Practical Paleo Review Round-Up #3

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Thanks to the following people for their amazing, advance-copy reviews of Practical Paleo!

If you've been on the fence about ordering the book, perhaps one of these practitioners or bloggers who was lucky enough to receive an early-release copy will reveal something about it that will convince you that it'll be an invaluable addition to your library! Check out more early reviews of Practical Paleo in the round 1 reviews post round-up here or the round 2 post here.

Listen to recent interviews:

Dr. Lo Radio – interview with Dr. Lauren Noel, ND
click here to download the MP3  •  click here load in iTunes

Underground Wellness Radio – interview with Sean Croxton
click here to download the MP3  •  click here to load in iTunes

Livin' La Vida Low Carb – interview with Jimmy Moore
click here for the blog post/show notes  •   click here to download the MP3  •  click here to load in iTunes

SCD Lifestyle – interview with Jordan Reasonor 
click here for the blog post/show notes •  click here to download the MP3  •  click here to load in iTunes

Fat Burning Man – interview with Abel James
click here for the blog post/show notes  •  click here to download the MP3  •  click here to load in iTunes

Click on the reviewer or blog name to check out the review!

Steve's Original – home of PaleoKits and Steve's Club National Program

The Food Lovers Kitchen – (aka Primal Palate) – Hayley Mason & Bill Staley includes a video also included below!

Family Living Simple 

Neanderthal, Dark & Handsome – review, Part 2

Contemporary Cave Girl – Shannon Ford (Mrs. United States 2011)

The Paleo Momincludes several family-approved recipe reviews

Emotions for Engineers

Sugar Britches (Darling Home Companion) includes several, kid-tested recipe reviews

Body and Fuel

CrossFit KMSF, San Francisco

Drew Barquist Personal Training

Get to a local book store THIS WEEK (on or after Tuesday, August 7) to grab your copy, or order your copy of Practical Paleo today!

Stay tuned for a more fun and delicious Paleo-oriented giveaways leading up to and through the official release week of Practical Paleo on August 7!

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    1. The Costco stores currently carrying the book are limited and a list is available on the book FAQs page. If you call your local stores and bug them to carry it, it might help the book get in there sooner 😉

  1. I think there are plenty of recipe but the hands play a vital role because sometime we have plenty of books but after going through the tips we can’t get our expected taste. I love paleo recipe but if I try and you try for same dish I am sure your one will be best. I would love to say your guys are really inspiration for us.

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