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Organic Infused Sugars FAQs

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Balanced Bites Organic Infused Sugars are here in four delicious flavors: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cocoa, and Cafe Mocha!

Ready to add a pop of flavor to your morning coffee or tea? A few shakes – less than a gram – of organic infused sugar is all it takes!

You all know I am not a proponent of a high sugar diet, these are intended as finishers or as part of a treat.

Try an infused sugar to replace a small portion of plain sugar called for in baked goods, use them to top cookies, brownies, cakes, or pies, or try them on top of ice cream.

You can purchase a four-pack of all of the flavors — Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cocoa, and Cafe Mocha — and can also purchase these infused sugars individually.

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Balanced Bites Organic Infused Sugars

Frequently Asked Questions About Balanced Bites Organic Infused Sugars:

Besides coffee and toast, how do you recommend using organic infused sugars?

I love these as a sprinkle on fruit for a little treat, or mix a little with a nut butter. You can also use them in treat recipes instead of plain sugar or sweetener or as a garnish topper before baking.

If you’re using these to replace some sugar in baking, what’s a good amount to swap?

I’d say only 1-2 tablespoons, tops, because these are going to cost a lot more per portion than plain sugar, so don’t try to use 1 cup of this in place of plain sugar. Plus, the flavors are potent! So you don't need a lot of these to get that flavor pop.

If placed on cookies before baking, will the infused sugar still be visible?


Cocoa Organic Infused Sugar | Balanced Bites

Could the cocoa be mixed with milk to make hot chocolate?

No. It’s not cocoa. It’s literally just infused sugar in this jar, so you can sprinkle some of one of them on top of hot cocoa.

Are these better in hot or cold beverages? I typically use simple syrup in iced coffee.

I don’t actually sweeten my iced coffee with them. I use them for texture and flavor effect!

I sweeten my iced coffee with a touch of stevia because I like how a few drops works for me to mix in. You can make a simple syrup with these if you want! These would work really well in hot coffee.

When you mix with cold coffee does the infused sugar actually dissolve? My regular sugar usually doesn’t.

Not really, but I don’t mind that! I like the little crunch. It’s for flavor effect and just a little moment more so than sweetness. Even my coffee gets a garnish!

How sweet are these? What’s the spice to sugar ratio?

There is little to no spice in the jar for the most part. We added a touch of cinnamon and a touch of cocoa powder for color, but the flavor is infused into the sugar itself! These aren't “blends” like some more traditional options will be. I wanted to provide something with a different level of intensity of flavor, that also isn't something you can just mix in a jar at home. So, if you spoon out 1 tsp it will be as sweet as 1 tsp of sugar, but it'll have strong flavor from the infusion process.

Why did you pick organic cane sugar over alternatives? Does sugar type matter?

Organic cane sugar is the only type of sugar I use when I want actual sugar like this. Most caloric sweeteners are comparable, but chemically speaking, sucrose is what works for this. I believe our bodies should be able to process small amounts of sugar when balanced with real, whole foods. If you’re worried about sugar in your body, these may not be what you want.

Vanilla Organic Infused Sugar | Balanced Bites

Where do you source organic infused sugars ingredients from?

I work with my co-packer on ingredient sourcing directly from small farms. My co-packer has been in the spice industry for decades, and we share values in finding great flavor in the best quality ingredients with sustainable sourcing.

How does the sugar get actually infused?

The process is a little complicated for me to explain, but I’ll try! The flavor ingredient (cinnamon sticks, cocoa beans, coffee beans, vanilla beans) are made into an extract, then made into a “mass” (industry term) by cooking that down with sugar. It is tested to be sure that no alcohol remains in the extract when it is finished. Then the mass is evaporated at a very low temperature in close proximity to the sugar so that the flavor is taken into the sugar. Think of the process when you smoke a piece of meat, how the flavor of the wood infuses into the meat – it's similar to that, but not at a hot temperature and for a much longer time!

Are these compatible with a Keto lifestyle?

Technically, these aren't a “keto” product. That said, one gram of sugar here or there should not be problematic in the context of a real food, low carb diet. I've talked with my copacker about possibilities for making an infused monkfruit product and it sounds like granulated monkfruit would not tolerate the process as it’s fructose/glucose versus sucrose and chemically speaking the molecules wouldn’t work the same way to take the flavor.

Would you consider making a sugar free one for anyone who follows a Keto lifestlye?

See my previous response about both monkfruit chemically speaking as well as my take on small amounts of sugar in the diet. It also isn’t really my thing to create non-caloric foods — that feels out of alignment for me. I did inquire about the option with my co-packer, and she doesn’t think it’s possible chemically, at least not in her facility which works with more traditional ingredients.

I know that as an author of low/no-sugar books, sometimes this product feels confusing for folks, but this is a question of context!

I don't recommend people are spooning tons of this into / onto your foods all the time. A light sprinkle on coffee or use them in a treat recipe. A balanced diet of real, whole foods should support most of us in being able to eat small amounts of sugar when we want to. We're not trying to hide sugar anywhere, nor do I recommend spooning this into your coffee daily. Remember, just a shake or a few shakes!

Cinnamon Organic Infused Sugar | Balanced Bites

What is the difference between Ceylon cinnamon and others? It has a very strong flavor.

Ceylon cinnamon is true cinnamon and is of higher quality and has a stronger, richer flavor. Others are Cassia, which are milder and an alternative that’s typically used in less premium products and those sold on most grocery store shelves. When you open this jar, it'll smell as if it's a full jar of cinnamon!

Are they all dairy free?

Yes! All of our dry goods (spices, sugars and granola) are dairy free, as are most of our Balanced Bites meals.

Will you be posting recipes with other uses?

Yes! We always share what you all are doing with our products on Instagram (@balancedbites) as well.

What is the difference between Cocoa and Cafe Mocha?

Cafe Mocha has organic coffee and organic cocoa infused into the sugar.
Cocoa has organic cocoa and organic vanilla bean.
All ingredients are on our site!

Cafe Mocha Organic Infused Sugar | Balanced Bites

Since these are sugars, is there a high risk of the blends sticking together?

I do not expect these sugars to stick together for you since they're small containers unless you take a long time to use them and moisture accumulates in them. I haven’t experienced any clumping, but refrigerating any spices or sugar that clump will lower the temperature and help keep that from happening. Many people living in Hawaii or warm/humid climates do this regularly. Our heavy garlic products can clump and that’s what I recommend, or breaking up with a butter knife.

Will they sell out before the holidays?

I honestly don’t know! I hope we have them through at least early December but I’ll be sure to communicate if quantities are low. Make sure you’re following on Instagram and signed up for the Balanced Bites Insider newsletter to stay in the know.

Where can I purchase Balanced Bites Organic Infused Sugars?

All of our products are available to purchase in our online shop!

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