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Building a Village | What’s Up Weekly with Diane | September 12, 2017

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Here's what was up last week!

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Diane: Direct Vlog

This week on the vlog, we're talking about fats and oils. Which are best to cook with? Why are some better than others? Which ones do I recommend avoiding entirely?

For a full list of my recommended fats & oils, click here > 

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The Magic of Saying No

Who else is saying *NO* more?

What happens when we say “no” to people, activities, and even to ourselves? It's usually the most honest answer you can give, yet somehow, it's the absolute hardest.

Allow me to release you from the turmoil that comes from this in-between state you may be in right now… saying no to something, someone, or even yourself, right now, is saying YES to something else.

Read more here > 

The magic of saying no | Diane Sanfilippo

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Hands-On Workshop with Dr. Scott A. Mills

I'm excited to let you know that my husband, Dr. Scott, is teaching a workshop in Rochester, NY on 9/16/17. Check out his website below for more details – I went to the one here in SF and highly recommend you check this out! 🙂

9am – noon

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Podcast Episode #311: Blood Sugar & Pre-Diabetes


  1. News and updates from Diane & Liz [1:41]
  2. What we're digging lately [3:27]
  3. Pre-diabetes and blood sugar [7:56]
  4. Blood sugar and hormones [10:20]
  5. Foundational points [15:09]
  6. Proper testing technique [20:34]
  7. How to handle it [26:35]
  8. Movement snacks [29:23]
  9. Closing thoughts [33:05]

Tune in or read more >

Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe | Balanced Bites Podcast | Blood Sugar & Pre-Diabetes

Podcast Episode #312: Homestead Life vs. Urban Life, and How You Can Build Your Village in Both


  1. News and updates from Diane & Liz [1:51]
  2. Groundhog Day [3:28]
  3. Listener comment: Community in the country [8:38]
  4. Diane's takeaway [16:45]
  5. Diane and Liz's friendship [25:10]
  6. Kitchen tips [36:58]
  7. Closing thoughts [40:43]

Tune in or read more >

Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe | Balanced Bites Podcast | Homestead Life vs. Urban Life, and How You Can Build Your Village in Both

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New Book! The #21DSD Daily Guide

Yup, still here, still working on the final touches for my newest book, “The 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide”! This baby (and yes, this book is my baby) releases January 2nd, 2018 and is one part daily guide, one part meal plan, and one part EASY RECIPES you are going to LOVE!!!

It's available for preorder now, and we have some awesome pre-order gifts planned (releasing in December!) that'll kick you off perfectly for your first few days of your 21DSD come January!

To pre-order the book click here.  

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Balanced Bites Spices – Update!

My Balanced Bites Spices are now available for purchase in individual bottles – the spices are still a better deal if you purchase the East Coast pack, but for those of you who want to stock on some of your favorites, head on over to the Kasandrinos website now! Unfortunately the COFFEE BBQ blend is currently sold out, and I don't have an estimated time yet on when we'll have it back in stock. You can, however, mix this up yourself at home if you grab a copy of Practical Paleo, 2nd Edition or head on over to my website for a slightly older version of this recipe!

Also, make sure you're following our Balanced Bites Spices Instagram account for more recipe inspiration and for some upcoming giveaways!

Want to purchase my Balanced Bites Spices? Check them out here! >  

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New on the 21DSD Blog

21DSD Roundup | Grilled Poultry

Enjoy the last days of summer with grilled poultry! These recipes are great for game day, a holiday barbeque, or dinner any night of the week.

See the recipes >

21DSD Recipe | Beet & Carrot Stacked Salad

A delicious combination of flavors and colors, this salad is sure to be a hit in your recipe rotation.

See the recipe >

21DSD Roundup | AIP

Move over lettuce, there are some new salads in town! These recipes are great for anyone but are all AIP-friendly for those following the autoimmune modification. Enjoy!

See the recipes >

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Highlights from Instagram

16 years. I honestly can’t believe it was THAT long ago when we all went to sleep on another fall evening not knowing what we’d wake up to the next morning. . Sunset walk last night. // I take this, and so many other experiences, as a lesson in a daily, regular, and abundant gratitude practice. Be so thankful to wake up each day and rest your head on the pillow each night. None of us truly knows what tomorrow will hold. . 9/11/01: I was driving to work that day, which happened to be in The Children’s Place store at the Livingston Mall in NJ. My job at the time was with TCP corporate in Secaucus, but this day was one where I was to experience store work for a day, to see what it was like to receive shipments, etc. It was sort of a funny request for me to do, since I had literally done that work for 6 years in Gap stores, but whatever, I was a good sport and didn’t resist it since every new HQ employee was asked to do this. At the time the idea of NOT being in an office for the day was welcomed. I never did like office life. . I was scheduled to be in the store at 9am and recall vividly being in my car, approaching the mall and listening to the Morning Zoo on Z100 as I always did. Except, this morning, Elvis and the crew weren’t making jokes and laughing. The news hit HARD and was very, very confusing. . I entered the mall before open hours, which was always silent and nearly empty, but this morning felt eerily more so. A few minutes after I got to the store, a visual merchandiser arrived who had been at the World Trade Center store earlier that morning helping them change out displays. . She had been at the World Trade Center THAT MORNING. She couldn’t believe what she had just narrowly escaped. Neither could we. We couldn’t believe anything that was happening that morning. . We closed up the store shortly thereafter and I spent the rest of the day with a friend, pinned to the television. . Cell service wasn’t getting through to anyone. Most of my friends were working in the city. We eventually found out they were all okay, and had walked to one friend’s brother’s apartment uptown in the city for safety. . Continued in 1st comment…

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I think there's something truly special about deep, meaningful friendships where you can tell one another the truth even when it's painful to do so. . Whether it's painful to be open about your own life and struggles, telling your friend something that may let *her* down, or you need to express that your friend let you down or upset you, being able to say how you feel directly to one another is the gold. . People tend to tip toe around this, or worry what the friend will think or feel. Or, they talk to someone *else* about how they feel instead of directly to their friend. While it isn't always easy to do, if the friendship matters to you and you want it to continue versus fade away, this element is essential. . I learned more about this listening to “The Anatomy of Trust” talk from @brenebrown (google it, and take notes). And it made me realize why some friendships don't stand the test of time while others do. That video should be in the curriculum for the School of Adulthood, by the way. Literally essential education for all of us. . I'm so grateful for the close friendships that I have, with women I trust deeply. And I know they appreciate my honesty and candor in our relationship. . When gratitude for one another flows in both direction, the friendship can weather the ups and downs. And isn't that what we all want? . #dianedirect #gratitude #friendship #anatomyoftrust #brenebrown

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SINGLE LADIES OVER 30 – this is for YOU. ♥️ This is a follow-up to my previous post of us at city hall. Also note: I fully thought today was Monday when I posted that #MCM 😂 . Please watch the replay of my live video from tonight. Carve out a little time because it was probably around 30 minutes. But I promise you once we get past my doorbell ringing (why do things always happen as soon as I go LIVE?!), I've got some truth bombs and nuggets of 30-something-and-single advice for you. . And, if you missed my previous post, go back 2 and read it. In it I mentioned how @fullbodyfix and I met when we were both 34. And A TON of you commented about this giving you HOPE. More of you messaged me privately as well, and even MORE commented during the live video to the same tune. I NEED you to hear what I have to say about this. And Scott and I are thinking of ways to share more with you guys about relationship stuff, because you ask about it a lot and we know that if we can help anyone, we are here to do our best to make that happen. ♥️ #docandflips #bettertogether . To watch an IG LIVE replay, tap on my profile pic, then select “Watch Live Video” or if you start seeing my daily story, tap “LIVE” at the bottom of the screen.

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GOAT DAIRY + A GF BAGUETTE = A CHEESEBOARD WE CAN ENJOY! . I put this together after our trip up to Napa today, but most of these items can be found at major grocery stores nationwide. Perhaps minus the baguette, which, let's face it, MAKES the board. . More ideas to add to a board like this would be: olives, apple slices (which you could use instead of the gf bread), fig spread, dried fruit, nuts, and other fermented veggies (though those typically go great when you also add some meat, which we just didn't happen to today). . This is how we do “treats” around here. Since we don't feel good when we eat cow dairy or gluten (or junky food in general), when we enjoy a treat it's typically high quality like this. Plus, it was super fun to eat! . CLOCKWISE FROM THE TOP LEFT: Humboldt Fog cheese, strawbs, baguette, Midnight Moon cheese, hot honey, pickles, apricot preserves. 👆🏻Tap the photo for brands. . #docandflips #docandflipsgotonapa #napa #cheeseboard #glutenfree #goatmilkcheese #goatcheese #iphone7plus #iphonephoto #dianescheeseboards

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  1. Hi Diane,
    Just wanted to let you know if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on an ice maker, I ordered this one for my dad, under $150 about 4 years ago now and its still in perfect condition makes small, medium, and large ice cubes. He has his plugged in mostly 24/7 when he is home and no problems so far!

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