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This time last year I attended my first Beautycounter Leadership Summit. That event was transformative for me, and the event last weekend was no different.

Over the past couple of years I have deeply connected to the mission of this company to get safer skincare into the hands of everyone through not only educating and raising awareness but also through products, but most importantly through advocacy efforts – more on this below – and, yes, that means everyone, not JUST our customers/clients and members. I am also LOVING that I have the opportunity to lead a team of other women as they build businesses as well.

See, this work is partly about sharing the products and mission of the company with all of you, but it’s also MAJORLY about leadership.

And, I am personally, MAJORLY about leadership.

I found an opportunity not only to lead others by example with what I’m doing in my Beautycounter business but across my all of my health and entrepreneurship work.

And, the more I learn about improving myself and supporting others on their journey, the better it allows me to show up for everyone – whether you want to learn about nutrition or recipes or entrepreneurship in general, OR you decide to join the mission with Beautycounter alongside me.

Want to take action right now? If you live in California or know someone who does, you or your friend can TEXT safersalons to 52886 to require ingredient disclosure in professional salon products.

If you live in California (or know people here), you can take this text action to send an email to your state legislators. Currently, salon professionals are exposed to many harmful chemicals on the job, and they have no way of knowing what’s in the products they use. Beautycounter is working to pass a bill that would require ingredients to be displayed on professional salon products. The bill has already passed two committees with unanimous bi-partisan support. Join us and take action now!

If this bill is passed, it stands to change the packaging for all states, since most companies won't want to bother packaging differently for California versus other states. This is why bills passed at the state level like this matter so much!

I’m really proud to have aligned with Beautycounter, a company whose mission and people are as amazing as their products. Big things to come!

Safer Skincare for Anti-Aging and Acne-Prone Skin | Diane Sanfilippo

On the blog

For my safer skincare routine for anti-aging and acne-prone skin, click here.
Let me know in the comments – what steps have you taken to make your skin routine safer?

For more on safer sun and blue light protection, keep reading.

Also, if you want to find out about what else I'm loving or special offers and gifts from me, make sure you join my Beautycounter specific email list! There are LOTS of new, amazing products releasing over the simmer that I cannot wait to share with you.

Thank you Minneapolis! (& a touring question for you all!)

You all showed up with a super warm (I heard it was a Top 10 weather day!) Midwest welcome for Cassy and I! We were coming off of an amazingly full weekend at a conference but you all filled our tanks *so much* with motivation for all of the work that we do. It’s often hard to keep pressing forward from behind a computer (or phone), so these events are the *fuel* for us, that lasts months and months to keep us going and focused on who our work serves.

THANK YOU. My heart is full of gratitude.

Also, everyone else – leave a comment on this post and let me know, if I were to tour again in the future, where would you want me to visit that’s a major city near you?


TEX MEX & TRIFECTA Balanced Bites Spices are back!

TRIFECTA & TEX MEX blends are now back in stock! Which means ALL packs are now available for ordering again. Yay!

For more information and some FAQs about the blends available (and how to order, of course!) click here.

And be sure to follow @balancedbites on Instagram for recipe inspiration & upcoming giveaways!

Balanced Bites Master Class enrollment coming soon!

I'm so excited to share that enrollment for the Balanced Bites Master Class will be opening in June.

For more than 6 years, Liz and I have shared our passion for real food and nutrition through our live events and the Balanced Bites podcast.

We traveled the country teaching live seminars, yet folks in areas we could not visit wanted to learn too…

And so, the virtual Balanced Bites Master Class was created!

The Balanced Bites Master Class (BBMC) is not about dietary dogma, yes/no lists, or arbitrary rules and restrictions. It is about empowering you with real information to start building the life you want and creating the change you need.

This class is perfect for you if you've wanted to deeper your own understanding of nutrition and especially if you've considered going to a multiple months/years-long formalized training. As a BBMC Student, you can get amazing clarity on whether or not a career in nutrition is right for you, before investing thousands of dollars.

The class is comprised of high-quality video modules designed to help you understand the content completely, both with audio and visual components as well as text-based guides for following along and applying the information to your own life.

The student class is $497 and the practitioner class (for coaches) is $1497 (this course has materials that dive deeper into applying the information to your clients as well as business tools and resources to use with clients).

To learn more about the program & to sign up for notifications, click for details and to get on the waitlist!

Balanced Bites Podcast with Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe | Signs Keto May Not Be Working for You & Summer Skincare Favorites

New on the Balanced Bites Podcast

#346: Signs Keto May Not Be Working for You & Summer Skincare Favorites 
In our latest podcast episode, Liz and I are chatting about keto & calories (and when keto might not be working for you), plus sharing our favorite thing about summer (including skincare items!)


  1. News and updates from Diane & Liz [1:48]
    1. Balanced Bites Spices
    2. Balanced Bites Master Class
    3. Liz's new boat
    4. Beautycounter compostable makeup removers
  2. Favorite part about summer [10:41]
  3. Listener question: Keto and calories [17:00]
  4. Favorite summer skincare items [28:12]

Beautycounter Countersun on The Today Show!
Just this week The Today Show featured Beautycounter Countersun, our new, next generation sunscreen, as part of their Monday Melanoma segment.

Our updated mineral sunscreen line now protects against UVA, UVB and blue light (thanks to compounds sourced from California Poppy).

And, did you hear that Hawaii just banned all chemical sunscreens that contain oxybenzone and octinoxate? These are two of the most common sunscreen ingredients that are destroying our coral reefs AND are known endocrine disrupters. Beautycounter has banned these two offenders from the beginning.

To learn more about the new Countersun line, click here! 


The 21DSD Daily Guide is now at Costco! 

The 21DSD Daily Guide is available in Costco stores across the US. And just wait till you hear the price – $18.99 – that’s less than it’s selling for with the massive discount on Amazon!

Please take photos when you see the book there and tag me @dianesanfilippo as well as @21daysugardetox and #21DSDatCostco so I can see. I’m going to pick some of you randomly for some amazing goodies (*spices!*) so post away!

Oh, and hit up for an UPDATED Costco shopping list with #21DSD items called out separately!

Also, if Costco isn't your thing, the 21DSD Daily Guide is back down to $19.33 on Amazon right now!

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