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It's late on Saturday night after two days here in Boston at the Ancestral Health Symposium. I've been spending time with dear friends, and making lots of new ones. I've been legitimately stalking my own book on to see what's happening with it (it's been in the top 20 books on all of Amazon since it released!), reviews that are posted, and where it may be ranking at any given time. I've been checking Facebook and Twitter to see and hear what you all have to say about the book once it gets into your hands.

All I can really say is this: I am floored.

I am floored by the responses and reactions to the book itself, based on people's expectations, and then having them far exceeded by the content I've put together within the 432 pages. (I had to stop somewhere!) I guess I didn't tell people too much about what was in the book besides teasing photos of recipes, so a lot of people thought it was only a cookbook, but it's so much more than that.

I am floored by how emotional I've become this week, primarily in response to your amazingly kind reactions to the book, but also in response to the stories people have been sharing with me already about how much I've changed their lives. One kind gentleman at dinner tonight started to tell me I saved his life. I was already crying from someone else's kind words, so he stopped there realizing it was going to send me into an ugly cry (watch the video clip at about 2:43 in) to continue his story, though I would honestly love to hear it. Thanks, sir. I am honored to have helped you. If I never help another person, seriously, my work is done.

I am floored at how badly it seems our community needed this book. I feel like you have all been asking, begging perhaps, for meal plans since the beginning of all of these murmurs about customizing a Paleo type of diet for your specific needs. You've realized that it's not about a one-size-fits-all approach, but you have been asking for more help – for yourselves and for your loved ones. I am offering mine to you now, in this book.

I am floored by the genuine outpouring of support you all have offered for this project of mine with your comments on Facebook and Twitter and letting me know where and how you got a copy as well as how excited you are to flip through it for the firs time. Many of you know how much of my blood, sweat, and tears have gone into it. It means so much to me, makes what I do worthwhile, and begins to turn around the fatigue I've been feeling into the most pure form of joy and contentment I think a human being can feel. I can't even explain how far beyond my wildest dreams this has gone into making me feel like what I do matters. It's astounding.

I am floored by how amazingly supportive my friends have been throughout this entire process. Whether it's some of my Paleo/blogger friends like the Grassfed Girl (Caitlin), Paleo Parents (Stacy & Matt), Cave Girl Eats (Liz), Nom Nom Paleo (Michelle), Jimmy Moore, Sean Croxton, the Civilized Caveman (George), Chloe, Jess, and so many more – or my friends at home in NJ or San Francisco – you all have been there for me and have held me up through times when I really felt like I just could not make it through this project.

And, seriously, who invites you into their home to cook recipes and shoot photos for you- when you take over their lives for a sum total of 6 weeks?!

Only The Food Lovers (Bill & Hayley) would do this. Okay, sure I was feeding them amazing food along the way, but that's six weeks of their lives poured into helping me to make my baby amazing. You've seen the photos in my book by now. There are no words. Okay, wait, I thought of a few… go here now and check out The Food Lovers new (FREE!) iPhone and Android app, “my kitchen” and their new eBook here.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for what you are doing to support my work. I could not feel more excited about the way that what I do is touching and changing (saving?!) lives around the world already and for how many more lives it will touch in the near future. It's astounding and I am beyond grateful for this opportunity to help you.

Love & bacon,

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  1. I just got my copy in the mail today from Amazon. WOW! I can already tell this is going to be my”go-to”paleo resource! I couldn’t put it down! You have done an amazing job! Thank you!

  2. Even though my only immediate access point was iBooks ( I couldn’t get the amazon version for some reason) I think it’s another great resource added to my collection. I’m very much interested in this area & my goal is to get myself to one of the seminars , unless you decide to visit Australia 1st.
    Thank you , you did an amazing job!

  3. You deserve all of this Diane. You will be saving lives for as long as human life remains on planet Earth. I say this because you motivate people like me more than ever before who are spin all they can to help the health of the world. you can do nothing more and you will indirectly be saving millions of lives forever.

    Your book makes it easy for me to change, and save lives. It’s an absolute goldmine. You know that. I can’t wait to sell thousands of copies for you. Everyone is a potential life saver.

    Don’t stop now. The world needs YOU!

  4. I was only three pages in when I started emailing family members links to your book. The story about getting your grandma to cut gluten and it subsiding her pain should be powerful enough to get stubborn family member to “seethe light”
    I can’t thank you enough for this book. I have it open every second I get.

  5. This is a great book with a great attitude. There are lots of good paleo books out there (I have them all) but what I like about this one is that it is written for everyone and the writing style is open and friendly. You don’t berate people to eat real food, you invite them to with open arms. This is a wonderful book for spreading the word about paleo and real food. Congratulations!

  6. I ordered your book and so anxious to receive! Two years ago my family physician recommended a Paleo lifestyle for me. I made a comitment to it and lost 45 lbs, became physically active and was able to get off medications for high blood pressure, depression and high chloresterol. I feel great and recommend it all the time to everyone I know!! In the last few months I got off track a little and now going thru “renewing my vows”, so to speak. I feel my best when I am strictly Paleo. Thanks for writing the book and letting the world in on the best-kept secret ever. Don’t kid yourself– you really ARE helping to save lives!!! THANK YOU!

  7. I just got my book yesterday from amazon and love it! I made the lemon blueberry muffins this morning (with cranberries instead of the lemons/blueberries) and they are yummy. I am making bone broth this afternoon and the grilled garlic steak with peppers and onions for dinner this evening! I am also going to definitely try coconut aminos. I have missed eating soy sauce due to my gluten and soy allergies, so this sounds like a great substitute. Thanks for the beautiful book.

  8. Diane, I received your book yesterday, and it is one heck of a book! Like the food you want us to learn to eat, the book is deeply, deeply nutritious–with no filler! Just beautiful and intensely useful to this family cook.

  9. Oh my goodness!!!! I have at least 8 paleo type books and dozens of other nutritional books and this one almost brought tears to my eyes! I just received it yesterday from Amazon and I cannot put it down! You have put so much work into this and it is so comprehensive! I can’t think of one thing you left out! Thank you, thank you!!!

    When you struggle with pain, adrenal issues, leaky gut, food intolerances, thyroid problems, hormonal problems and severe fatigue and depression it has to mean they are all related somehow? This books helps explain how. I have been on the fence about getting my masters or certification in nutrition to help others the way you have. Is there a particular program you would recommend. I live in a rural area in Wisconsin, but can travel and learn online.

    Let’s pay it forward.

    God bless you! No really, god bless you!

  10. The book is beautiful. I made the shift to Paleo only three months ago after running into this amazing community through the unlikely source of Computing Security. Yes, Steve Gibson did a two episode video and podcast titled “The Sugar Hill”. You can find it as a TWiT live special number 124 and 125.
    I had pretty much been doing my own thing that was close enough and have lost over 50 pounds (about 220lbs to 170lbs) in the past year.

    I live in Mexico and knew it would take ages to get the book down here but happened to be in Los Angeles at a conference the day your book was released. I made a trip to Barnes and Noble at The Grove via bus just to buy your book. Well, I had an awesome breakfast in the market next door as well but your book was the reason for the trip. I also picked up Sarah Fragoso’s “Everyday Paleo” and have dug into both books already.

    The photography is beautiful and I love the layout of your book; your background in design shows and is much appreciated. My wife (who is not on-board yet) asked me the other night “what is that Paleo”. I’m not pushing but she has seen my results and is getting curious. I think the family bend to Sarah’s book is useful for us in addition to the wonderful resource of yours.

    Congratulations on a great release and I look forward to hearing your reactions and those of followers on the Balanced Bites podcast.


  11. I got my book yesterday evening and can’t wait to do more than flip through! It’s gorgeous and inviting and it makes me want to eat squash (which I NEVER do)!

  12. My son just looked and your book is #2 on Hot New Releases at Amazon!!!!!He got your book today and we can’t put it down!

  13. Got the book today and it is fabulous and I will be recommending it to everyone! Absolutely love the layout, content, meal plans! I am going shopping tomorrow so I can follow a meal plan. Well done!

  14. Just ordered my copy today and I can’t wait to see it. I’ve really been struggling to stick with it and even more so to convert my kids. My son was just diagnosed with food allergies of wheat, soy, peanuts, egg whites and coconut. He hates meat and produce so I need some good recipes for him. I’m hoping your book helps our whole family get healthier!

  15. I.actually just ordered it today ( along with Bill & Haley’s book) and am so excited to start trying some new recipes. I am trying to get my kids (17 yr old boy and 14 yr old girl) on board and am hoping your book finally pushes them over the edge to give in. So excited I can’t stand it!

  16. Congrats on the book! It’s very obvious the amount of time and hard work you put into it. I think there is a new benchmark for the quality and content of paleo/whole food books now.
    Like I tweeted, this book to me is now a textbook on the map to healthy living.
    Great stuff!

  17. I rushed over to my Costco (phoenix) to get it last Wednesday, and I LOVE it!!! It all looked so amazing that I had to flip through the whole thing in one sitting – and it is so full of great info that now I’m going back through and actually reading everything more thoroughly (lots of books never make it to that stage… I’m a scanner!) Absolutely love the design, not to mention the recipes. I’ve made a bunch of things already & they have all been fantastic, and kid approved as well. I even sold the cashier at Costco on it! This will be THE Paleo book I recommend to friends & family.
    You rock!

  18. Just had the swirly quiche with zucchini and carrots tonight. Excellent! I have to say this will be the book that I give to friends and family when they ask about paleo. You really covered all the bases and it is so clearly written. The meal plans and charts will be so helpful to everyone, both experienced in paleo and not. So well done!

  19. Love the book! I’m sure you’ve got enough going on but looking forward to the shopping lists! Or I can stop being so lazy and compile it myself 😉

  20. This book helped me become paleo. Thank you so much for your thoroughness in discussing it and your thoughtfulness in sharing your story!

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