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3 Tricks for an Epic Picnic

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It’s Springtime & therefore the perfect time for a picnic. The fresh air, the sunshine, it's simply the best! The big question is though, what should you pack?!

Picnicking can be tricky – there's more to it than just throwing some food in a bag (although I do recommend my insulated cooler tote!) You definitely want to plan ahead and pack up your essentials, so read on for a few of my favorite tricks  to make it a truly epic day.

3 Tricks for an Epic Picnic | Balanced Bites


1. BYO dressing! Grab a mason jar & mix up your favorite dressing to toss with some roasted veggies, gluten-free pasta salad, or salad greens – there are loads of options in my free Salad Madness ebook if you need some inspo (sign up for our newsletter & we'll send it to you, or check the bottom of any of our recent emails!) + be sure to check out this post on mixing up your favorite dressing.

2. Pack a lemon! You know me and my lemons! Whether you made your own dishes or hit up the store on your way, a squeeze of fresh lemon will take things up a notch & add a brightness to your picnic.

3. Don't forget the necessities

  • a large blanket so you're protected from damp grass
  • a trash bag or ziplocks to store used dishes & utensils
  • lots of water
  • a few ice packs
  • a real knife & small cutting board as well… just wrap it up in a kitchen towel for safety.

Looking for picnic recipe inspo?

Cauliflower Hummus: This travels so well, & tastes even better the next day so it's best to make it the night before!
Green Curry Lime Baked Chicken: Make this chicken with drumsticks so you can eat it with your hands!
Frittatas: One of my favorite packable meals – slice it up and wrap in foil, it's delicious at room temperature.
Jersey-Style Deli Tuna Salad: Whip up a few sandwiches + throw in a few bags of the brown chips from Trader Joes… omg so good.
Chicken Pepperoni Nuggets: a fun one for the kids (or kids-at-heart), these nuggets are great served at room temperature.
Gluten-Free Banana Bread: This banana bread has become a staple recipe in our kitchen on a regular basis, and it would pack up perfectly for a picnic! Add a handful of chocolate chips, if you're in the mood.
Cheeseboard: Grab a large tupperware container & put together a cheeseboard-to-go!
Throw in a few bags of our seasoned nut mixes, and you'll be good to go!
3 Tricks for an Epic Picnic | Balanced Bites
What are you favorite picnic tricks? Share them below as I'd love to hear!

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