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Healthy Snacks | What’s Up Weekly with Diane | March 8th, 2017

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Here's what was up last week!

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Cherry Vanilla Protein Shake: Step-by-Step Video

This quick and easy protein smoothie comes together in a jiffy, and is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Simply multiply up for more than one serving. I made my single serving in a Magic Bullet, but to make more, I recommend a high-speed blender like a Vitamix, Blendtec, or Ninja.

I whip this up after I workout, but it would make a great breakfast-on-the-go, afternoon snack, or even a late night dessert treat!

Watch the video + recipe to make your own! >

Cherry Vanilla Protein Shake | Diane Sanfilippo

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Round-up of my Favorite Paleo Snacks

When folks switch over to a Paleo/Primal lifestyle, one area that takes a little reframing is SNACKING. It makes sense, right? Snacks according to Paleo principles look and taste much different than those on a Standard American Diet (SAD).

In this post, I hope to inspire some different snack options for you and your family, as well as provide some super easy recipes you can use to make healthy snack options.

Check out my paleo snack round-up >


I also link to many of my favorite snack brands & products under my “FAVORITES” tab right here on my website.

View my favorite snack brands >

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Balanced Bites Podcast Episode #285 – Healthy Snack Ideas


  1. News and updates from Diane & Liz [2:05]
  2. Something I'm digging this week: new baby line from Beautycounter and Primally Pure [4:14]
  3. Healthy Paleo Snacks [6:47]
  4. Our favorite snacks [13:11]
  5. Grab and go snacks [22:55]
  6. Let's talk about nachos [26:56]
  7. Talking about jerky [35:09]
  8. Drinks [37:45]

Tune in or read more here >

Balanced Bites Podcast | Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe

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New Beautycounter+ Products

Beautycounter released a new collection called Beautycounter+ yesterday… a mixture of some old favorites (the charcoal mask packaging got an upgrade!) and brand new products.

Beautycounter+ are 3 special collections of masks, mists and facial oils created to treat specific skin concerns by brightening, plumping, or balancing complexions.

The products can be purchased in sets (large or travel-sized) or individually.

Best of all, I'm giving away a pretty awesome gift with purchase if you are on my Beautycounter list. Sign up now to make sure you don't miss a beat when it comes to better beauty, or check your email from yesterday if you're already on the list!

Read more + order your new products >

Beautycounter+ | Diane Sanfilippo

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New on the 21DSD Blog

21DSD Recipe | Thai Shredded Chicken by Do You Even Paleo?

I gravitate towards recipes that are bursting with flavor, and this Thai Shredded Chicken is no exception. With instructions for a dutch oven (stovetop) and slow cooker, you can make whichever version meets your needs. I prefer the dutch oven method, but sometimes we all just want to “set and forget” our meals. Leftovers reheat well, so you can cook this up on a meal prep day or for a family dinner—your choice!

Get the recipe >

21-Day Sugar Detox | Thai Shredded Chicken

21DSD Recipe Round-up | Sweet Potatoes

Are you doing the Energy Modification? Here are some great ways to switch things up and get your daily sweet potato!

Read the 8 recipes here >

21-Day Sugar Detox Recipe Roundup | Sweet Potatoes
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Highlights from Instagram – NTA Conference

I LOVE seeing your excitement (and that of your pets!) when you receive your #BBspices order! Can't wait to see what @moriahrsmith cooks up with these! . Don't forget you can grab these all organic, large glass bottles of spice blends featured in “Practical Paleo” 2nd edition anytime at (via the @kasandrinos website!) . #Repost @moriahrsmith ・・・ THEY'RE HERE! My Balanced Bites Spices are here! I've been waiting for these to show up at my doorstep 😍😍 I got to work on designing these labels with @dianesanfilippo and it was so much fun! I'm not sure which blend in most excited about 🤔 it's hard to pick just one! #bbspices #teambalancedbites #lovemyjob . #paleoeasybutton #paleo #practicalpaleo #mealprep #macros #healthy #organic #bodybuilding #spices #balancedbites

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I can't wait for you all to read @dasrobbwolf's new book. It'll set SO many people free from the guilt and shame you've felt around “failing” on diets. . The truth he reveals is simple in theory, but complex in its roots in our evolution. . And that truth is this: it's NOT your fault that you can't stop eating chips. Or cookies. Or anything else you're finding in the snack aisle, for example, of the grocery store. . You aren't failing your diet if you can't stop eating those things. . YOU ARE WIRED TO EAT THIS STUFF. . And food companies know that wiring better than most doctors and health care providers out there. And they've CREATED their products specifically for you to pop and never stop. And so you can't eat just one… . The way our entire lifestyle is set up today, if you're not overweight, type 2 diabetic, or otherwise have health challenges of the like, “you're doing it wrong.” . Our current environment is set up PERFECTLY for humans to eat more and move less – what our genes tell us to do. And, the idea that we can eat everything in moderation is a lie. Sure, *some* folks can eat *certain* foods in small amounts, but to claim that everyone should simply moderate their intake is telling them to ignore the hard wiring that governs our human brain. In fact, to even tell yourself you can moderate is probably a lie with foods that are hyper palatable like those found in the snack aisle. . Get his newest book. I promise you'll be inspired and motivated even if you eat really well. I sure am. Changes are afoot… . This direct quote is from his talk at the #ntaconference, but his book gets into the reasons why we can't blame ourselves for the predicament we are in, but how we *can* take responsibility for it, and how to move forward and help ourselves. . #paleo #thepaleosolution #wiredtoeat #robbwolf

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