Podcast Episode #73: Blood Type Diet, Candida, CrossFit, Light Therapy

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Episode #73: Blood Type Diet, Candida, CrossFit, Light Therapy

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1. Blood Type Diet [7:45] 2. Is The 21-Day Sugar Detox safe long-term? [18:18] 3. Foods on an anti-Candida diet [23:39] 4. CrossFit seems so uninviting to strangers [29:00] 5. Red light therapy [42:50] 6. Should I trust my grandfather or Robb Wolf? [48:20] [smart_track_player url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/balancedbites/BB_Podcast_73.mp3″ title=” #73: Blood Type Diet, Candida, CrossFit, Light Therapy” artist=”Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe ” color=”00aeef” social=”true” social_twitter=”true” social_facebook=”true” social_gplus=”true” ]

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1. Blood Type Diet

Tiffany says,

What about the “Eat Right for Your Blood Type Diet?” Many foods that you recommend are off limits for O-Blood type individuals such as pig products and coconut milk. What should I do since I am an O-Blood type? Should I experiment and listen to my body? Follow the Eat Right for Your Blood Type Diet? or Follow your recommendations? I want to drink coconut milk because of its health benefits, but supposedly it enhances the effect of other food toxins. I have been researching, but I am seeking your opinion as well. What do you think or know?

I try to follow a couple of “diets” including the Paleo diet, the Eat Right for Your Blood Type Diet, and the Mood Cure Diet by Julia Ross. I have been trying to go Gluten free, but I cannot always afford GF oatmeal, etc. I also get a lot of my complete protein from dairy products, but I feel no improvements in gaining muscle or energy. I exercise 5-6 days per week (ex. power walk 1 hour or more). I only take vitamins and herbs which I have researched and find helpful. I try to sleep 6-8 hours each night as well. I desperately need to gain muscle mass. (non paleo foods = Dairy, especially greek yogurt)

2. Is The 21-Day Sugar Detox safe long-term?

Kathryn says…

Having wonderful success with 21DSD! It's day 16 and I've gotten better results than Whole 30. I've been paleo about 85/15 for 2+ years and had hit a major plateau in terms of weight loss. What would you recommend that I sustain after the 21 days are up? Is there any loss in efficacy with following this diet long term? I am on Level 3 right now, would Level 1 be better in terms of satiety and ability to maintain for longer?you should have just said it!!!

3. Foods on an anti-Candida diet

Ashley says…

Hi Liz and Diane. Thanks for making my long drives fun! I came to Paleo about 4 years ago after battling hypothyroidism for 2 years. After two years of Synthroid I found an amazing functional medicine doc who introduced me to a new way of thinking. She diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue, and some heavy metal toxicity. I changed my lifestyle, added appropriate supplements, and did a liver cleanse. I felt amazing until the past year. I experienced weight gain, mood swings, loss of sex drive, constipation, yeast infections, and trouble sleeping. I did a liver cleanse and rechecked my adrenals. My adrenals came back fine. We did a stool test for leaky gut and were shocked when the test showed candida! Everything else was fine, but I had moderate to high levels of candida. We were both shocked since my diet is already low in carbs and sugar. She ordered some anti-fungals and ordered a very low carb paleo diet.

I'm confused about a few foods. Can I still drink my homemade kombucha and water kefir? What about Lewis Labs Brewer’s Yeast? Pastured butter? Thanks so much!

4. CrossFit seems so uninviting to strangers…

Jill says…

I recently discovered your podcast. I'm still back at episode 15. Regardless, I've been curious about CrossFit. But I'm intimidated. There is one on my block and I go peek in the window when nobody is there. I'm not kidding. I would say that I find all of the CrossFits uninviting to strangers. I feel like I need to know somebody to bring me into their circle. I guess my question is… what is it about CrossFit? And why does it seem to be such an ‘underground' thing. Why do I feel intimidated? Should I just walk in?

I'm currently doing Precision Nutrition Lean Eating (LE) Coaching for the 3rd time. I have no idea why I signed up again. I think mostly for the workouts. The lessons are the same as the last time I did it. I discovered Paleo while trying to resolve my major fatigue issues. An allergy test revealed a lot of allergies which lead me to Paleo. I'm now gluten and egg free. I'm not celiac as far as I know. But I have Hashimotos and am therefore excluding gluten. The cross-reactive test has eliminated eggs which makes me really sad. I lift 3x/week per the my LE program. I do other activities 2-3x per week. I'm convinced that have adrenal fatigue and blood sugar issues but I can't find a good practitioner so I feel like I'm stumbling through this whole thing.

5. Red light therapy

Sally says…

Hi Liz and Diane. I'm a little star-struck just asking a question of you two! I'm so grateful for all of your work, your fabulous books (e-book and otherwise), your interesting and educational blogs and most of all the beloved podcasts! Honestly, I hop out of bed on Thursday's excited about my commute because of you two. I know you've done skin themed podcasts in the past, but I was thinking with the release of the Skintervention Guide (hip hip hooray) that you might do another and I've been wondering about red-light therapy. I have rosacea and a dear friend of mine has some tough to diagnose tiny but prevalent acne on her chest. We have both thought about the red-light therapy and wondered what you two would say.

Thanks for everything you both do. The nutrition and health worlds are changing fast and you two are contributing so much good. It's fabulous to witness and learn from those who have found their calling!

70/30 paleo diet follower (I know that 30% is likely the source of every problem I have). Plenty of whole and nutrient dense foods, but also a fair amount of crap. Problems with intermittent binge tendancies : (
Sympathetic/stressed type personality
Insomnia about twice a week, otherwise 8 to 9 hours per night.
Exercise program completely derailed by plantar fascitis for the past 9 months.
Supplements: vitamin D, vitamin C, milk thistle (for perimenopausal estrogen clearing), off and on Green Pastures cod liver oil/butter oil blend (when it's in the budget)

6. Should I trust my grandfather or Robb Wolf?

Eva says…

Hi girls. Thanks for your interesting podcast. I've read quite a bit about paleo and Weston A. Price etc because I'm interested in maximizing my health and living a long, happy life. I've got the impression that paleo is the healthiest thing ever. What I'm interested in though is the origins and the local traditions. I read the Weston A. Price / Nutrition and Physical Degeneration book and it made total sense. What troubles me is that many of the paleo foods (sweet potato, coconut etc) are not part of my traditions – I'm from Sweden you see. And the thing is that following the standard paleo diet (veg, meat, eggs, fat, sweet potato, little fruit and nuts) does not make me feel great. Actually, it makes me feel a bit crap, tired, constipated and just wrong. I also gain weight easily. Weston A. Price mentioned nothing about Sweden in his book, but he talked about the Swiss people eating almost just rye and cheese. YUM! If he did come to Sweden, he would have noticed that we eat a lot of rye too! And oats, potatoes, meat, fish, root veg, quark (thick yoghurt like thing), dairy, berries and some apples when it's autumn. I love rye bread, and I love oats. They make me feel awesome but paleo people tell me they that will slowly kill me. 🙁 I have quite a few friends and they've tried paleo too but haven't been very successful either.

What do you think? What is the relationship between paleo and Weston A. Price and should I trust my grandfather or Robb Wolf? Many thanks, I love you for helping me out here!

When I attempt to eat paleo, I eat meat, veg, fruit, eggs, berries, coconut and some nuts. When I eat what I want, I eat a lot of dairy, rye, oats, meat, fish, veg, fruit, berries, tasty stuff. 🙂

Diane & Liz

Comments 3

  1. I love this podcast! Especially with regards to personal ancestry affecting our food choices. While my family has been in the states for as long as the English were able to hop over, they were all English people marrying other English people, except for one recent strain of pure blood Cherokee. I have definitely found that the heavy “red meat and potatoes” diet works very well for me, as does a diet dense in foods native to North America (nightshades, corn–one of the few grains that gives me NO problems whatsoever, properly prepared beans, pecans, squash, etc.). While, raw fruit and vegetable consumption doesn’t agree with me so much. I personally have a hard time justifying the lack of “regional/traditional awareness” when buying coconut flour when I do just fine, if not better, eating homemade tortillas made with masa harina–a very traditional food, or forcing myself to eat mashed cauliflower when mashed potatoes agree with me so much better. I agree, the key is to really keep with the original, traditional food, and know yourself!

  2. I second Michelle’s comment–great podcast, and I loved the discussion of ancestry and food. I am so passionate about this issue–it’s at the center of my writing life right now. I’ve been doing a lot of work in this area as I work on a memoir about the health problems this dysfunctional food landscape and Western medicine may have caused for me, and the healing that I am finding from adopting the food practices of one of my ancestral lines. I found paleo several years ago, but have spent the last year or so refining my focus on Northwest Coast foods. I am a member of the Cowlitz Tribe with Cascade Indian ancestry. I’ve got European ancestry from many regions as well, but from trial and error–another great theme of this episode–I learned that the dominant line in regards to my many food intolerances and health benefits is my Native line (as opposed to Eastern European, for example). Basically, the foods that I can most comfortably eat are the ones we’ve always eaten here in the Northwest. I am starting on research into what to make of that, and if anyone else is interested in this, I’d love to connect with you. Thanks, Diane and Liz, for your always-excellent discussions!

  3. I’m new to CrossFit. Just finished my first week of the foundation program. I would LOVE to see a podcast all about CrossFit from you lovely ladies one of these weeks. I look forward to the podcast every week. Keep up the good work!

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