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One of our most recent Balanced Bites Podcast episodes has really resonated with a lot of you so far, so I wanted to highlight it here as well.

Dr. Jolene Brighten joined me on the show again, to talk about female hormones and post-birth control recovery syndrome. If you missed the two earlier episodes with Dr. Jolene (episode #299 & episode #302) make sure you check those out as well – I so enjoy my conversations with her, and she's really shaking things up in the female health world!

And don't forget, if this is something you're working on, I added a full 30-day meal plan on Healthy Hormones to Practical Paleo, 2nd Edition!

Female Hormones & Recovering from Birth Control with Dr. Jolene Brighten

New on the Balanced Bites Podcast

#347: Female Hormones & Recovering from Birth Control with Dr. Jolene Brighten
Dr. Jolene rejoins me on the show to chat about female hormones and post-birth control recovery syndrome.


  1. News and updates from Diane [2:02]
    1. Balanced Bites Spices
    2. Balanced Bites Master Class
    3. 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide in Costco
  2. Introducing our guest, Dr. Jolene Brighten [5:06]
  3. Something Dr. Brighten is digging lately [7:38]
  4. Post-birth control syndrome [11:52]
  5. What is post-birth control syndrome [22:09]
  6. What tests to run [32:50]
  7. Side effect-free birth control [45:24]
  8. Sleep disruptions and hormone balance [1:00:46]
  9. Seed cycling for hormone balance [1:13:50]


June 21DSD Group Detox!

Our June 21DSD kicks off on Monday, June 4th! Be sure you’re prepared with my new book, The 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide – the book is complete with a daily account of lessons, what to expect, extra advice / the dish from me, journal space and prompts, and a completely done-for-you meal plan like no other I’ve shared before! (You can also find the book at Costco for the lowest price I've seen anywhere!)

For additional support, sign up for the online program here!

Balanced Bites Spices FAQs!

I've been getting a ton of questions on my Balanced Bites spices, so I created a handy FAQ doc with all the answers you'll need – how to order, how they're sold, the best spice rack to use that fits them all, and more!

For more information about the blends available click here.

And be sure to follow @balancedbites on Instagram for recipe inspiration & upcoming giveaways!

Balanced Bites Podcast Facebook Group

We started a Facebook Group for you guys! T​his will be a place for Balanced Bites podcast listeners to chat about show episodes, share helpful tips, and to support one another & connect!

Come join us now!​

Balanced Bites Master Class enrollment coming in June!

I'm so excited to share that enrollment for the Balanced Bites Master Class will be opening soon!

For more than 6 years, Liz and I have shared our passion for real food and nutrition through our live events and the Balanced Bites podcast.

We traveled the country teaching live seminars, yet folks in areas we could not visit wanted to learn too…

And so, the virtual Balanced Bites Master Class was created!

The Balanced Bites Master Class (BBMC) is not about dietary dogma, yes/no lists, or arbitrary rules and restrictions. It is about empowering you with real information to start building the life you want and creating the change you need.

This class is perfect for you if you've wanted to deeper your own understanding of nutrition and especially if you've considered going to a multiple months/years-long formalized training. As a BBMC Student, you can get amazing clarity on whether or not a career in nutrition is right for you, before investing thousands of dollars.

The class is comprised of high-quality video modules designed to help you understand the content completely, both with audio and visual components as well as text-based guides for following along and applying the information to your own life.

The student class is $497 and the practitioner class (for coaches) is $1497 (this course has materials that dive deeper into applying the information to your clients as well as business tools and resources to use with clients).

To learn more about the program & to sign up for notifications, click for details and to get on the waitlist!

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