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Hormones | What’s Up Weekly with Diane | March 2nd, 2017

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Here's what was up last week!

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Simple Greek-Spiced Lamb Roast with Cauliflower Rice Recipe (with video!)

Last week, I whipped up this super Simple Greek-Spiced Lamb Roast recipe… and recorded it! Check out this new “Cooking with Diane” video and follow along with the recipe.

**Note: This recipe uses the Balanced Bites Spices: Greek & Savory blends. If you don't have them, no worries! You can find the recipes in the 2nd edition of Practical Paleo.

Cook with me + find the recipe here >

Simple Greek-Spiced Lamb Roast Recipe | Diane Sanfilippo

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Join the March 21-Day Sugar Detox!

We have a 21-Day Sugar Detox community group set to begin on March 6th!

We are only running detoxes 4 times a year now, so jump in this round if you want to participate with our larger group (or you can always search for a 21DSD Certified Coach!)

Jump in the March detox here >

21-Day Sugar Detox March 2017

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Balanced Bites Podcast Episode #284 – Women's Health & Hormones with Melissa Ramos


  1. News and updates from Diane [1:59]
  2. Introducing our guest. Melissa Ramos [3:40]
  3. Something that I'm digging: Mindset work [4:48]
  4. Melissa's background with hormonal health [6:42]
  5. Hormones and acne [11:26]
  6. Raising low progesterone and PCOS [21:42]
  7. Timeline in balancing hormones [25:06]
  8. Prioritizing hormones to rebalance first [31:59]
  9. Getting your period back [38:50]
  10. What to expect in postpartum phases [45:20]

Tune in or read more here > **Melissa includes a special offer for YOU!**

Balanced Bites Podcast | Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe

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New on the 21DSD Blog

 21DSD Testimonial | “My whole outlook on food – especially sweets – has changed!”

It’s amazing the difference that the 21DSD made in my life! I can’t wait to wear my wedding dress and feel like a confident and happy bride that I know I am!

Read Abbie's Full Testimonial >

21-Day Sugar Detox Testimonial | My whole outlook on food - especially sweets - has changed!

21DSD Recipe Round-up | Pork

From chops to roasts and everything in between, this week features a variety of pork dishes you’re sure to love!

Read the 8 recipes here >

21-Day Sugar Detox Recipe Roundup | Pork
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Highlights from Instagram

Sometimes people assume that since I no longer dive face first into a box of Krispy Kremes that I've *always* been a healthy eater. . SO. NOT. TRUE. . Picture it. San Francisco. 2001. I was working in an office (Gap, Inc.'s HQ to be exact) at a job that didn't truly light me up. Sure, I worked for the company I grew up working for (I spent 7 years working for Gap), but I was not happy. I was, however, *quite* happy on the Fridays when a coworker would bring in donuts. I remember vividly that once I ate at least FOUR of them over the course of the day… as the box sat next to my desk, CALLING MY NAME. . And this isn't about whether or not it's okay to enjoy a donut (grain-free, gluten-free, or otherwise) if you so choose. . This is about my unhappiness AND my inability to figure out that I was eating those foods to FEED A VOID in my soul. It wasn't about the food. It rarely is for any of us. . BUT the food choices we make when we are feeling sad, or down, or weak, or worthless, well, they can certainly make matters worse . I wasn't equipped with healthy habits or the tools to know what kinds of foods would better serve my body day in and day out. I didn't know how to eat to maintain a healthy weight while enjoying my food and feeling great. . It wasn't until I learned how to plan ahead and which foods would make me feel full and satiated and awesome – not deprived or “high” and then “low” again (like sugar and refined carbs – that my life would truly change for the better. That I would take back control of my life and my career in a direction of my dreams. It was about so much more than food. . In April of 2010, after several other jobs and studying holistic nutrition, I sat down at a Starbucks every day for several hours over the course of several weeks and I wrote what would be the first version of the @21daysugardetox. And for the last nearly 7 years we've supported hundreds of thousands of people through that program. . On Monday, March 6th, we kick off our next (of just 4 per year now) community-wide 21-Day Sugar Detox. Is it your time now? Are you ready? Are you IN?! . If so, sign up via the link in my bio 21dsd.com 🙌🏻

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