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Better Food Photos & Social Media | What’s Up Weekly with Diane | February 17th, 2017

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Here's what was up last week!

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5 Tips for Better Food Photos (with video!)

These tips, while written with shooting from your iPhone or another smart phone as the primary inspiration, will also apply to shooting food photos with a DSLR. In that case, your adjustments will happen in a program like LightRoom, CaptureOne, or Photoshop.

iPhone food photos can be amazing, and, in many cases, you can take food photos with your iPhone that are almost as nice as with a fancy expensive camera. These smartphone food photography tips will help you out!

Read and watch my 5 tips >

5 Tips for Better Food Photography | Diane Sanfilippo

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Shortcut Paleo Bolognese

This sausage, pepper, and onion stuffed spaghetti squash is an easy weeknight go-to meal. It’s the perfect weeknight paleo meal, and usually makes enough for two for dinner, with extra leftovers for lunch the next day!

Want to try my full Spaghetti Squash Bolognese recipe from Practical Paleo? It’s absolutely a reader favorite and is worth making even if it takes a little bit longer than this short-cut version!

Check out these food photos from readers who have captured their Paleo Bolognese meals! This is what I love about social media – being able to see your delicious meals created from my recipes!

Shoutout to @paranorma_, @mistygetsreal, @warriorchick, @nourishlivelove, @jaredgg2, @melrosenberg78,, @cycle2eat!

Practical Paleo Spaghetti Squash Bolognese

Get the Shortcut Paleo Bolognese Recipe >

Shortcut Paleo Bolognese | Diane Sanfilippo | Balanced Bites

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Balanced Bites Podcast Episode #282 – Social Media: Creating & Consuming Content


  1. News and updates from Diane & Liz [3:25]
  2. Something new that I’m digging: Feedback from the new edition of Practical Paleo [ 8:40]
  3. Social media; creating and consuming [13:29]
  4. Handling the trolls; putting yourself out there [24:33]
  5. Favorite things about social media accounts [ 34:12]
  6. Social media etiquette [46:05]

Tune in or read more here >

Balanced Bites Podcast | Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe

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New on the 21DSD Blog

 21DSD Recipe Roundup | Waffles

21-Day Sugar Detox Recipe Roundup | Waffles

Who doesn't love waffles? Slightly sweet or savory – try one of these non-traditional takes on some waffly goodness!

Get the 8 waffle recipes >

21DSD Blog Post | 21DSD on a Budget – Part 2

21-Day Sugar Detox | 21DSD on a Budget

Check out this article from one of our Certified 21DSD Coaches: “You may think that eating healthy always has to be expensive, but don't let this notion keep you from your 21DSD goals.”

Read the article >
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Highlights from Instagram

Tell me something… do you enjoy seeing plates of not-so-pretty but very real-life meals as much as you like the pretty ones? . This morning, before our weekly team call and after my workout, this is what went down my pie hole: 3 pastured eggs with @primalkitchenfoods mayo, black pepper, and truffle salt – paired with some Blue Hill Bay pickled wild herring (yes, there's sugar in pickled herring) from @acmesmokedfish atop @marysgonecrackers super seed Everything flavor crackers. It was super quick and easy because I didn't have much time before the call was about to start. Thank goodness I boiled so many eggs last week for just such a meal! . I do my best to get omega-3 rich fish into my diet as often as possible for the health benefits – especially to support glowing skin. Catch lots more info on skin health on the most recent episode of the @balancedbitespodcast AND keep an eye out for my skincare & cosmetics post coming to the blog this week. (Finally.) . #glutenfree #notsponsored

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In 2007-2008, I owned and operated an organic, gluten-free, grass-fed meal delivery business here in San Francisco called Balanced Bites. . It's where the name for my current blog came from, and it's also where these recipe allergen/note indicators also originated. . You see, before “Practical Paleo” was ever a glimmer in my eye or a project in my imagination, I was cooking meals for folks every week, labeling them with important-to-them notes like this. . Heck, back then, there was even one for VEGAN meals or snacks (most of the snacks were meat-free so they fit the bill). . Anyway, I share this to tell you that these easy-to-spot icons in the new edition of the book were literally always part of my vision for the recipe pages, but somehow, in the first edition, they didn't make it in there. . Beyond adding new chapters, 50 new recipes, a visual recipe index AND an allergen/special meal type chart in the back of the book for finding exactly what you need, ADDING THESE ICONS was literally one of the things about writing this new version of the book that made me so happy. . It seems minor perhaps, but as a graphic designer, as someone who was emotionally tied to these cute icons, as someone who always has a vision for her projects, the fact that these didn't make it into the first book sort of always bugged me. . And seeing them there in the new edition simply makes me feel at ease… because they make using the recipes easier and more fun – and what I WANTED them to be for you. And of course I always give you swap or modification notes on each recipe to allow you to make it without the allergen as well! . Maybe it's not that important to most people, but for me to have my vision TRULY come to life and be executed on the pages of this book is extremely gratifying and just plain awesome. . I hope you're loving all the updates to this new book as much as I love having made them. . If you don't already have one, there 41% off in both hard and soft cover on Amazon right now and soft cover at all U.S. Costco stores (check the stacks b/c sometimes they get buried!). . xo, D . #aip #eggfree #nutfree #nightshadefree #lowfodmap #fodmap #paleo

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[Sound up!] This episode on muscle building for women is on FIRE! 🔥💪🏻So many downloads in the first week it aired! If you haven't tuned in to the @balancedbitespodcast yet- whatcha waiting for?! It's free on iTunes, Stitcher, or directly on my website for an MP3! . Podcasts are literally the PERFECT way to get so many answers while being entertained and getting to know some of the folks you follow on social way better. . For more than 5 years, @realfoodliz and I have been bringing you our take on all things Paleo, real food, and straight up life on this show. If you've never listened before, you've got lots to catch up on while you hit that spring cleaning or workout, or road trip/long flight coming up 😉 . But seriously, any question you could have like… what would Diane and Liz say? We've probably covered it on the show! Tune in via the link in the @balancedbitespodcast bio or anywhere you listen to podcasts. I promise it's a good time! . And here's a clip from a show two weeks back with @jensinkler and @kthomasfitness 💪🏻🔥🙌🏻 . #Repost @balancedbitespodcast ・・・ 🗣Tap your screen (volume up!) to hear a short clip from our latest podcast! In episode #280, Diane interviews Jen Sinkler & Kourtney Thomas about muscle building and introduces their new program, The Bigness Project. . Topics:  1. News and updates from Diane [1:30]  2. Introducing our guests; @jensinkler and @kthomasfitness [3:56]  3. Something I’m digging: self-care [9:56]  4. Strength training and women [19:53]  5. Myths of cardiovascular training [24:32]  6. Differences in strength versus cardio training [31:30]  7. Training for aesthetics [40:32]  8. Hypertrophy training [49:41]  9. What hypertrophy training looks like [57:59]  10. The Bigness Project [1:04:12] . The Balanced Bites Podcast with @dianesanfilippo and @realfoodliz is new every Thursday. Tune in via iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, or Don't forget to leave us a star-rating and a review in iTunes if you enjoy listening to the show – we appreciate it! . The Balanced Bites Podcast is proudly sponsored by @vitalchoice @ntatraining @primallypure #balancedbitespodcast #bbpodcast #musclebuilding #thebignessproject #womenwholift

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