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Hi there!

Have you tried the new-ish Cauliflower Gnocci from Trader Joes that’s sweeping the webstagram? Originally I wasn't super impressed, but I tweaked the instructions a little (acutally, a lot!) and I must say they're really tasty now!

Read on for my simple how-to!

Cauliflower Gnocci How-To

Allow the gnocci to defrost either overnight/ for a couple of days in your fridge first (preferably with the bag cut open), OR in a microwave on 50% power for 2-3 minutes on a plate with paper towels. IMO, the goal is to get them defrosted but also DRIED OUT a bit in that process. Ya know, like how real dried pasta is.

Then, I season them with Balanced Bites TRIFECTA blend and sear them in an EVOO sprayed saucepan until browned, then flip and continue until browned all around and tender/warmed through.

You can make them just soft without browning, but anything that resembles a potato or has potato ingredients needs to reach *full potato potential* in my world. There’s a throwback for ya for my OG readers!

BTW – this how-to is saved to my Instagram highlights for future reference. And, for old (& future!) TJs finds, make sure you save my #dianegoestotraderjoes hashtag!

Also, did you know I have a special video of one of my Trader Joe's shopping hauls, complete with indicators of products that are Paleo-friendly, 21DSD-friendly, and “Because I like it”! The post also contains tons of my other finds at the store!

If you want to take a peek inside one of my Trader Joe's Shopping Trip Hauls, check out this video & blog post!

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21DSD Testimonial Spotlight

“But Coriann, don't you already eat really healthy?” “Well, the results are in!”

I seriously love this 21DSD testimonial from Coriann Hoar. Here you have a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner doing my program, and still learning a TON about herself and what works for her! In a nutshell, after completing her 21DSD Coriann regained energy, curbed her sweet-tooth, decreased inflammation and bloating, improved her sleep, AND helped balance out her hormones, but you should head over to her Instagram highlights (go to the circle marked “21DSD”!) to check out her full testimonial! YAY Coriann!

For more testimonials, click here!

#BBSpices Recipe Highlight – BAGEL Blend!

I'm sharing some recipe inspiration, featuring a new blend each week! This week the spotlight is on my BAGEL blend!

  1. Everything BAGEL Bagels: Make any bagel an Everything Bagel by topping with cream cheese & a healthy sprinkle of my BAGEL Blend (Photo: @vocalizehealth)
  2. BAGEL Blend Stuffed Avocado: Take half an avocado, drizzle with olive, and top with goat cheese and a sprinkle of BAGEL blend, pumpkin seeds, and fresh daikon radish sprouts! (Photo: @nourishingholly)
  3. BAGEL Blend Kale Chips: You can use my recipe for Kale Chips, but season with a mix of BAGEL and TRIFECTA instead! (Photo: @sherryj402)
  4. BAGEL Blend Grilled Chicken: Not just for bagels, simply season chicken breast or thighs with the BAGEL blend and grill! (Photo: @sarafinshealthcoaching – p.s. her kids went back for seconds!)

For more information about the blends available click here.

And be sure to follow @balancedbites on Instagram for recipe inspiration & upcoming giveaways!

Balanced Bites Master Class enrollment will open on June 18th!

I'm so excited to share that enrollment for the Balanced Bites Master Class will be opening soon!

I've been sharing a few sneak peeks at the module content in my Instagram Stories, but if you've missed it, I'll add a highlight soon!

For more than 6 years, Liz and I have shared our passion for real food and nutrition through our live events and the Balanced Bites podcast. We traveled the country teaching live seminars, yet folks in areas we could not visit wanted to learn too… And so, the virtual Balanced Bites Master Class was created!

The Balanced Bites Master Class (BBMC) is not about dietary dogma, yes/no lists, or arbitrary rules and restrictions. It is about empowering you with real information to start building the life you want and creating the change you need.

This class is perfect for you if you've wanted to deeper your own understanding of nutrition and especially if you've considered going to a multiple months/years-long formalized training. As a BBMC Student, you can get amazing clarity on whether or not a career in nutrition is right for you, before investing thousands of dollars.

The class is comprised of high-quality video modules designed to help you understand the content completely, both with audio and visual components as well as text-based guides for following along and applying the information to your own life.

The student class is $497 and the practitioner class (for coaches) is $1497 (this course has ongoing support and materials that dive deeper into applying the information to your clients as well as business modules and tools / resources to use with clients).

To learn more about the program & to sign up for notifications, click for details and to get on the waitlist!

What you missed on Instagram!

Today for lunch it was arugula, broccoli sprouts, turkey, salami, goat cheddar (from TJs), olives, marinated onions from the @21daysugardetox Daily Guide, and balsamic vinaigrette. SO GOOD.

Would you eat this?!

See more of my salad ideas and inspo at #dianessaladmadness

Huzzah! @fullbodyfix got this whole tray of chicken cooked up with @balancedbites COFFEE BBQ on the thighs (you MUST try this if you haven’t yet) and SUPER GARLIC on the breasts that were butterflied first. No seasoning on the pineapple. But man, grilled pineapple takes everything to the next level!

What are you grilling lately?
Have you grilled with #BBspices?
Tell me about what’s good!

You can follow @balancedbites for more tips and recipe inspo and grab your LARGE jars of organic spice blends at ⭐

#paleoeasybutton #mealprep #grilling #grillingseason

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New on the Balanced Bites Podcast

All About Autoimmune Conditions with Dr. Amy Myers


#350: All About Autoimmune Conditions with Dr. Amy Myers
In episode #350 Dr. Amy Myers returns to the show to chat all about autoimmune conditions with me! This episode is jam-packed with info, so make sure you tune in!


  1. News and updates from Diane & Liz [1:35]
    1. Balanced Bites Master Class
  2. Introducing our guest: Dr. Amy Myers [3:32]
  3. Something new that I'm into [4:50]
  4. Autoimmune eczema or psoriasis [6:29]
  5. Exercise and autoimmunity [11:20]
  6. Environmental toxins triggering autoimmunity [15:01]
  7. Hashimoto's versus hypothyroidism [22:19]
  8. Thyroid replacement and Hashimoto's [26:56]
  9. Diet changes for Hashimoto's [32:34]
  10. Caffeine and alcohol [37:47]
  11. Pregnancy and autoimmunity [48:11]
  12. Developing another autoimmune disease wile healing from one [55:20]
  13. Keto and autoimmune disease [58:34]

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