Fresh from the Farmer’s Market: Figs with Raw Goat Cheese au Vin

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The Farmer's Market is just so divine. A perfect Saturday morning can be spent strolling, tasting, smelling and seeing the sights of beautiful produce and more. It's almost sensory overload, but not quite. It's delightful.

This past Saturday was no exception. In fact, it was exceptional. The fog burned off by around 10am and it was sunny and warm down at the Ferry Building here in San Francisco. What could make it better? Well, it is fig season after all…need I say more?!

Figs! Fresh, beautiful figs. Their color and design are perfect by nature. I can't get over the flavor that can't compare to any other fruit. It's delicate yet distinctive. And paired with raw goat cheese they're just the best.

This Saturday, I picked up some Bodega Goat Cheese. The variety was one the artisan had made just recently and has been wine dipped. Cabrero au Vin. Yum. I got the fresh figs and goat cheese home and proceeded to throw together this mid-afternoon snack.

Goat Cheese & Fig Snack

Figs, large, sliced long ways into 3-4 slices each.
Bodega Raw organic goat cheese. (I bought Cabrero au Vin- the stand was around the back of the market.)
Extra virgin olive oil.
Real Salt.

That's it. Delish. Try some. Enjoy!

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  1. Diane, Those look amazing!! I'm definitely going to look for figs at the farmers market this weekend. What a perfectly healthy and balanced snack or appetizer.

  2. Thanks Erin! So tasty 🙂 We made sure to ask around to find a raw cheese to pair up with them. Every bite was great. I actually had the rest for dinner tonight! I was feeling lazy and too hot to cook!

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