Digestive Troubles? This May Be Your Answer! | Diane Sanfilippo

Digestive Troubles? This May Be Your Answer.

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Let's talk about digestive troubles.

Whether you’re not digesting fats well, feel like your meals *just sit there*, have symptoms of SIBO or IBS, or any discomfort whether upper or lower GI (even some problems breaking down foods like dairy, for example), I *highly* recommend testing some digestive enzyme options. Especially those with ox bile included if you struggle with fats or don’t have a gall bladder.

I got these last year at Whole Foods and have found them to be quite effective overall. I even ate COW MILK CHEESECAKE and felt fine after while taking these. And, while eating cow milk cheesecake isn’t something I’d normally do all the time, I honestly really wanted it that day. I remember how notable it was bedside after the Beautycounter leadership summit and after our book signing in Minneapolis. I had a bunless burger with two friends and the cheesecake was gf and sounded perfect. I ate it and took these enzymes and couldn’t believe that I didn’t feel (tmi warning) bubble guts/gassy on my flight home, nor did I breakout from it. Both of which are my typical reactions to cow milk products with lactose especially.

Digestive Troubles? This May Be Your Answer! | Diane SanfilippoAnother reason I take these: gallbladder disease is rampant in my family. Many years ago, over the course of a couple of years, I felt 2-3 attacks (extreme nausea while eating fatty foods along with abdominal cramping) and I knew exactly what it was.

If you’re struggling, these may help. I’ve included the ingredients panel so you can find something near you or online. Always take WITH meals, mid-meal, and break in half next time if one feels burn-y after the fact.

(Note that this brand may not be safe for celiacs, so please read labels carefully when selecting an enzyme that's right for you.)

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