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How to Support Small Businesses Online (during COVID-19 and beyond)

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While sheltering-in-place my husband & I have done our best to support our favorite small businesses by buying from them directly online, and I encourage you to do the same!

If you are looking for a way to shop and support small businesses online in the U.S., I've rounded up some of my favorites (with discount codes where applicable) so you can stock up on all of your essentials.

If you have one you love and want to recommend/shout out, please leave a comment on this post!

  • Siete Tortilla Chips, Tortillas, Dips – tacos are a big deal in my house, & Siete is our ride & die for chips & tortillas!
  • New Cascadia GF Bread – my favorite gluten-free bread
  • Hu Kitchen – top quality chocolate & paleo crackers
  • Eating Evolved Chocolate – refined sugar-free with really creative flavors
  • Phat Fudge – my favorite performance-fuel, handcrafted by my friend Mary.
  • Navitas – plant-based superfoods (make sure to grab some cacao butter so you can make my PB Granola!)
  • Now Foods – for all your supplement needs + the only Stevia I recommend. Use code BALANCEDBITES20 for 20% off through 12/31/20.
  • Wilde Chicken Chips – omg addictive! (+ free shipping in May)
  • Smart Sweets – I rarely eat “candy” but if you do, these are a healthier option with less than sugar than most other brands.
  • Vital Choice – the best wild seafood, frozen & sealed in individual portions (free shipping on orders over $99)
  • Kor Shots – a crucial addition to my stay-healthy-and-well routine
  • Bubba's Fine Foods – the most delicious snack mixes
  • Bonafide Broth for broth & soup – add some SAVORY blend to the chicken broth to make it taste truly homemade!
  • US Wellness Meats – high quality meats, though be sure to check out my local farmer round-up as well!
  • EPIC – Pork rinds, meat bars & bites (free shipping in May)
  • And of course, Balanced Bites Spices & Meals! Don't forget to use code WELCOME10 for $10 off your first meals order!
  • Pique Tea – for tea that supports gut and immune health. Shop through this link for 15% off plus free shipping on immune support bundles through the month of May.
  • Kettle & Fire – nutrient-dense bone broth made with only real food ingredients
Let’s all do our part to support these small businesses!
Cheers everyone, and thanks for being a part of our community.

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