My Top 3 Easy Tips for Boosting Immunity

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It's that time again. It's getting darker earlier. It's getting colder. And yes, colds and flus are spreading across homes, schools and work places like wildfire. The spread of germs is inevitable, but you can prepare yourself to combat the germs so that when they hit your system, your system is in top fighting-back condition!

Here are my Top 3 Easy Tips for Boosting Immunity


Yes, sleep. It seems almost too simple, doesn't it? But most of us don't get nearly enough. If you're not getting enough sleep, your immune system will be compromised. This is true any time of year, but now's the time to take stock of how many hours you're getting. How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Do you feel rested? If you don't, it's probably your first sign that you're not getting enough shut-eye. Think about it…if you don't wake up and start your day feeling rested and strong, how much of a chance do you think your body has at fighting back hard against a cold or flu on the attack?

Doing it! Tip #1: Go to bed at a reasonable hour! If you can, be in bed and asleep by 10 and ready to wake between 6 and 7am.


When you're sick, or possibly getting sick, what kind of food do you think will best equip your body to fight the bug? We often rely on comfort foods that are typically starchy or sugary, but these aren't what our body needs to help it out. Eating too many of these comfort foods will make us feel even more tired while eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits will help build up our defenses. We can get tons of Vitamin C from vegetables, as well as fruits (enter my favorite veggie of the moment, KALE!).

Doing it! Tip #2: Enjoy home made chicken broth or soup with loads of veggies! Keep it heathy and avoid packaged broths/soups which tend to have loads of preservatives and MSG in them. Cook up a big pile of veggies and follow it up with fruit for dessert. Your body will thank you!


Ever notice how we don't get sick as much in the Spring and Summer? Well, one of our biggest immunity boosters is cut-off when the darkness and cold sets in…THE SUN! When we are able to get adequate amounts of sun exposure, we can stay healthy more easily. So, what do we do about it when we can't get that sun-time? Vitamin D supplements. Dr. Mercola has been touting the benefits of Vitamin D for fighting off the flu for a long time now. Click here to view his video and read the article.

Or watch the video here:

Doing it! Tip #3: Contact a holistic nutritionist, lifestyle coach or certified clinical nutritionist about how to get enough of the right form of a Vitamin D supplement into your system. It's important to get the right kind and in a high-quality form so it's readily absorbed by your body.

If you'd like more information about how to stay well through the fall and winter, or to find out about holistic lifestyle and nutrition coaching, contact me today.

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  1. Well, you just pushed me over the edge into loving your blog! I added you to my blog roll. All the talk about avoiding the flu with hand washing and no one's talking about the building blocks of our very bodies: food! Glad you are 🙂

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