Practical Paleo release celebration GIVEAWAY: Steve’s Original Paleo Kits Sampler Kit

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Updated 7/28/12: This giveaway ended at 5pm Eastern on Friday, July 27th. The winner is Jonathan McMurry. Jonathan – please contact us within 48 hours to claim your prize!

In honor of the upcoming release of Practical Paleo and my love for all things Steve's Original, I'm giving away an amazing Steve's Club Sampler Pack with the following products (over $65 value) to one lucky winner!

  • 1 Grassfed Small PaleoKit
  • 1 Coconut Small PaleoKit
  • 1 GF PaleoStix
  • 1 GF Just Jerky
  • 1 GF PaleoStix with Spinach
  • 1  PaleoKrunch bar
  • 1 PaleoKrunch Cereal Cinnamon
  • 1 Ginger Cilantro Dressing PaleoChef
  • 1 Maple Mustard Dressing PaleoChef
  • 1 Tomato Balsamic Dressing PaleoChef
  • 1 Mixed Berry PaleoChef
  • 1 Peach BBQ PaleoChef
  • 1 Dried Blueberries
  • 1 Dried Strawberries

Wow! That's a LOT of stuff!

If you don't already know about Steve's Club, it's one of the BIGGEST reasons why you'd choose Steve's Original over other similar Paleo-friendly snacks out there:

In the words of Steve's Club founder Steve Liberati,

Steve’s Original is the funding source for my true calling: Steve’s Club. I'm trying to change the lives of local inner-city kids with fitness training and peer mentoring. My not-for-profit club is for kids from Camden, NJ—touted as the most dangerous crime-infested city in the country. Many of these kids were drugging and ganging before they were hanging out with me. They just needed an alternative.

Four years ago, I started my first group of kids on a Crossfit exercise regimen and a paleo diet. Many needed to gain strength, some needed to lose weight but all needed real food they could pack for school. My wife Kristen and I got creative in the kitchen, and Paleokits were born!

Steve's Club: Saving a Nation One Kid at a Time from Again Faster on Vimeo.

To enter the GIVEAWAY do the following and then come back here and let me know you've done so:

“Like” Steve's Original on Facebook. 

“Like” Balanced Bites on Facebook.

Check out “Practical Paleo” on Amazon or Barnes & Noble and tell me why you're excited to get the book!

Only one entry is allowed per person, multiple entries will disqualify you.
One winner will be selected at random on Friday, July 27th at 5pm Eastern time.

Updated 7/28/12: This giveaway ended at 5pm Eastern on Friday, July 27th. The winner is Jonathan McMurry. Jonathan – please contact us within 48 hours to claim your prize!

Comments 493

  1. Tons of recipes, meal plans, and it’s not a cookie cutter approach – great because we aren’t cookie cutter people. 🙂 I can’t wait to get this book.

  2. So excited for Practical Paleo! A user-friendly guide to a life-changing way of eating. I am buying one for all of my loved ones!

  3. Just love your page and all the other Paleo sites..I have been following you since I became Paleo..I even have recipes from your site on my blog..I cant wait to get your book!!I want this badly!

  4. So excited to get your new book coming out! I am new at Paleo and am looking forward to reading all about it in your new book!

  5. Hey Diane! I already liked both Balanced Bites & Steve’s Original on Facebook. I’m SO excited to get your book – it’s already pre-ordered! The thing i’m most looking forward to is a book that not only has recipes, but also tells the “why” behind eating paleo. It will be a great thing to pass along to friends and family!

  6. Hey Diane!

    What isn’t there to be excited about Practical Paleo? My fridge is already packed with print outs from your site and I’d be interested to take a bit more in depth look!

    Great collection of Steve’s Original also!

  7. I have LIKED you and Steve’s Original FB. I’m excited about the book because I love following a Paleo plan. It’s easy, fun, delicious and I’ve lost a few lbs. by totally cutting out the grains. I also need some more recipe suggestions.

  8. Liked both on FB. My family has only been eating Paleo for a few months, so I’m incredibly excited to get the book for all of the information and recipes I can get my hands on! My husband is in the military and this kit would be excellent for him when he’s away from home and real foods are less easy to come by!

  9. I liked both pages already! I’ve been wanting to get your book to help support me in my strict auto-immnune/paleo journey. I need all the support I can get, some days!

  10. I already “like” both of you on facebook. And I am really looking forward to receiving Practical Paleo – can’t wait.

  11. I just started my paleo journey and I’m still a little confused on what I need to do. I read all of Diane’s blogs and listen to most of the podcast’s but I need to see it visually. Super excited. Also I have bought a few Paleo kits from my gym and they are delicious!

  12. Have already liked Balanced Bites and Steve’s Original on FB. Can’t wait to get Practical Paleo – pre-ordered at Amazon months ago!

  13. I already like (love) both on Facebook and Twitter, and I have the preview copy. I will be ordering this book for the doctor for whom I work and my parents who are 80% paleo and loving it. This will be my go-to for gift-giving, as it will just keep on giving. Thank you for all your hard work.

  14. I already like both pages. I have pre-ordered two books and may buy more just to have to hand out to people. I can’t wait for the book and for the recipes!

  15. Already like both on Facebook and very excited for Practical Paleo. Always looking for new recipes and to get as much Paleo information as possible.

  16. I already like both on FB. BTW, the reason I am excited about your new book is because it will hopefully turn my husband to paleo. I have a couple other cook books but he just hasn’t been interested. I know he has sugar problems, but I can’t get him to admit it. Hopefully this will help.

  17. I liked both pages… I’m really excited about Practical Paleo because this is a fairly new journey for me and I think it would be a perfect addition to my little library of Paleo cookbooks! I can’t wait to get it!

  18. Ive liked both Steves Original & Balanced Bites on Facebook
    and I cant wait until I can get a copy of practical paleo! I only currently own
    one paleo book/cookbook, Everyday Paleo and I am looking forward to expanding
    my paleo book collection to include more than one book 🙂

  19. Done and done! So looking forward to getting your book. Future hubs is finally embracing the dietary changes I’ve been trying to make for us, and I love cooking new exciting things for him! Now, to convert my parents. And…I was a graphic design student in my previous life, and your book is pure eye candy. Well done, it looks amazing!

  20. I am super excited to get your book because I am just starting out on my Paleo journey. I am excited to see your tips and recipies!

  21. I already liked both of you on Facebook, and the book looks fantastic — I’m looking forward to getting it for a friend of mine who really needs it.

  22. Of course I liked both pages on Facebook because I like both pages in real life too!
    Excited for the book to arrive on my doorstep!

  23. Liked Steve & You (many moons ago!)

    I’m SO excited about Practical Paleo because I’m such a glutton for knowledge – and it’s 400 pages of informational goodness. I have a hard time committing to something I don’t fully understand, so I’m really excited about the little things you included in it to help me (and my hubs) on our journey.

    Thanks so much!

  24. I preordered your book back in March! That is the major reason I excited to finally receive it, especially with all your tempting readers over the past few weeks. Looking forward to menus and tons of quick meal ideas.

  25. I like both pages already. Can’t wait to get the book because I knew (even before you announced the size and number of pages contained) that it would be probably the best concentrated resource of a Paleo lifestyle. So excited for August 7!

  26. Had already liked both pages and have pre-orded book:) I am excited because of the vibrant colors and what appears to be very easy to follow instructions on what appears to be Delicious recipes.

  27. Liked both on facebook. Super excited for the release of your book. You always provide so much great information..and recipes galore!

  28. Like(d) you both, and have the book on order – and can’t wait for it to come and try out some new recipies

  29. I already liked both!! I am so excited for this book because I know that the recipes will rock, food will taste awesome and I can stay on track….and the resources… excited!

  30. I have recently started Paleo, work full time, and have three boys so I am soooo excited to get this book and have easy, quick recipes that fit into my lifestyle and make it easy for me to make meals for my entire family. I am excited to try Steve’s Sampler Packs on my own as well! THANKS!

  31. I already liked both Facebook pages. Checked out your book on Amazon a few weeks back. I love the book because you get to pick “you”. It’s not a one size fits all book. 2 years ago I wouldn’t have cared but after heart surgery and all the docs recommendations I cant eat like everyone else. I must be model my food intake after specific choices. I recently found out about the Paleo Diet after searching for 2 years for a healthier way of eating and weightoloss that would last a lifetime while eating real food. Been wanting to try Steve’s Paleo Kits and this would be an awesome way to try them. Good luck everyone!!!

  32. I have my early review copy and wow. I am starting to dive into it tonight. Had to finish It Starts with Food. But they layout and different sections and everything look amazing. I might have to win the lotto just so I can buy a copy for everyone I know.

    Already liked.


  33. Already like both pages on FB. 🙂 I can’t wait for the book for several reasons. Some new recipes to try, a new insight. But also because I often struggle explaining why eat what I eat to people, and having a resource that offers a practical guide as to why this is a healthier lifestyle will be a HUGE help.

  34. I am already following Steves original and balanced bites on fb, I mean how could you not? And I am definitely excited to get your new book Practical Paleo because I love learning about new paleo recipes. My boyfriend and I are both paleo and will never go back to eating the way we used to. Also, I love surprising him with new recipes since he is a chef and always loves when I cook for him, which is pretty rare haha.

  35. I already like you both on Facebook. I like your book because recipes are really easy and amazing 🙂 btw, don’t need to mention that the photos by itself are making me hungry!

  36. This is a new journey for me and I am super excited to read your book. We hike a ton in the Rocky Mountains and the Steve’s Paleo kit would be a great way to get my whole family on board ~ I have 6 kids and a husband, and that is a LOT of people to try to get into better health ;o) I liked both pages and your book was already in my Amazon shopping cart ;o)

  37. Liked both FB pages. Looking forward to reading the book for an introduction to Paleo and learning how to incorporate it into my life.

  38. There are so many reasons I’m excited for this book…i’ve been Paleo for years and I love new meal ideas. I’m excited for the autoimmune section, the diet plan and the info. My mom was recently diagnosed with ADEM’s disease and I’ve gotten her off of gluten (with symptom improvement). I love educating myself so that I can share the reasoning behind how I eat with other people. I hate saying well bc meat and veggies are good for you, DUH…lol

  39. Done. I can’t wait to get my copy of “Practical Paleo” so I can try those Bacon-Wrapped Smoky Chicken Thighs I have been reading about on

  40. I’ve liked both on FB for a long time! I’m super excited for this book to come out! Winning this package would be so amazing and i could take these for healthy snacks when I go back to school in a few weeks!

  41. I “liked” Steve’s Original on Facebook, and I already “like” your Facebook page. 😉

    Now, I happen to be one of the lucky ones who got a reviewers copy… Does that disqualify me? Well, even if it does, I’ll provide a brief statement about why I love your book (and soon, Brent and I will post an official review!!!):

    First, the book is simply beautiful. The pictures are breath-taking and make each and every recipe come alive on the page. Second, this book has a wealth of information, from paleo basics to the digestive system to easy-to-use paleo guides (and I LOVE that you include two copies of each in the book–one for keeping in the book and one perforated for easy removal so it can be kept on the fridge or anywhere else). Finally, I’ve already tested one of your recipes, and as expected it is AMAZING. 🙂

  42. I liked Steve’s FB page; already liked BB! I am looking forward to the amazing photos and the different meal plans in Practical Paleo. I hope I win this!

  43. “Liked” you both! Just getting started with the Paleo lifestyle, but looking forward to restoring my health and my life. Your book will be added to my immediate “must read” pile as soon as it’s available!

  44. Already liked BB and Steve’s Original. I’ve had the book on preorder forever and I cannot wait to get my hands on it! I’m a paleo nerd at times and love getting as much information about nutrition as possible.

  45. I like Balanced Bites and Steve’s Original on FB. I’ve got your book on pre-order thru Amazon. All the recipe teasers that I see being reviewed are getting me hungry!

  46. I’ve liked both of your pages:) I’m excited to receive my copy of Practical Paleo, because (this will sound silly) I love looking at the pictures of the recipes and food ideas. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely read what Diane writes (I have the 21 days sugar detox ebook). But, remembering the pictures that I’ve looked at helps me to visualize and quickly think of food ideas when I’m preparing something to eat. I’m excited to try new recipes from the book and continue to learn about the science of how our bodies react to food.

  47. Liked both! I have been doing the Paleo diet for 2.5 weeks now and feel soooooo much better! I had tried to switch to Paleo before but found it too difficult. It wasn’t until I found Diane’s 21 day sugar detox that I was able to ease into it. I have already pre-ordered the new book and can’t wait!!

  48. I already like you and steves club on facebook. I am so excited for your book, i already have it preordered, because I think I will get so much useful information to add to my already growing knowledge of paleo. I dont think i could have too many books on the subject because the recipes are aways new and different and because there are sooo many different perspectives.

  49. I already like both on FB.
    I can’t wait for the book because I’m excited to try all the recipes. I want to learn more about what you know about the ways to better health through nutrition. My son has a wheat allergy and any new ideas to help heal him, the better. He’s still at the picky stage, so we just need to recharge our thinking and creativity. Plus I would like to share it with my mom who has diabetes. Every little bit of knowledge leads to better thinking and health.
    Thanks so much!

  50. Liked both. I’m excited for your new book b/c it will give me a blueprint to build long term meal plans including making me a smarter Paleo shopper.

  51. I have liked both of the pages for some time now and as for the book the Recipes all look so amazing…can’t wait to get the book!

  52. i’ve done all three!

    I can’t wait to get the book because I’ve seen all the previews on your FB page and they look incredible! its going to be an awesome book, filled with yummy recipes & great info.

  53. I already like you both and have already ordered the book. I am excited to read the new information and all the recipes!

  54. Done and done! I’m excited about the book because I’m always looking for new resources to help get my friends involved in the paleo lifestyle!

  55. already like well luv you both on facebook. All your food looks good you have been teasing us with and bring the everyday with some new recipes is needed.

  56. I did all of the above 🙂

    I am excited about this book because I am ready for some new Paleo recipes! I have one cookbook but I’ve been looking for another one for awhile now and this one looks great. I love that it has meal plans in it as well because that will just make it that much easier for me. 🙂

  57. Excited to see all this new information you keep talking about that’s in the book. Not to mention just further increasing the stack of paleo books I have on my desk overtaking textbooks for class (priorities haha, mens sana in corpore sano). Have already had you Balanced Bite’s and Steve’s Original LIKED on facebook for quite some time now.

  58. I liked Steve’s, already like yours. I am really looking forward to reading your book. Am relatively new to paleo (just over a month) and looking forward to all the recipes and also to reading more specifically about eating for fibromyalgia and IBS.

  59. I’ve been a ‘fan’ of both FB pages for a while now. I’m even fueling my backpacking trip solely with PaleoKits this weekend.

    I’m looking forward to trying out some new recipes and gaining even more culinary knowledge. I can never get enough and it helps to keep things interesting in the kitchen with new recipes.

  60. I already liked both on Facebook.
    I love your blog. Plain and Simple. So I am very excited for your book.
    You provide wonderful information for controlling blood sugar levels for those of us who are sugar addicts.

  61. After seeing you speak in Charlotte NC I’m looking forward to the Poop Pageant illustration in the book 🙂 and of course the recipes and most of all having a resource to point friends and family to! Can’t wait to get my copy! Already like both on FB and have my fingers crossed for this awesome give-away! Thanks!

  62. Liked Balanced Bites, Liked Steve’s Original! Also Liked the book on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Can’t wait to get the book and to buy as gifts . . . . Love feeding my family real food, and LOVE that Diane is providing a great resource to help me do that! Thanks Diane!

  63. I already liked you and just added Steve’s. I am soooo excited for your book. I check amazon almost daily to see if the estimated delivery date has been pushed up, since sometimes new releases are delivered on the release date. I’ve been trying to be paleo for the past 2.5 years. I go through spurts of following everything well, then get tripped up on the work involved and end up resorting to old habits and take too long to get back to a good place. I read It Starts with Food and it really flipped the switch with me and I’m hoping I’m evolving to a permanent paleo state. From what I’ve seen, your book is beautiful and I welcome any guidance to making this lifestyle achievable.

  64. I just started my primal eating journey! I am so excited because it makes soooo much sense compared to everything else I’ve tried. Thanks for all this fabulous information!

  65. I already like both of you on Facebook. While I’m sure Practical Paleo will have great recipes, I’m most excited to read about your take as a nutritionist on the paleo diet and the foods you eat.

  66. Have already “liked” both BB and Steve’s. Preordered the book some time ago. Avid BB podcast listener. I’m excited to get the book because of the preview pictures, recipes, 30day meal plans for sure!!

  67. I am soooo excited for the tear out pages that I can post on my refrigerator or take with me to the store. I am also really excited to see the finished product, since You have been talking about it for moths in your podcast, blog, and Facebook. The reviews of the book make me more and more excited to get it in a couple weeks WOWOoOoHOoooo!!!

  68. Liked both! I pre-ordered Practical Paleo back in March! I’m so excited to have a lot of the wonderful information you’ve been posting and podcasting about in one spot. The “tear out” pages will be SO handy to have, too. Then there are all the wonderful recipes you’ve been teasing us with!! What is not to be excited about for this book????

  69. Liked both on Facebook! I’m super excited to get the book to be able to share the info with the people in my life. It will be nice for me to continue learning new things, but also to have it as a resource when people ask me questions.

  70. Done & done! I can’t wait to attend the Balanced Bited seminar in September. Can’t decided if I want to read Practical Paleo before or after the seminar. Thanks for all of your paleo/primal/real food guidance!

  71. I’ve been a fan of both pages for a bit now. I’m excited for the release of this book and having many more great options (like the chicken featured on NomNOMPaleo)!

  72. I have followed and liked you and Steve’s Original for a while now. I’m an avid crossfitter and began overhauling my diet last year. I recently went through the Whole30 with the It Starts with Food. I’m always looking for more nutritional information and recipes to fit my new lifestyle. I think Practical Paleo is just the resource that I need. Can’t wait for it!!!

  73. Liked, liked and I am so excited about the book! I have had it on preorder with Amazon for over a month! I can’t wait to get it!

  74. I already like the both of you on facebook and your products! I happen to have an advanced copy of the book, and it is AWESOME (to say the least!). I am excited to do a giveaway myself soon. 🙂 Thanks!!

  75. I already liked both! I am excited for the book for new delicious recipe and to hit the 30 days hard again!

  76. I already had ‘Liked’ Balanced Bites and just ‘Liked’ Steve’s Original Paleo Kits (I will have to check those out I am going to be traveling soon).
    I am excited for your book because I just recently started eating a paleo/primal type diet (almost 3 months) I am really enjoying it and feeling great! I’m excited for your book because I feel like it will really give me a great foundation for my new lifestyle change. Thanks for all you do. Also I am enjoying (addicted to) your podcasts, I had to get an iphone so I could listen to them on the go 🙂

  77. Liked both Steve’s Original and Balanced-Bites on Facebook. I’ve actually pre-ordered Practical Paleo and the reason I can’t wait to get it for the customized 30-day meal plans – just what I’ve been looking for!

  78. I’ve “liked” you for awhile and just now likes Steve’s. Can’t wait for your new book to arrive! 🙂

  79. I’m already a fan of both on Facebook. I’m excited for the RECIPES!! of course! Yum! Can’t wait to make some delicious new food!

  80. Love both! So excited for my pre-ordered Copy to arrive so I can finally dive into all of the recipes and fun nerdy info!! YAY!

  81. Hi Diane! I already liked Balanced Bites and just added Steve’s Original. I’m looking forward to your recipes and especially, your menus for special populations. Enjoyed your seminar in Houston several months ago!

  82. I already liked both Balanced Bites & Steve’s Original on Facebook =) I’m so excited to get your book BECAUSE: I’ve been Paleo for about 6 months and doing great…. but I’m feeling kinda like I’m in a rut. I need some motivation and creativity to spark that enthusiasm again! I’ve got your book pre-ordered now and can’t wait til August!!!!

  83. Ive already liked Steve’s – the Cinnamon Paleo Crunch is fantastic!! And I just liked you too- I’m looking forward to your book – Paleo has become a way of life!!

  84. Done! I am super excited to see the recipes in the book. I love to cook and try out new dishes. Plus I saw the burger recipe that Civilized Caveman made and they look delicious!!!

  85. That was easy 🙂 …i had already done all three!! i cant wait to get your book so that i hone in on some of the nuances of “paleo” and also be able to support friends and family as they embark on their missions to lead a healthier life!
    thanks for the opportunity, i would LOVE to try some Paleo Kits!!

  86. I have already liked you for a few weeks now. I have now liked Steve’s Original which I recently have started reading about. I am also new to paleo so any new product recommendations or recipes are always greatly appreciated ! Thanks for a chance at another great giveaway : )

  87. I already liked both and pre-ordered your book before the give away! I hope I still get an entry.

    I am looking forward to your book for many reasons. I am a biochemist and I like real explanations of why you need things from your food and I need more than just vague “don’t eat meat, it makes your blood acidic”. Also, I’m involved with many in health and fitness and so many of them have jumped on the vegan bandwagon… it doesn’t seem right to me. I could see it’s utility as a rest or a cleanse for a few weeks, but think it could be lacking as a full time diet.

    Also, I have autoimmune thyroid disease and ulcerative colitis, so your meal plans interest me. I’m thinking the autoimmune one would be best to start with as my thyroid condition is autoimmune, but will read it all and see if thyroid supportive foods will work in the autoimmune plan as well. My boyfriend wants to check out the fat loss program – he’s down 160 pounds and is frustrated with the slowing down of the shrinking of what’s left of his belly. I plan to start after my September colonoscopy (although I’ll likely sample recipes before that time!).

  88. Yay! Fun, thank you! I’m most excited for the AIP, since I’m there right now, just starting, for what is likely narcolepsy. Eek! I’m excited to see the tear out sheets that people are talking about in their reviews, too!

  89. I’ve liked both BB and Steve’s Paleo Kits!

    As far as why I’m excited about the new book – for me, as a single guy in the Navy, some days are extremely busy or mentally exhausting, and I was never too enthusiastic about cooking a meal from scratch every day, day-in/day-out. That is, until I made the decision to go truly paleo and do my first Whole30; wow, what a difference in how I look at food now! I’ve re-found the joy in cooking and using whole ingredients and love expanding both my knowledge on Paleo (to share with the other Navy guys who might be on the fence about paleo, haha) and delicious recipe collection. Those are my reasons for pre-ordering and eagerly awaiting the book’s release! Now, if only I could get my roommate to come over to the dark side… Er, wait, we’re the good side!!

  90. I already like you both. So looking forward to your book. I have two kids with food allergies and sensitivities and asthma that I suspect is linked to autoimmune disorder. Just now learning about the Paleo lifestyle and the great benefits people are seeing.

  91. Already liked both! I can’t wait to get my hands on Practical Paleo. I’ve heard nothing but good things so far and I know the whole book will be fantastic…but I’m particularly interested in seeing some different diet/menu plans for autoimmune, etc.

  92. I already liked both on facebook! I’ve been Paleo for almost 2 years now and I’ve followed you well before I took the leap into Paleo eating. I’m looking forward to your book because you have such a wonderful way of making difficult concepts make sense yet in a concise manner. I also love your diagrams, drawings, etc.

  93. Well I have already liked both, I love Steves orginal’s I order them all
    the time, I pre-ordered book, and I love, love, love your pod cast.

  94. Liked em both and have for some time! Really excited to check out your book and see how i can integrate it into my practice and help my patients. Best of luck with the release!

  95. I like both and I am so excited for my book (pre-ordered) because I have heard it covers things that we have not heard before AND I am excited for the recipes! I am new to Paleo, my children (4 and 1) have grain sensitivities and Crohn’s runs in our family so I am trying to give my kids the best, healthiest life I can!

  96. Like (love) both on FB already. I can’t WAIT to get my hands on Practical Paleo – already pre-ordered. I want to sound more knowledgeable when I explain my paleo lifestyle to family & friends, and I know this is just the tool to do that. THANKS Diane!! 🙂

  97. Liked them both, preordered the book (can’t wait to see more recipes), and have already used the 21 Day Sugar Detox Guide (a really sane approach to paleo introduction and sound nutrition)…hope to score some Steve’s…all the items are yummy, but especially love the Paleo Crunch bars…thanks!

  98. I have liked you and Steve both on FB for a long time. 🙂 I pre ordered the book and the countdown to get it has been brutal. 🙂 Can’t wait! Thanks for all you do and for this opportunity!

  99. Steve’s Paleo Kits is the best grass-fed beef jerky I have ever tried and the cause he supports is amazing. I have liked both FB pages for over a month now because of the great content and websites/blogs. I am looking forward to the great recipes, in-depth pictures for each recipe, and the commentary on the dishes!

  100. Like both! Can’t wait for the book… I love the way you organize meal plans and include pictures and lists to make it easy to understand everything. And I always love more recipes 🙂

  101. I am so super excited to buy the book not only for myself but to share with my family. I come from an extremely unhealthy family and have slowly worked my way into their minds. It is SOOOOO much easier showing them facts written by someone with an actual background (degree) in the truth I’m sharing 🙂 I think this book will be so incredibly influential not only in their lives but mine and my husbands too! Thank you so much for putting everything you have into your work and sharing it with the rest of us!

  102. Already “Like” BB, “liked” Steve’s Originals.

    I’m especially looking forward to seeing your breakfast ideas! (Just saw your exchange with Robb Wolf on Twitter. “Just eat food”, yes!)

  103. Liked both pages. Robin Phillips-Knotts is my fb id.
    The book sounds wonderful. I’m a relative newb to Paleo having recently come off 8 or so years as a vegetarian… so I can use all the help I can get. lol. Thanks for the giveaway!
    cokelush at gmail
    {for what it’s worth that’s former cokelush}

  104. Both pages have been liked for quite some time now. I am looking forward to Practical Paleo as I know it will be easy to use, full of information and as the name states Practical. Diane was one of the first Paleo pages I stumbled up that really talked about the lifestyle and addressed the health benefits in an easy to understand manner. I have also attended a BB seminar and she is even better in person. This book will be like having Diane at hone with you whenever you have a question!

  105. hey! thanks for this contest.

    i already ‘like’ balanced bites and steve’s paleokit on facebook. lucky me!

    i love books. i love paleo. i love paleo books, so your upcoming release is on my to-read list! can’t wait.

    not only do i thrive on paleo eating, paleo sleeping has me fully seduced. heading off to bed now!

    good night and cheers!

  106. I liked both on Facebook! I am super pumped for the book– I already pre-ordered it on Amazon. For day to day cooking, I usually don’t use recipes, instead just using basic prep techniques for my meat and veggies. I’m looking forward to having some inspiration and ideas for things to serve guests!

  107. Liked & Liked! I am a knowledge junkie and love the Paleo lifestyle. Can’t wait to absorb even more Paleo knowledge, especially on athletic performance! 🙂 Plus I love having great Paleo books to lend to friends and family in efforts to convert them.

  108. Hey Diane
    Liked both sites on facebook; I love the easy access of info in your book about paleo and what that means day to day. Liking from australia…!

  109. I “liked” both on fb. I think the book would really help me get the basics and know for sure what i am doing and supply recipes. Thx!

  110. I’ve liked you both on Facebook for a while now, so that ground is covered! And of course I’m excited for the book! I can hardly wait to see your months of hard work in bound form and pour over all of your recipes (I’m especially interested in your meal plans for athletes and autoimmune disease). Thanks for all that you do!

  111. Liked both on FB. Pre-ordered your book from Amazon at the end of March when my family embraced the paleo way. We’ve never felt better! Can’t wait for the book to arrive.

  112. Liked Balanced Bites and Steve’s Original on FB. Can’t wait to get your book! I’m a paleo wannabe and this will help me just be!

  113. Liked Steve’s Original. Already LOVED Balanced Bites ( and I’m not just sucking up so can win ;p ) . Am SO excited for Practical Paleo for the recipes, the added knowledge I’ll gain, but more importantly, the AI protocol. Cannot wait to see my health improve even more!

  114. Already liked you and officially liked steves page. I’m super excited about the book bc having two small kids who regularly ask if what their eating is high in protein so they can be strong can be challenging and rewarding all at once…so I’m looking forward to new recipes and ideas to better nourish my family. We’ve been eating paleo since December and I have seen a radical difference in my 3 and 5 year old. They sleep better, have minimal behavior issues and haven’t been sick since! We’ve stocked up on paleo kits for our upcoming vacation!

    1. Hi! I just discovered your podcasts and I LOVE them, looking forward to checking out the book! As a female its always great to hear a female perspective on the world of paleo. When are you coming out to LA? You need to get down here for a book tour! I liked you and Steve’s Original already too on Facebook.

  115. Liked Steve’s Original and Balanced Bites on Facebook! I’m looking forward to the book because I have autoimmune and thyroid issues. I have never heard an explanation of how eating Paleo can help with that, but I think it will be inspirational. Off to check out the podcasts…

  116. Ordered the book last week, and truthfully August 7 CAN’T COME FAST ENOUGH!!! In fact, I ordered both your book and ISWF by Whole 9. When my daughter was born 4 months ago, I understood for the first time what people meant when they said having a child is bigger than you. This isn’t to say I haven’t valued myself over the years but having someone depend on you for life itself has made me see myself through different eyes for the first time. I want to be healthy not only for myself but for her AND my husband. It’s almost like a lightbulb went off in my head, and I started reading everything I could get my hands on about the paleo lifestyle. There is a history of diabetes, heart disease, brain tumors, Alzheimers, and obesity in my family, which have always scared me. But now that I am a mother, I am terrified to say the least. I have always dibble dabbled in the past with dieting, but this is about so much more than a diet to me. It’s about treating my body the way it was meant to be treated and truly understanding for the first time WHY what I eat is so important. I begin my first Whole 30 on August 1, 2012 along with my truly incredible and very supportive husband. We are so excited about this. It sounds so cheezy, but we actually can’t stop talking about it. And as far as Steve’s Original goes…heck if we don’t win the Sampler, who cares, because I’ll buy from them anyway!! We’re from Philly, so how could we not support our neighbor right across the bridge, especially when the money will go to a cause like Steve’s Club?!

  117. Like! Like! Friend sent me this link because I’m gearing up for my first go at full paleo on Monday. Super excited (!) and after spending the last 20 min looking at pictures of your food on FB, SUPER hungry. Going to remedy that now with eggs and bacy – Thanks Diane! And thanks Jaclyn 🙂

  118. Like and like! I’m a brand new cavewoman. My best friend adopted a paleo lifestyle a while back and after seeing her much improved health and well-being, I’m going paleo/primal too. I found you by Googling “best paleo blogs” and I just love it. Pre-ordered the book today and am throwing my name in the hat for the giveaway. Thanks for all the great work you do!

  119. I’ve liked both pages for months now – I love following people and products I believe in. I’m excited about Practical Paleo because it is a slightly different view point than the other books paleo books I’ve read. I like having a well-rounded argument for those people who question what I am doing. Thanks!

  120. Just liked both pages on facebook and I’m so excited about the book!! As a newcomer to the Paleo lifestyle, a book like yours is a lifesaver! Can’t wait for my copy!!

  121. “Liked” Steves originals. New to paleo (3 months now) and would love additional info/help…kinda stressing school starting again in a few weeks…I have a second grader at home still.

  122. Like, and liked. I’m excited about “Practical Paleo” because I’ve just been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue after being hypothyroid for years. I’m tired of being tired. I’ve been eating paleo for a while and I’m hoping this will give me some new inspiration! And I wasn’t even aware of Steve’s – I’m heading over there now to check it out! Thanks for your website – it’s given me so much information and let me know that I’m not alone in this struggle.

  123. Both pages liked. You present such an approachable aspect to the lifestyle. All of your recipes and posts are very easy to read and they’re very entertaining. Looking forward to the book!

  124. I have done all the things. I’m mostly excited because I think it’s the kind of eating that I can benefit from without asking my boyfriend and my daughter to eat on their own or to eat “rabbit food” or pre-packaged diet foods. In other words, it is both helpful for my health and for my lifestyle. I <3 recipes!!!

  125. I love any new and exciting paleo information I can get, especially recipes with pictures!! I love how colorful and informative your book is.

  126. I liked both pages, my facebook name is Jonathan McMurry. I cant wait to get this book so I can use the 30-day meal plan and grow from there. I am not afraid to make life changing moves I just need direction and guidance until I am comfortable doing it on my own and creating new meals from there. Whether i win your give away or not I am still looking forward to my new diet..soon to be next Friday when i get paid and order it

  127. I’m always looking for great new recipies. It isn’t always easy to keep 4 kids happy when switching over to Paleo.

  128. I just liked both pages and seeing how I am looking for a change in my diet practical paleo seems like a start for me.

  129. Already likes Steve’s Original, ’cause Paleo Krunch bars are the new love of my life.
    Liked Balanced Bites, Listen to the podcast already but somehow missed you on Facebook.
    Saw you on Amazon. I’m really looking forward to the specialty meal plans as I have many people in my life that could benefit from them. Also really curious about the whole FODMAP dealio.

  130. I just got introduced to Paleo, and this book will definitely help answer my questions and simplify my transition to a healthier lifestyle. I can’t wait to check it out!

  131. I’ve liked both already and I am soooo looking forward to purchasing your book. After discovering numerous food intolerances, as well as issues with my body handling sugar, I turned to the paleo diet a few months ago. The more I learn about it, the more I am convinced how healthy it is! And as a mom to a 18 month old, I need recipes that are quick and easy to make. 🙂

    1. Liked both pages – just getting started on Paleo and I’m feeling GREAT!!! Excited about the meal plans!! Hoping this will become available for the Nook also!!!!

      1. “Liked” them both and am excited because I just recently got into Crossfit and eating Paleo.. can’t wait!

  132. Liked! Looking forward to another Paleo book to add to my collection. I love the idea of having meal plans for various issues. I can share this with my friends and family and find whats right for me. YAY!

  133. This looks great – as someone who recently got started with the paleo lifestyle, this book and the goods would go along way. In 2 months I’ve lost 23 lbs and counting and haven’t felt this good in 10+ years.

  134. Love Paleo…hate cooking…hoping your book offers easier solutions then the complicated information out there.

  135. I had steps 1 & 2 done a long time ago 😉 but as for step 3, I am so excited to have all the information I need in 1 place, instead of having to search the internet for answers & recipes! Thanks for all you do & the chance at an AWESOME prize!!!!!!!!

  136. I ‘liked’ both pages!

    The book looks great! I love that there are EASY recipes and definitely need the help going truly PALEO! Looking forward to changing my life for the better and healthier! 🙂

  137. Like Steve’s Original(<3 their paleo packs) and Balanced Bites!! and am about to order this book, even thinking about traveling to MA in September…fingers are crossed to hopefully win some great treats for a few of nursing school!!

  138. Liked both pages! Excited about the book because it says it is for “people struggling to incorporate Paleo into their lives.” That’s me! I also love that the recipes are tested and created by a real person, and not something made up by people in a lab somewhere.

  139. I really need the meal plans in the book. I want to use paleo to lose weight, and plus I feel better when eating this way, but haven’t lost any weight and I’ve been doing it since January. I need help. Looking forward to buying this book!

    And I’ve been wanting to try Steve’s Paleo for a long time.

  140. I’ve already liked both! Looking forward to soaking in some more “delish” recipes!! Can’t wait to get my copy!!!

    1. I am excited to get Practical Paleo, because sometimes eating paleo is not so practical. 🙂 Really, I am anxious to see the meal plans and explore new recipes to get out of eating the same few meals over and over. And because you visited my box this year!

  141. I’ve liked them both.

    I’m in line to get “Practical Paleo” because of the specialized section for autoimmune conditions and for all the photos!

  142. Liked Steve’s and Balanced Bite!! I am getting excited for the book to come out. Thanks for the giveaway of Steve’s goodies!

  143. Just received a shipment from Steve’s and love it. Like balanced bites and have pre ordered Practical Paleo and can’t wait to get it!!

    1. I am so glad I have discovered your website and upcoming book! As a “healthy eating specialist” at Whole Foods Market, and a Level 1 CrossFit trainer, I spend a lot of time talking to people about their nutrition. I am always reading and educating myself on how to better inform people in making healthier choices and helping them feel their absolute best.

    1. I’ve been eating paleo for 30 days, love it and am ALL IN! I’ve liked both of your pages for awhile and so excited to try Steve’s paleo kits and Diane’s new book and recipes! I particularly can’t wait to read the section about …Drum roll…..what my “poop” should look like. I saw that paged and loved it…..and so did my boyfriend. I love all humor in health, especially when it’s factual and helpful!

  144. I liked both pages and can’t wait for your book to come out! I am newly Paleo and cannot get enough of it! I can’t wait to soak up more Paleo info!

  145. Liked them both. Excited to further paleo knowledge and continue my journey into healthier lifestyle. As an already regular crossfitter and doing some youth mentoring companies like this are encouraging examples.

  146. I have “liked” both Steve’s Original and Balanced Bites on FB for a while now. We sell Steve’s Original products at our CrossFit gym and they truly deliver top notch products. Supporting a non profit like Steve’s Club is a privilege for the community it benefits, as well as the consumers who get to enjoy such high quality paleo treats.

    I already pre-ordered your book on Amazon and cannot wait to add it to my collection. Recently, I have been sharing my library of paleo cookbooks with my mom who has suffered from epilepsy her entire life. She has been a vegetarian since her 20s, and now in her late 50s I decided it was time for intervention. Recently she suffered from a grand mal seizure that left her with such severe side effects she could no longer work. After a few months, she officially lost her job as an Occupational Therapist, one which she fought hard to earn throughout the past 6 years since she never graduated college as a teenager. Educating her on the benefits of a paleo and ketogenic diet has proven to be such a wonderful and rehabilitating journey for both of us. It has reinvigorated her passion for cooking in the kitchen and taught her the importance of putting health first. We hope to follow in the footsteps of thefreerangehuman who continues to make huge strides in treating epilepsy through paleo eating. I am excited to give your book to my mother in hopes of continuing to help her improve her health for many years to come.

  147. I already like both on Facebook. I’d love to get my hands on the book because I’m relatively new to the paleo lifestyle and would to be able to have so many practical resources all in one place.

  148. liked both! I am excited for this book to learn more practical ways I can cook paleo for myself with out feeling overwhelmed and that I don’t have any food options!

  149. Liked Steve’s Original. Already liked Balanced Bites. Been in a Paleo slump, making the same things over and over again. Looking forward to adding some new flavor and ideas with your 120 recipes. Can’t wait!

  150. Done! Have known of and loved Steve’s for quite some time. Very excited to check out Balanced Bites.

  151. Liked & liked. I am just getting started on paleo, so it would be great when i win. Lol I want to get everyone hooked on it.

  152. Looking forward to the New Book, I can’t wait to see get it!!! So tired of eating the same thing all the time. Looking forward to see what I can do for stress and joint pain. I love Steve’s Paleo Kits. I keep them at home, work and in the car. They are the best.

    Thanks for writing this so we can all live healthier!!!!

  153. Like you both. I’ve only a month into paleo livin and am looking for helpful resources! Will be buying your book.

  154. I liked you on FB and back here to let you know it! I’m looking forward to keeping up with your ideas and recipes.

  155. I like both on FB! I’m excited about all the recipes in your book. The recipes on your blog have always been easy, tasty and nutritious, so I’ll be pretty stoked to have SOOO many at my fingertips! Thank you for all your hard work.

  156. Liked you both, again 🙂
    I’m excited for the clear,colorful pix of the recipes, and the tackling of gastro issues :/ Can’t wait!

  157. I liked both of you on facebook!I really want the book because of the recopies and The info on allergies because I am struggling with 2 auto immune disorders and have been paleo for only 3 months now. I could use more help. Thank you! 🙂

  158. liked and liked.
    excited for more recipes, and also specific approaches (so i can try to convince more family members to try paleo also). and excited because i’ve been reading your updates while writing it 🙂

  159. Liked them both! I can’t wait to get the book – I already pre-ordered it! – I’m excited for what looks like a great book full of healthy and practical recipes. I’m quite new to paleo, and I love that this book goes in depth not just into recipes, but more about the paleo lifestyle and health concerns attributed with eating certain foods that paleo forgoes. Yay!

  160. i “liked” both those pages eons ago 😀 I cant wait to get this book because I am hoping ::fingers crossed:: it can help me when over the opinion, and the eating habits, of my parnter. One can only hope. I am also REALLY hoping that if he tries all the great stuff in the pack I am going to win that he will see the light and that being paleo and be easy AND yummy!

  161. “Liked” both Steve’s Original & Balanced Bites on Facebook months ago! 😀
    Can’t wait to get Practical Paleo for all of the paleo recipes/meal plans and for all of the practical nutrition info.

  162. I just listened to you on Sean Croxton’s Underground Wellness radio show and found myself nodding my head in agreement a lot at what you were saying. I am very eager to read your book now that my interest is piqued. I also have 7 children that I would like to arm with real food knowledge so that they can start out on the right track with good habits and avoid all the pitfalls that our generation has had to endure not knowing who or what to believe. Hurry up August 7th!

  163. First of all, Thank you for the opportunity. Second – I already like both on Facebook! Third, I can’t wait to get the Practical Paleo Book because some family members don’t want to listen to what I have to say and reading your words of wisdom will truly help!

  164. I liked both the FB pages and am excited to get your book because of the mention of FODMAPs and nightshades in the recipe section. I have to stay away from both of these!

  165. I liked both on FB! I’m a Paleo newbie, and would love to win a package from Steve ‘s original! Your book looks wonderful also. I need all the help I can get. Thanks for the chance to be entered.

  166. i absolutely love steve’s products and the concept behind it. I’ve been paleo for a month now and cant read enough on it. Can’t wait for the book to learn more!

    Good luck!

  167. Like? Aw heck, love you guys! FB just doesn’t have a Love button. I’m excited to get my copy of the book because I value Dianne’s communication style AND the valuable information she is getting out. She’s a real food educator. Go Dianne!

  168. I pre-ordered the book a couple weeks ago. I have liked both pages. I am super excited to get the book because of the meal plans and it will help keep me on track!

  169. Liked both on Facebook! I am new to paleo, so I’m excited to get the book and check out the food plans and recipes!

  170. I am excited to get the book because I am new to Paleo and I need all the knowledge and inspiration that I can get 🙂

  171. I am excited about the recipes and am always excited for all the paleo-related information I can get my hands on.

  172. I had already liked Steve’s page (and all his goodies…time to order again!), and I’m excited about your book because I’m a busy mom of 4 with 2 jobs. I’ve been eating paleo/primal for about a month now, and I love the results and the way I feel, but I feel like I’m living in the kitchen doing meal prep or cooking! I’m looking forward to your insights! Oh, and anything nom nom paleo gives a thumb up to has to be good!

  173. I am always looking for new recipes and the meal plans look like a great way for me to make sure I’ve got good balanced nutrition. 🙂

  174. Liked both. Now I’d like to win the book because I would buy it anyways. I’ve been following the podcasts, the blogs and have so far soaked up all the knowledge you’ve shared and I believe this book will complement, add to, and reinforce the things I already know. There’s so much more to learn from you!

  175. If not for this giveaway then I probably wouldn’t have even heard of this book. Me being active duty military/part time student and my wife working full time at the Child Developement Center on base and being a full time student it’s tough to stay true to the paleo ways. But this book looks as though it will help relieve some of that pressure with the easy recipes and meal plans. Can’t wait to own this book!…oh and i “liked” both of facebook.

  176. I like you both on Facebook and follow you both on twitter. Getting your book this weekend and can’t wait to read it.

  177. I like – er – love! you both! I’d love to have a paleo cookbook resource to show other people what a great lifestyle eating paleo is!! Yum! Yum!

  178. I liked Steve’s Original and Balanced Bites on Facebook. I am overjoyed for this book primarily because of the 30-day meal plan! My journey with paleo has just begun, and I am struggling to come up with meals that will satisfy my hunger. My husband is interested in eating paleo, too, but he needs some yummy recipes to convince him he can do this! I have a 2-year-old, as well, and he loves to “hunt” for peas in the garden as well as other goodies, so I don’t think he’ll have a problem with this “new” old way of eating.

  179. Liked both. Can’t wait for the book. Excited it was on sale on Amazon pre-order. Living the budget Paleo life. I can use all the help I can get. Thanks for sharing all you know. I’m always anxious for the latest podcast.

  180. I liked both FB pages. I’m excited about the book because Paleo can seem overwhelming … I’ve made huge strides in being Paleo but am not 100%. Your book really does look like it has some “practical paleo” advice. Looking forward to reading it!

  181. “Liked” both pages on Facebook and would be excited to receive your new book for countless reasons – but especially to check out the recipes that all the book reviews I read (Chris Kresser, Nom Nom…) keep raving about!

  182. I’m so glad to find your site. I Like both you and Steve’s. And I’m really looking forward to reading your book. Love new recipes.

  183. Got to try Steve’s Paleostix today at my Crossfit box. Yummy!!! Had to order some for myself =)

    Just preordered my book too!! Can’t wait to get it in the mail.

  184. Already liked Steve awhile ago. I am so in love with this lifestyle, just can’t say enough about it. I’m 59 years young thanks to Robb Wolf! <3

  185. As someone new to Paleo, (almost 3 wks in!) I am looking forward to learning a simple guide to sticking to a Paleo lifestyle!

  186. Oh, I already liked Steve’s Originals as I’ve ordered from there already and I also liked Balanced Bites and checked out your upcoming book:)

  187. I’m beyond a rookie when it comes to paleo, All smiles .
    I’m excited to learn more about and to take change of my healthy. Thanks for offering this kit.

  188. As a recovering vegan turned primal less than a month ago, your podcasts have been truly enlightening. I’m trying to absorb as much as possible and I think your book would be a great resource!

  189. I am CRAZY excited about your book! I have been meaning to pre-order it on Amazon and this was the reminder I needed! I “discovered” you through Sarah Fragoso’s site after I went Paleo at this time last year. I have had numerous stops and starts, but always start up again WHEN I GET A NEW COOKBOOK! I always feel so much better on Paleo that I feel stupid for ever backsliding. Your recipes are simple and PRACTICAL, so I am really excited about staying Paleo! Good luck!

  190. Diane,
    I am so excited for your book. I already pre-ordered. I really can’t wait to see the meal plans and more great paleo recipes.

  191. I like them both. Book looks awesome. I’m a huge fan of Robb Wolf and if he says to buy your book, I will obey.. hahaha!

  192. Liked both pages. I have read reviews and listened to podcasts with you talking about your new book. I am excited about getting your book because of the meal breakdowns for specific conditions. My wife has fibromyalgia and we have been paleo for 2 months now and the extra specific help will be beneficial on our journey to healthy and healing.

  193. liked both pages and will order practical paleo (can’t believe I haven’t ordered it yet!!)….
    love Steve’s Paleo Kits, esp the Berky….

  194. I am super excited about the thirty day meal plans, I love to plan ahead and not have to worry about what to make for my next meal, or having too many choices so I may go off the rails! I had Steve’s “liked” already, and got you “liked” too! Can’t wait to read the book!

  195. Definitely ‘liked’ you both on facebook. Pre-ordered your book the other day after listening to you on the radio with Sean. Very excited about the book. Thanks!

  196. Already liked both! Really hoping to see a copy of Practical Paleo in my holiday loot if not sooner. Just moved across the country, so unfortunately have to wait. Balanced Bites is awesome. Diane’s book Practical Paleo is awesome. It is on my “must have” list.

  197. Liked both pages.

    I can hardly wait for this book to come out. I’ve been trying to get my family on the Paleo diet for about a month now and meal planning is the hardest part. Old habits die hard as evidenced by how often we still depend on pastas and breads for both breakfast and dinner.

  198. I’ve liked both pages. But I wanted to share that since following a paleo lifestyle since March my families (2of us) llab values have improved, medications have been removed. It’s rewarding to see my 74 yo Mom feeling better and looking better. Looking forward to the new book to add inspiration into our lives!

  199. i “liked” both sites and read the summary on amazon! sounds good! i’m always looking for new ways to encorporate more “real” food without feeling like i’m missing out on all of the delicious junk food. can’t wait for the book!

  200. I liked both fb pages and I am truly excited about your book Practical paleo because it appears to be written in an accessible way that can help people–like my grown family members who are starting to get sick from poor lifestyle choices–save their lives and improve the quality of
    the remaining years through improved health. I am hopeful. Thank you!

  201. I liked both FB sites. I’m excited to learn how to make some decent tasting Paleo meals as I am really just starting to go paleo.
    I would love it if I could see a preview of the book with the “look inside” feature on Amazon. Will that be possible in the near future? Also would love the electronic edition as a lot of my books are now read from my Ipad via the kindle for pc/ipad app.

  202. I love listening to your podcast and am so excited to get to read your book. Thank you for all the information you share.

  203. I like both sites on FB and I am excited for the Practical Paleo book because it has a 30 day Paleo Meal plan. Meal plans always help me to stick with it because I get bored eating the same food all the time.

  204. Both pages are like,have been for quite some time =) I am super excited about the new book coming out as I am always looking for a quick easy way to share the Paleo lifestyle. This will be perfect to help new memeber in my box learn more and create paleo friendly food as well as those that have been doing this for a while.

  205. I already liked both on FB, so that was easy! As far as the book, I’ve heard some pre-release reviews talk about some of the recipes, and they seem really unique and fun–lots of stuff that you can’t find everywhere else!

  206. Already like both on FB. Can’t wait for the book for many reasons…including the recipes…but more importantly, the help/ideas on how to get healthy!!!

  207. Liked them both. Can’t wait to have another “staple” book to add to my collection. And can’t wait for new things to try!!!

  208. I had previously liked one of these and I am so excited to learn from the other!!! This kit would be AMAZING! I’m starting Paleo soon and can use all the help I can get!


  209. I’ve “liked” both pages for ages… I love your recipes and am looking forward to getting more into paleo.

  210. I did all of the above. I’ve pre-ordered your book and can’t wait to get it! I love Paleo cookbooks! Saves me time from tweaking SAD recipes. I know your book is way more than just recipes so I’m excited to read it.

  211. I don’t have a FB account, so can’t “like” either. But I do LIKE them!! Does that count?

    I am so excited for the release of your book! I’ve been watching it on Amazon since you announced the release date. I can’t wait to read it cover to cover!

  212. Totally excited. It was less than a year ago when I first began eating a Paleo lifestyle. I have had struggles sticking to the plan but I have always gone back to eating like a cavegirl. Any new recipes to keep things fresh and any new information to build my knowledge regarding Paleo will only help on my journey.

  213. Already had a like on both of you! Can’t wait to see the book. I just started my Paleo journey about a month ago, and I’m already feeling the positive effects!

  214. I already like both on Facebook. I would love to have the book since I am always looking for recipes and meal ideas. I’m extremely busy and don’t have alot of time or ideas for meals. This book will be great!


  215. Liked both pages, have your book on my wishlist for my next book purchase, I can’t wait to get it. I have heard so many great things about it from my favorite paleo blogs!!

  216. I like anything that has three words in it – CrossFit,,,,Paleo,,,,,Kits!

    And if I were to win, all the product would be donated to our new Steve’s Club of the Palm Beaches!

  217. What a fabulous giveaway….thank you!
    I “liked” both pages that were requested and then went to read about Practical Paleo on Amazon. OMGosh…it sounds amazing! Not only does it have over 100 recipes for me to use,it also is directed about blood sugar regulation, hypoglycemia, fibromyalgia AND chronic fatigue. Dang, now thats a LOT of power in one book!!! I am so happy to be involved in this…..sounds very promising. 😉

  218. I have liked both on Facebook for quite some time. I am looking forward to Practical Paleo for ideas on elimination dieting for various autoimmune conditions. I have family members who would benefit greatly from that knowledge.

  219. Between my wife and I, we own the best books and recipe books. Why WOULDN’T this be a part of our shelf?

    We’ve followed your site for some time, and to have more content that we can unplug and enjoy while sitting on the couch with a glass of wine and some dark chocolate, well, that just makes it better.

  220. The last valid entry for this contest was Celest Horton at 5:00 pm on the nose! The last several comments will not be entered! The winner will be announced here shortly!

  221. I “like” both well before this! I have been enjoying your posts and have only tried Steve’s jerky but would love ti try more!

  222. I liked both and I’m excited to get the book because I can’t wait for more practical advice to help when I’m helping with my friend’s paleo journeys.

  223. I had already “liked” ya’ll months ago!!!! AND I wait with bated breath for the new book!!! I feel so energized since starting the paleo diet and I have my family eating the same way!!! THEY LOVE IT!!!
    Thank you!!!!

  224. Already liked both pages 🙂 I’m super excited to get the book because I really think it’ll renew my love for this lifestyle as well as teach me new techniques and strategies (especially with cooking!) to help me become a better cavegirl. Can’t wait to see the tear-out pages for grocery shopping! Thanks SO MUCH for all you do!

  225. I’ve already liked both pages! =) I just ordered Practical Paleo this morning!!!!!!!!! I’m SUPER DUPER EXCITED to receive as I need some help with new recipe ideas, grocery shopping ideas, & meal planning. I LOVE the Paleo lifestyle…..I’ve NEVER felt better in my entire life. Thank you for ALL that you do! =)

  226. I liked you both long long ago and love your posts regularly! I am most excited to buy multiple copies to give to friends and family you are completely ignorant to the paleo lifestyle and why. I already have your resource sheets printed out and on my fridge for quick references and people ask about them regularly when visiting but I struggle with explaining. I find everything you have written to be clean and precise so I am excited to share that in a GREAT book to those who need it!

  227. I liked both, and I am really excited about the book because I have a thyroid condition and I want the extra help planning meals to support that!

  228. I liked both, but as usual, I’m a day late and a dollar short. Find out about it a day AFTER the offer expires.

  229. I have been a fan of Steve’s PaleoKits since my gym started carrying them months ago. After trying some new products at the CrossFit Northeast regionals and seeing this article today, I decided to like Balanced Bites as well.

  230. Liked both!
    I’m most excited to have a resource guide to refer family, friends, and clients to with your upcoming book! I can’t wait to try recipes and read it cover to cover!!!

  231. Done, done, and done!

    I can’t wait to get the book! I am learning so much about the benefits of paleo eating, and always looking for a few great tips and recipes.


  232. Everybody is ‘liked’ and I’m checking out the book at B & N! Any resource that is going to help my family be a better Paleo family is most welcome. I just can’t read enough or take in enough information; it seems like I learn something new or find a new resource to pull from every day, and I am loving it! I can’t wait to add this book to my collection!

  233. I liked both pages. I love how you have a meal plan in the cook book. That sounds great. Do you have info on the event you’re doing in Rochester NY?

  234. I am living the paleo lifestyle for over a year now and love when new information and cookbooks come out! Our family adventure in health begins! Keeping the family paleo in a grainloving world is sometimes a challenge but book like this keep us all interested in healthy eating because of great new options! Love it and can’t wait!!

  235. I already liked them both:)!! I am soooooooo excited for book it gets released on my birthday!!!! Have a great day!!!! Thank you!

  236. Already liked both of you way before this. 🙂 Can’t wait to get my pre-ordered copy of Practical Paleo. Looking forward to testing out some of the cancer recovery stuff on my Dad!

  237. I liked them both – I had heard of them but hadn’t found the time to check them out – thanks! I recently started eating paleo and I love to cook, so Practical Paleo would be a great start to my new paleo friendly cookbook collection 🙂

  238. Definitely count me in on getting a copy of Practical Paleo. I love getting my hands on all the new recipes I can.

  239. Just liked Steve’s Original and Balanced Bites. I am excited about the book as I am new to the Paleo way of eating and would love a good reference for integrating it into my life!

  240. I didn’t have to do much on this contest as I already “like” your page and Steve’s original on Facebook 🙂 I also already pre-ordered your book on Amazon – can’t wait to get it for so many reasons; the tear outs, 30 day meal plans, targeted health condition information and more.

  241. I liked both pages on Facebook. I am excited to get the new book because I am going to be a new mommy soon and want to feed my family recipes I can feel improve my family’s health & eating habits. Making the same old things gets boring so I am ready to revamp our diets with this awesome cook book!

  242. Done and done!! 🙂 I’m excited for the 30 day meal plans in the book – especially the ones geared towards fat loss and athletic performance! I think I’ll follow them in that order. 🙂 Sometimes ya’ just want someone to tell you exactly what to do! hehe 🙂

  243. Already following you on FB and subscribed to your blog and preordered your book many moons ago when you first mentioned it. Can’t wait for your book and would LOVE to try the Paleo kits, etc.

  244. I like Balanced Bites and Paleo Kits on Facebook!

    I am excited to get your book because you got Nom Nom Paleo’s mother in law to get interested in eating paleo. If your book was able to do that, then I am 100% sure that this time my mom will actually try out some pelo recipes and become healthier!

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