The 21-Day Sugar Detox

The 21-Day Sugar Detox Program Manual is now available.

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Do you experience…

  • sugar or carb cravings?
  • energy spikes and dips throughout the day?
  • fatigue, lethargy, depression or anxiety?
  • brain fog or cloudy thinking/trouble concentrating?
  • hunger that goes from mild to intense very quickly?

If you answered “YES!” to any of those questions, join me for this three week program to help break your addiction to sugar and carbs!

The 21-Day Sugar Detox Program e-Book Includes:

  • Getting Started Guide
  • Replacing Foods Guide
  • Yes & No Foods List
  • Sugar Disguises List
  • Fats: Which to Eat & Which to Ditch
  • Dining Out &Party Tips
  • Meal & Snack Ideas
    Breakfast Ideas
    Lunch Ideas
    Dinner Ideas
    Snack / โ€œTreatโ€ Ideas
  • Recipes & Where to Find Special Ingredients


The NEW “21-Day Sugar Detox Supplement Guide” BOOK is yours FREE!

In this specialย 14-page addition to The 21-Day Sugar Detox, you'll get my Top 10 Sugar Detox Tips for a successful experience, tips on how to beat sugar cravings when they hit

AND… my recommendations on herbal, vitamin and mineral supplements to help your body naturally detox from the sugar and carbs more easily.

By now you're thinking, “This sounds GREAT! There's so much for me to learn and I'm ready to get started, but will I be ready to just jump into this 21-Day Sugar Detox program right away?” The answer is, YES! The 21-Day Sugar Detox, it's a program that ANYONE can do and with which ANYONE can achieve success. Just click the Buy Now button below and you're on your way.

Happy detoxing!
Diane Sanfilippo
BS, Certified Nutrition Consultant, C.H.E.K. Holistic Lifestyle Coach
Owner, Balanced Bites Holistic Nutrition & Wellness

Stop letting sugar and carbs run your life!


Get the 21-Day Sugar Detox Program e-Book and get control of your life back for a special price of just $21!

Comments 12

  1. Coconut Mama- YES! We become so dependent on sweets that even the more natural ones can be a problem. It's worth it for the 3 weeks. Give it a go!

    Diane ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. @Val- sorry, I thought I was responding to your question on another post. The recipes in the manual are omnivore-focused but I have had some vegetarians complete the detox and do just fine with it. I am not vegetarian and don't promote that lifestyle/diet so my recipes follow suit. You can check out the Facebook discussion board to see one vegetarian's experience- her name is Cortnee. I also have a testimonial from a woman named Keri who did the detox and is also a vegetarian-

    Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi Dianne

    Are the ingredients readily available? I live in regional Australia and often can't get "different" foods.


  4. @Cathy-

    Yep! Most everything is just real food- produce, quality meats, etc. There are a few coconut items that I recommend that are from online places or you can look for them in stores- coconut oil, coconut butter/cream concentrate, etc.

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