CEO Corner, March 2021 | Balanced Bites, Diane Sanfilippo

CEO Corner, March 2021

Diane Sanfilippo CEO Corner, Direct from Diane 6 Comments

I have heard from many of you that “behind-the-scenes” business updates are a fun way to engage with the Balanced Bites brand. While I share many sneak peaks on Instagram and in our Balanced Bites Insider newsletter, I'd like to welcome you to my new CEO Corner on the blog.

Here you'll find business updates, company news and launches, and related topics that I hope you'll enjoy!

CEO Corner – What's new for March 2021

Changes ahead for the Balanced Bites shop sites.

I know that sometimes the fact that our Balanced Bites Meals are sold on a separate website from our spices & snacks (dry goods) can be confusing. I also know that many of you wish you could “just make one order for any/all of our products.”

I hear you and I agree and have wanted this for a long time. We are working on it – as we speak.

We are making a MAJOR update to our technology platform with Shopify to create a “unified cart” experience for you.

Please just be patient with us while we work on this tech upgrade.

Further, sometimes a discount of free item offer is only available with dry goods or with out meals. This is because we can’t offer a free add-on to a meal box that isn’t available in our kitchens to ship.

Why you sometimes can't add our dry goods to a meal box.

Our dry goods are mostly warehoused in Chicago and we send a limited quantity of a selection of items to offer as meal box add-ons as a benefit to our meals customers.

The primary way to enjoy ordering our dry goods is via our main site versus our meals site as we have all of our products available there!

Subscriptions to spices, refills, and snacks coming soon.

We are also working on adding the option to subscribe to your favorites spices, snacks, and more as we add products to our line.

I constantly have to prioritize our focus among many areas: people development, new product creation, managing inventory & reorders (and quality control), customer service in our current tech and expanding our capabilities with new tech, marketing / communication about our business, and the list goes on.

All of this work is not mine alone, but I am solely responsible for the trajectory of this company as well as for the expenses we incur.

I move as quickly as I can while being deliberate and taking measured risks.

All this to say: big things are coming for Balanced Bites, and I’m trying hard to balance the fun, public-facing things (like new product launches) with the (more?) important infrastructure/ back-end tech things that will make your experience better and allow us to continue to grow.

I appreciate your support for our small business. It means the world to me that you trust me and my team and the co-packers (food producers) with whom I work to fuel you and bring you tasty and nourishing products.

Building Balanced Bites has been such a pleasure and I hope you’ll continue to be along with me on this journey.

Thank you!


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