#300! Ask Us Anything! | What’s Up Weekly with Diane | June 21st, 2017

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Here's what was up last week!

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Diane: Direct Vlog

In this week's DIANE: DIRECT I'm talking guacamole! This is my favorite basic recipe that'll keep you from feeling overwhelmed when buying ingredients. Once you buy the avocados, most of these ingredients are those you may already have on-hand (I always have limes, cilantro, and shallots around in my kitchen!).

For a printable recipe, click here > 

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Balanced Bites Podcast Episode #300: Ask Us Anything


  1. Introducing our guest, Cassy Joy Garcia of Fed and Fit [2:46]
  2. Ask us anything: Eat one food for the rest of your life [4:53]
  3. Favorite Real Housewives [6:03]
  4. Least favorite question [6:51]
  5. Least favorite question [6:51]
  6. Earliest riser [7:40]
  7. Best wardrobe [8:19]
  8. The most pushups [9:37]
  9. Most Mean Girl quotes [9:51]
  10. Biggest sweet tooth [10:18]
  11. Better dancer [10:30]
  12. Biggest reader [10:40]
  13. Most artistic [12:22
  14. Most practical [13:15]
  15. Best impersonations [13:49]
  16. Gluten without consequences [14:31]
  17. Super powers [16:38]
  18. Most embarrassing moment [17:42]
  19. Real Housewives tag line [19:01]
  20. Favorite recipe [19:46]
  21. Underwear under yoga pants [20:45]
  22. Favorite holiday [23:05]
  23. Missed college snacks [24:41]
  24. Someday I want to… [25:54]
  25. Favorite restaurant meal [27:32]
  26. Least favorite aspect of paleo [29:12]
  27. A food you’ve never tried [30:39]
  28. One clothing store to shop in [31:51]
  29. One book that changed you [32:52]
  30. Admire the most in each other [35:55]
  31. Best piece of advice [40:07]
  32. Biggest pet peeve [43:13]
  33. Perfect day [44:37]
  34. What did you want to be when you grew up [46:16]
  35. What takes you out of your comfort zone [47:47]
  36. Favorite Mean Girls character [49:41]
  37. High school makeup [50:07]
  38. One TV show to watch forever [50:39]
  39. Something new you’d like to try [51:32]
  40. Celebrity crush [52:31]
  41. Sex and the City character [53:23]
  42. 5 years ago, where would you be in 5 years [54:36]
  43. Favorite non-work-related hobby [55:31]
  44. Favorite app [57:30]
  45. Building margin in your life [58:12]
  46. How have you changed from episode 1 to 300 [59:44]
  47. Real Housewives tag line [1:02:28]

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Balanced Bites Spices – Easy Recipe

When Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo is cooking, you know it's gonna be EASY & TASTY! Michelle used my GREEK blend to add life to her chicken thighs for this easy-peasy sheet-pan dinner!

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New on the 21DSD Blog

21DSD Recipe Round-up | Kid Friendly

These recipes are great for the kids in your life (or the kid in you!). Real ingredients, sugar and sweetener-free, and family-friendly–enjoy!

Get the 8 recipes >

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Highlights from Instagram

Dad, thanks for being an example of a loving husband to mom. I know that the way Scott and I treat one another is a direct reflection of the example I saw growing up. . You always answered when she called (even if you had to yell, “WHAT?!” from across the house). . You always took her places she wanted to go – from Italy and abroad to the quilt store and the casino (to play with her $20 total gambling money 😂). . You always asked if she needed anything on your way home or at the store – or went out if she needed something she forgot. . You always cooked her food and protected it from being eaten by anyone else before she could get to it (“this is for your mother”). . And you still do all of those things. . I'm sure there are lots of ways that kids can show appreciation for their dads today, but I hope that showing you what I learned about how to be loving in my relationship with my husband is enough for you. Because it's enough for me. ❤️ . And, no, my dad isn't on Instagram, but my mom is and she'll show this to him. 😉 . Photo by @theweaverhouse

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MOVING DAY EATS // So predictable, no? 😂🥗🍟🙌🏻 #docandflips #souvlasalad @souvlasf #granch

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