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Diane’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2016

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Well, it’s that time of year again! The holidays are upon us, and it's the perfect time to start scoping out all of those wonderful gift ideas for your loved ones this season. I've come up with the ultimate holiday gift guide, that has something special for all the folks on your list – enjoy!

Also, just a note on gifting – I always suggest giving in the way the receiver will feel the most loved. If the person you're giving to doesn't feel love from a physical gift/item, perhaps it's not the best way to show you love them. For example, if you discover that your loved one feels most loved when you spend quality time together versus when given a gift, you can schedule an activity together, like a special meal or a manicure instead.

p.s. Liz and I had a super fun time chatting about a bunch of the items below in Episode #271 of the Balanced Bites Podcast, so make sure you check it out!

Holiday Gift Guide | Diane Sanfilippo

For your Sister / Bestie / Mom

Skincare and beauty products are a fantastic way to go, and the companies below are all going above and beyond to pave the way towards safer skincare.

Another great option would be a customized notebook, stationary, or planner from Erin Condren. I get my team customized planners each year, and we all have so much fun picking out our designs!

For the Athlete / Friend Who Won’t Sit Down

I'm obsessed with my FitBit, so much so that when I lost mine I immediately went and bought a new one on Amazon that I had delivered the next day. I love the Alta as it's not too big, but still has all the functions I want in a tracker.

These feel like sweaters on your feet – not heavy sweaters, so your feet don't get hot, just really comfy!

Emily Schromm created a multifunctional training backpack that works like a customizable weight pack because of the adjustable water bladders within it. It’s made of military grade material and you can use it for deadlifts, weighted squats, thrusters, rows, lunges, etc. Essentially whatever workout you can dream up, you can use it for!

You might have noticed in my Snaps or Instagrams from the gym, but I always am wearing my Qalo ring when I go workout. It's a great alternative to wearing your actual wedding band while weight training – you can avoid damage to yourself and your jewelry at the same time!

For the Cookbook Obsessed

Gah, so many cookbooks to choose from this year! Here are some of the best of the best that were released recently, and you can always look at my long-term loves on my Favorites page.

For the Paleo Foodie  

This is a great DIY gift idea, plus Michelle Tam has created the most adorable printable labels to use, if you're crafty like that!

I love this honey, especially drizzzled over Greek yogurt!

I think this would be a really fun gift. Or even as a gift for yourself – something to use to make your holiday meals, make your stuffing, make your French toast the morning of Christmas or the next day!

For the Paleo Kiddo

This one is straight from Liz (no surprises there!)

Nova Naturals sells really nice, crafty, Waldorf-inspired toys for kids. They're somewhat pricey, but the quality is really incredible.

For the Friend Who Always Puts Others First 

If you have a friend who's always putting others first, or who has just had a baby, or maybe is just going through a difficult time and needs some support, sending food can be such a lifesaver. I'd suggest any of the following companies – I know I'd be thrilled to receive food from any of these!

Safer skincare is also a fantastic option – the perfect gift to force your friend to focus on themselves for a bit! These are some of my absolute favorite products from Beautycounter currently:

For the World Traveler

We always bring water bottles when we travel, because obviously you can’t bring water through security, but it’s great to always fill up before a flight! There are a couple of brands that I think are making exceptional bottles, like Healthy Human. I love that they are made from a double layer of stainless steel, so whether you put something really cold or really hot in it, you won’t feel it from the outside.

This is the other brand I've been loving lately – they also use stainless steel and they make tumblers and coolers. I believe YETI was originally a fishing bait and tackle brand, but they’ve branched out and their products are awesome.

I love my Lululemon backpack – there are plenty of pockets, room for my laptop & chargers, and it's comfortable on my shoulders while keeping my hands free while traveling.

This one is from Liz, and is a great suggestion for the adventurous type of friend. It's a monthly box subscription where you get all kinds of cool little hacks and gadgets for outdoorsy types.

For the ultra-organized or for those who are in need of some organizational help – either way, these packing cubes make packing for a trip an absolute breeze!

For your Gadget Obsessed or Chef-y Type Friend 

Hands down the best fruit & vegetable spiralizer out there. You could also add Ali's original cookbook to the mix, for tons of spiralized recipe ideas.

I've been loving my spatulas that are all silicone, versus a wooden handle with a silicone top. The wooden ones would end up kind of gnarly (and potentially moldy) underneath where the silicone top attaches, which is pretty gross! I use the silicone versions all the time as a cooking utensil for eggs or stirring veggies in a pan–the silicone is extremely heat resistant to high temperatures, so it won't melt!

This is a pricier item, but well worth the cost – I use mine all the time for smoothies, dressings, soups and sauces!

Another pricier item, but I bought mine in the Black Friday Amazon sale and have been loving it ever since. It seriously cuts down on the cooking time while still giving you that slow-cooked tenderness, and is fantastic for bone broth!

Y'all are always asking me what I use for non-stick cooking, and it's nothing fancy – I've been using this ceramic frying pan for years! This is also a great gift for a college student who's stocking a first time kitchen or a friend who's recently gone paleo and looking for a safer non-stick cooking option!

This is another one from Liz, and she loves it because it makes brewing coffee so easy, as you can brew over ice, you can brew a specialty brew; you can brew a half carafe or a whole carafe or a cup or a travel mug, without hardly measuring anything. It is a bit pricier though – as Liz says,  “This isn’t spatula money; this is like serious money.” 🙂

Not cooking related, but this handy little gadget is one of my favorite things! You attach it to the back of your phone or tablet and it works as a grip, a stand, an earbud-management system. Plus you can reposition and reattach it if you need to.

For your Nutrition-Focused Friend

We will have an option for you to be able to gift our upcoming Master Class – it takes the essence of our full-day seminar, and dives deeper into the most common struggles with a completely guided, 10-week, online class. It truly is the gift of health, and we'll be kicking off the class in January!

Stocking Stuffers 

Small, fun pressies that won't break the bank. And yes, most on this list are treats! Tis the season! 🙂

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