy, healthy swaps to make for everyday foods. To view my second segment, simply click the image below.

The Joy Sutton Show appearance - Practical Paleo

Joy was a real pleasure to work with, as was her entire team. This was my first time on “live” TV (while it didn't air live as we filmed, it was all done in a single take, no stopping, no do-overs!).

I hope you enjoy watching!

I also wish someone had moved that one rogue curl back to the rest of my hair – hahah!

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