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Introducing Practical Paleo, 2nd Edition

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Practical Paleo, 2nd Edition (Updated & Expanded) by Diane SanfilippoIt's updated and expanded – at 480 pages it's HUGE!

2 brand new chapters, 3 new meal plans, and over 50 brand new recipes!

And it's AVAILABLE now in HARDCOVER or softcover (new binding methods are going to hold this bad boy solidly!).

When I wrote this book in 2011/2012, I had a feeling it would fill a void in the collection of books that were already out there on the subject of Paleo, but I honestly couldn’t have expected what would happen next.

From the book’s initial appearance in the New York Times bestseller list in October 2012 as the first book ever with “Paleo” in the title to be printed on that list, to the reach it had thereafter (the sixth-bestselling cookbook in 2014!), I’ve been consistently amazed.

I’m amazed not only at the response of you, the Paleo community, who have embraced this book as your own, referring every friend, family member, coworker, and stranger to it as their number-one resource, but also at how you have taken the information in these pages and used it to transform your lives from the inside out.

This book has remained the bestselling Paleo book since its release, so I felt it was extremely important that it remain as relevant and comprehensive today as it was when it was originally published.

There are lots of new conversations in the Paleo community, new topics to discuss, and new questions to answer.

While the vast majority of what I originally wrote remains relevant and holds true today, I’d be remiss if I didn’t address the questions we see popping up now so that you can continue to feel confident that this is the best go-to resource for anyone interested in Paleo.

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What’s New: The Small StuffPractical Paleo 2nd Edition + Paleo Avocado "Toast" | Diane Sanfilippo

This book has been more than a little bit updated. It’s an entirely new edition, with some major content additions as well as expansions upon the original content.

Most of what I wrote in the first edition remains as it was, with some small changes and refinements here and there.

For example, the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans was updated in 2015, so I’ve made some changes to the discussion of the government’s nutritional recommendations.

I’ve also, given the ever-increasing popularity of low-carb diets, explained more about carbohydrates and their role in a healthy diet: why some people may need more carbs and how to tell if you’ve actually gone too low-carb, how to easily include more healthy carbs in your diet, and how a higher-carb Paleo meal may affect blood sugar regulation.

I’ve also expanded the FAQs to address hot topics like white rice and white potatoes, alcohol, baking with nut flours, and more on the pros and cons of counting calories.

What’s New: The Big Stuff

Part 1: The Why—Food and Your Body

This section has been revised and now includes two entirely new chapters: “Getting Started with Paleo” and “Living a Paleo Lifestyle.” In the chapter on getting started, I tackle the question of whether to ease into this new way of eating or to dive in head first, and a new two-page guide that provides a road map for starting Paleo can be used either way: you can follow it step by step over several weeks or months to make a gradual transition to Paleo, or you can use it to prepare for the switch during the few days leading up to an all-in approach.

I’ve also expanded the discussion of whether it’s necessary to follow a strict Paleo diet for life in order to enjoy optimal health, or if some people may find they do quite well eating some non-Paleo real foods.

The question “Is it Paleo?” is also addressed at length, as well as what to do if you currently eat a vegetarian or vegan diet and want to make the switch—because it’s not an overnight change for most people.

In the chapter on the Paleo lifestyle, I tackle at length some of the most common topics I’ve received questions about: inviting friends and family to give Paleo a shot, dealing with unsupportive friends and family, eating Paleo with kids, and what to do about the ever-growing abundance of recipes for “Paleo” baked goods.

Part 2: 30-Day Meal Plans

I’ve added three new plans to the 2nd Edition of Practical Paleo on several health challenges I often field questions about:

  • Adrenal Health (to support stress management)
  • Healthy Hormones (to support a healthy balance for both men and women)
  • and Liver Detox Support (to support the liver and its work in removing toxins from the bloodstream)

Like the plans in the first edition, each new plan is much more than just notes on meals to eat for the month; they also include lifestyle recommendations and diet and supplement suggestions. You’ll also find a new guide to selecting a meal plan that’s designed to help you choose a plan that offers the most benefit with the least restrictions.

Furthermore, all of the meal plans have been updated to include new recipes added in this edition, for increased variety and new flavor profiles.

Order Practical Paleo 2nd Edition.

Part 3: Recipes

I’ve added over 50 new recipes, most of which are entrées that utilize a affordable protein source, since these are the types of recipes you all asked for the most!

You’ll also find lots of all-in-one meals (meat and vegetables in one dish) that help keep things simple, some easy new breakfast options, recipes that come together quickly using my signature Practical Paleo Spice Blends (stay tuned for some exciting news on these!), and some creative new salad ideas to keep up the excitement around your dinner table.

Many of your favorite recipes have new photos in this edition, from Spaghetti Squash Bolognese to Balsamic BBQ Beef and lots in between, so be ready to see them in a whole new light—literally and figuratively!

For a complete list of  all of the new recipes, click here!

All these changes have been made with the goal of making this book even more helpful, keeping it up to date with the latest information on nutrition and health, and answering the questions I’m asked most frequently.

My hope is that this new edition will continue to act as a guide to all of you who are doing the hard work of changing your life for the better. I can’t wait to hear even more success stories from you!

Is there anything being removed from the original edition?

I’ve removed only a handful of less-popular recipes from the first edition to make room for as many new recipes as possible, but don't worry, you can download these as a PDF if you want a copy!

Which version should I buy, hardcover or softcover?

Personally, I'm all about the new hardcover option. This book is a beast at 480 pages (38 more than the first edition), and the hard cover is more durable and useful for the long-term and will be easier to lay mostly flat on your countertop (though I highly recommend a cookbook stand). I pushed hard for this option, and it may only be available for a short period, so don't wait to order it if you're leaning this way!

The new softcover edition will have an updated binding process applied to it to help it lay flat a bit better than the previous edition did, but soft cover does come with some limits as always. That said, the price will be lower on the soft cover by $10 retail.

There will also be an update to the e-book version, however I would encourage you to go with the soft or hardcover options, or at the very least via iTunes (versus the Kindle version) — the book just looks and works better in print as a reference while the electronic versions are great for when you're at the grocery store and want to reference a recipe or useful guide.

To learn even more, check out this preview video below and Episode #252 of the Balanced Bites Podcast:

Order Practical Paleo 2nd Edition.

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