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When folks switch over to a Paleo/Primal lifestyle, one area that takes a little reframing is SNACKING. It makes sense, right? Snacks according to Paleo principles look and taste much different than those on a Standard American Diet (SAD).

BB-Post-Square-PaleoSnacksIn this post, I hope to inspire some different snack options for you and your family, as well as provide some super easy recipes you can use to make healthy snack options.

First, let's talk about snacks. Like I mentioned above, you have to get out of this mindset that Paleo snacks will look the same as the overly processed products you may have eaten previously. While there are some companies that make easy, grab-and-go Paleo-friendly options, I generally suggest eating fresh foods as much as possible. I prefer water-rich snacks because they keep me fuller for a longer period of time.

I also want to note that you don't HAVE to eat snacks. In fact, many people find they do not actually need the snacks when they eat well-balanced and well-rounded meals.

But if you are in need of snack ideas, here's a round-up to get you started:


  • Avocado + Lemon Juice + Sea Salt + Hot Sauce
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Snack Plate full of many favorites 😉

Avocado Snack  Cherries  Snack Plate


Pesto & Pancetta Frittata | Diane Sanfilippo  Bacon Wrapped Smoky Chicken Thighs from "Practical Paleo" | Diane Sanfilippo  Asian Style Meatballs | Balanced Bites | Diane Sanfilippo  Greek-Style Lamb Meatballs| Balanced Bites


This clip was recorded LIVE on a Q+A video where someone asked for Paleo-friendly on-the-go snack options. Check out my quick response:


Cherry Vanilla Protein Shake Tall  Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes from "Practical Paleo" | Diane Sanfilippo  Spinach Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms | Balanced Bites | Diane Sanfilippo  Banana Vanilla Bean Chia Pudding (N'Oatmeal)| Diane Sanfilippo


Here are some Balanced Bites podcast episodes that talk about snacking:

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  3. Awesome list Diane! You’re book has been a huge part of my success with paleo. Thank you for such an epic resource. I’ve maintained such success I’m now trying to spread the love with my own blog. I just shared a similar post of my favorite packaged paleo snacks (25 total) Diane’s already mentioned some of them, but I do have some additional ideas if anyone is interested in checking them out.

    If anyone is looking for easy snacks to pack for on the go check it out. I even have 5 paleo snacks you can find at a gas station.
    Thanks again Diane! You’re an inspiration. Love the pod too.

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