Trader Joe's Healthy Shopping Trip

Healthy Shopping Trip: Trader Joe’s

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In this video, I give you a shot-by-shot rundown of one of my Trader Joe’s hauls! Pay attention to the indicators on the sides of the screen for items that are paleo-friendly, 21-Day Sugar Detox-friendly, or just ”Because I Like It” – like steel-cut oatmeal, or goat’s milk gouda! Featured in the video: Fresh Pineapple Spears, Bananas, Organic Asparagus, Organic …

Soft Boiled Eggs - Portfolio

5-Minute Soft Boiled Eggs (Runny Yolks!)

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I was first inspired to try making soft-boiled eggs at home after eating the seriously delicious gluten-free avocado toast from Jane here in San Francisco. My first attempt was just a tad overcooked (no runny yolks!), but I’m happy to say after a couple of tries I nailed it and was able to enjoy a couple of perfect soft boiled eggs on top …

At the Gym - Travel Edition - Portfolio

At the Gym: Travel Edition #1

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Follow along with me as I get in a quick workout while traveling. Although a hotel gym might not be perfect, you have to make the most of what you’ve got! Here, you’ll see some isolated movements I do, before heading outside (off camera) for a walk to get in a little cardio. Want to be the first to see …

Natural Cold Care - Portfolio

Natural Cold Care

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When a cold tries to knock me down, this is how I fight back! Learn about some of the natural cold care products I like to use, including a bonus tip from my Balanced Bites podcast partner, Liz Wolfe: Get in the fluids you need: water, broth (add tons of freshly smashed garlic cloves), and herbal teas… or even try …

Stability Ball Push-Up - Portfolio

At the Gym: Stability Ball Push-up

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This short gym clip features a stability ball push-up of me working with my trainer, Dave Engen. Here’s the “drop” part of the set (typically less resistance or weight). This stability ball push-up move is harder than it looks! The goal is to open the chest up more at the bottom, then also go into a more full-extension than I am …

Book Talk Nation video interview with Diane & Liz

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Hey everyone! If you missed last night’s interview that Liz Wolfe and I did live with Book Talk Nation, here’s the replay! I wanted to make sure you all know that you can order personalized signed books via the Book Talk Nation website through midnight tonight, March 26th. These books will be sold via our respective local independent booksellers (Watchung …

A Sugar-Free (and Kid-Friendly) Valentine’s Day

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I know what you’re thinking: “How do I celebrate Valentine’s Day on a 21-Day Sugar Detox or Squeaky Clean Paleo?” And likely… “What about with kids?” Chocolates, candy, fancy dinners… these are things we typically enjoy about Valentine’s Day, but you may be dreading them if you are doing The 21-Day Sugar Detox (21DSD) or maybe even the Squeaky Clean …

Michael Pollan’s “Six Rules for Eating Wisely”

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I really like this article. It makes sense. It’s common sense. We forget sometimes that a lot of things we consider “food” are really just products made from ingredients that may include some foods but mostly chemicals and substances that really aren’t foods at all. Enjoy. Michael Pollan’s article “Six Rules for Eating Wisely” His newest book is on my …

“What to Eat” – Marion Nestle’s advice.

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I like Marion Nestle. She knows what’s what when it comes to food. She does the research and is qualified to give you an opinion. While we are all left to make choices on our own, I have great respect for someone who makes it her mission to inform the public of just how much the government controls everything we …