Balanced Bites Master Class | What's up Weekly with Diane Sanfilippo

Balanced Bites Master Class | What’s Up Weekly with Diane | January 11, 2017

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Here's what was up last week!

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One-Pot Sausage & Chicken Spaghetti Squash Bake - Practical Paleo 2nd edition - Diane Sanfilippo

If you are one of my email subscribers, you received my One-Pot Sausage & Chicken Spaghetti Squash Bake from Practical Paleo 2nd Edition in your inbox this week. This is a subscriber-exclusive sneak peek and will be published on the blog soon. If you want to receive these subscriber exclusives before they hit the blog, sign up here!

Balanced Bites Master Class – enrollment closes Monday!

Heads up! The 2017 Balanced Bites Master Class is open for enrollment until Monday, January 16th!

We cover a ton of topics during the 10-week course. Liz and I are so excited to build a community of folks dedicated to learning and improving health in the new year!

Read all about the Master Class >

Balanced Bites Master Class | Program Includes

FAQ: Am I considered a practitioner?

There are two different tracks: 1 for students and 1 for health professionals (RN, RD, ND, DC, NTP, NTC, NC, IIN grads, RNs, Personal Trainers, Crossfit Trainers – if you work with clients 1:1 or in a group in a health setting, you qualify!). We've been asked most frequently what qualifies as a health professional/practitioner and what is the difference between the courses.

Check out this quick video to get all the details about the practitioner track, plus a sneak peek inside the portal and the beautifully designed hand-outs!

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Balanced Bites Podcast Episode #277 – All about the Master Class


1. News and updates from Diane & Liz [3:52]
2. A new thing I’m digging: Framebridge [11:42]
3. FAQs for the Balanced Bites Master Class [15:13]
4. Details on the modules [26:25]
5. Who is the Master Class for? [31:46]
6. When does it open now; when will it open again? [38:28]
7. How is the course set up? Can I take the Master Class from a different country? [39:52]
8. Discounts, scholarships, and payment options [42:47]
9. Is the practitioner track right for me? [44:36]
10. Is enrollment limited? [48:01]
11. Refund policy [49:14]
12. Parenthood tip from Liz: Getting kids to eat organ meats [51:33]

Tune in or read more here > Balanced Bites Podcast | Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe


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Balanced Bites Spices on Sale NOW!

O.M.G.!! Finally, the Balanced Bites Spices are on sale exclusively over at!

All of these blends are also available in the pages of Practical Paleo, 2nd Edition. If you don't want to buy them, you are welcome to make them. If you need them all nightshade-free, you are welcome to make them until we release a pack of exclusively nightshade-free blends (anticipated this spring). If you need salt-free, well, you know what I'm going to say… recipes, make them salt-free. Done.

But if you want this to be an easy-button to tasty food in your kitchen every day of the week, then here you go.

They are sold in two different 4-packs or a full set of 8-pack, and eventually, they will be sold individually. All ingredient details are on the Kasandrinos website.

Buy the Balanced Bites Spices Now >>


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New on the 21DSD Blog

21DSD Recipe: Lamb Burgers with Chunky Avo-ziki

Lamb Burgers with Chunky Avo-ziki | 21-Day Sugar Detox

You’ll love these Mediterranean-flavored burgers–not only are they delicious, but they are so quick and easy to make that they are perfect for lunch or a weeknight dinner!

Get the recipe >

21DSD Recipe Roundup | Breakfast Casseroles

Breakfast Casseroles | 21-Day Sugar Detox

Breakfast casseroles are a fantastic way to start your morning! Load them up with lots of veggies and some extra protein (if you want), and you have a complete meal that is ready to go. You can also use these recipes as inspiration to create a casserole with your favorite ingredients!

Get the 8 recipes here >

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Highlights from Instagram

I realized recently that I’ve spent years teaching and supporting lots of you, all the while forgetting that one of the most important things I can share is my own story. . ON THE LEFT (2000) – My college graduation dinner. I probably weighed around 160# (at only 5'4″) and this wasn’t the heaviest I’d get. I was bloated, had little muscle mass relatively speaking, and I honestly don’t think I even realized how big I was getting. . What this picture doesn’t show: I had no idea what it truly meant to eat a healthy diet. I was unaware. Sure, I knew fast food wasn’t good for me, but I didn’t know how bad it was while I downed S’barro pizza, Haagen Daaz pints, and Burger King onion rings that were offered up on campus. I wasn’t exercising at all. I had been an athlete in high school, and I didn’t know how to move my body in a way I’d enjoy other than team sports. . This photo *also* doesn’t show that, perhaps surprisingly, I didn’t have very low self-esteem. Evidenced by the strappy sundress, I didn’t know what I couldn’t “see.” I didn’t know my body was basically screaming for me to cut the crap. I wasn’t aware that I was on this downhill path. . It took a routine check-up at my doctor's office about a year later when a nurse said, “we should talk about portion control.” What?! No one had ever commented on my eating habits before. I was sort of shocked but I'm so thankful she didn't shy away from mentioning it. There's a longer story to what happened next, but I can't fit it all here… . ON THE RIGHT (2016) – On tour with Cassy Joy of @fedandfit speaking at Book People in Austin, TX. I'm strong, still self-confident, and still here. . If you're proud of how you look because you lost weight or got fit and healthy, you're actually proud that you did the work to get there. . What I know for sure: real confidence doesn't come from your physical appearance, but in a sense of accomplishment, achievement, learning, and loving in life. ❤D

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Made this dinner tonight here on IG live! (No replays, it's a -you had to be there- sort of sitch, but I'll explain the dish). A BIG SALAD featuring #BBspices, @primalkitchenfoods ranch, and a new BBQ sauce I found recently at @wholefoods by @montanamex (it does have sugar in it so if you're on a 21DSD this one isn't for you). . Romaine and kale salad topped with oven fries (Baked Potato Chips recipe in #practicalpaleo just cut thicker) seasoned with DINER blend, chicken breast seasoned with COFFEE BBQ & a touch of SMOKY blend (slathered in the sauce after grilling), then all topped with the ranch that I doctored up (because I can't help myself) with some goat cheese crumbles, lemon juice, and EVOO. Whew! This was SO good – we have to make this again! . I don't schedule when I go live on here but it's always a fun time and I love when you guys come hang out!

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