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How I Eat When I Travel

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One question I'm asked a lot is how I stay on track eating-wise while traveling.

Here are some examples of how I make choices that help me feel my best when I’m away from home. All of these were keto choices for me.

A late morning breakfast out at Lemon Press in Nantucket – I ordered a salad with chicken and feta. It was definitely not amazing and I wouldn’t order it again, but it did the trick. I also had a green juice that cost about $1 million ($12 to be exact) but was awesome, so there’s that. It was cucumber, lemon, and ginger – that was it. Nothing sweet but it was delish. Other items on the table belonged to my friends, Liz & Cassy (a gf salmon toast). Oh, and the kale side was awesome – tons of garlic!

A Mexican lunch buffet plate from our Beautycounter-provided lunch (I was in Nantucket for a Managing Directors’ meeting- the highest level you can be in the company). I loaded up half my plate with the green salad and some broccolini, and topped that with EVOO & balsamic before throwing down some of the fajita veggies, chicken, and guacamole. I also added a few bites of some ahi poke to try.

The intent of the buffet this day was either sandwiches or lettuce wraps but I wasn’t feeling either so I just threw the chicken on my plate and added as much of the kale from the salad as I could grab around the fruit and nuts I didn’t want, then I added extra avocado slices to up the healthy fat, and tomato for some extra nutrients, and topped it all with a packet of EVOO that I always travel with for just such an occasion.

A room service display… we don’t mess around when we order! We had a fridge so we ended up stashing what was left for the next day which came in handy. Honestly, none of the bread pictured was eaten, we just aren’t gluten intolerant enough and forgot to tell them to leave it off so we just picked our protein out of it all. I enjoyed my salad as well as a bunch of the charcuterie and split one of the burgers with Cassy. I maybe tasted one of each kind of fry and that was that.

There’s an evolution that comes with many years of eating in different ways. And we all need to find what works best for us to feel healthy, happy, and sane in our choices. I don’t know if I’ll always eat this way, but since about 2008 I’ve known that eating relatively low carb most of the time feels best for me. While I enjoy eating higher carb sometimes, my body doesn’t feel best that way in general. It often takes multiple experiments to learn your true outcomes. I talk about how to balance enjoying carbs now and then while eating mostly keto and reaping the benefits of it in my new book. For me, it looks like about 1 day a week when I have something like sushi or other higher carb meals, but it’s not an all out pizza and brownie bender every week. I also may have a touch of fruit one day beyond my norm, but I don’t sweat it.

Lots more in my new book, coming 1/1/19! You can preorder it now by clicking here!

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  1. I always have patients coming up to me asking, “How do I eat well when traveling?” It can be hard enough for the average person to eat well at home. Going out on vacation in a foreign town can make it that much more difficult. Definitely takes some prep time finding places that serve food you can eat without destroying all the headway made with a good diet. Thanks for some great tips!

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