I’m ready for change, but where do I even start?!

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I've been asked this question a lot recently. And there's never really just one straight answer. My answer would always be, well it depends.

First, I ask: Why do you want to change?

Write down your own answer, quickly. Then think about that for a minute. Now write down why you REALLY want to change your habits. It's not just about trying something new, or learning how to cook, or losing weight. Usually, deep down, we all know that we can FEEL better. We can feel better mentally, emotionally and physically if we make some changes in our lifestyles.

Then, I ask: What is one thing you are doing right now in your life that you know can be different?

We can all identify something that we know could be improved upon in our daily routines. We all make choices and set priorities. For many of us, our health and wellness isn't something we think much about until we get sick. At that point, we're stuck visiting doctors or drug stores looking for any way at all to feel better. At that point, we're too late. Feeling good isn't about taking care of symptoms and easing them when they arise. It's about preventing illness all together, and feeling good all of the time.

Set yourself up to feel great all the time. Make yourself the priority in your own life, and make choices that support your wellness.

If you're looking for more support and help with a plan for how you can get started on a path to feeling your best, contact me today for more information on holistic lifestyle coaching services.

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