Podcast Episode #75: Mira & Jayson Calton Talk “Rich Food Poor Food”

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Episode #75: Mira & Jayson Calton Talk “Rich Food Poor Food”

RFPFIn this episode I talked with Rich Food Poor Food authors Mira & Jayson Calton (who also happen to be friends of mine and very lovely people!) about their new book.

We covered some great topics including:

  1. their story – how they got started researching and learning so much about nutrition in the first place
  2. who this book is intended for, and how it will help
  3. what we all need to look out for in our beloved dark chocolate
  4. why assuming anything about foods we eat is a bad idea
  5. some of the most awful items they found in the grocery store while researching for their book
  6. where to find amazing savings for “Rich Foods” easily on the internet
  7. …and much more!
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Diane & Liz

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  1. While I wait for my copy of this awesome book to come in… any way we could get the recipe for MCT oil based mayo that Jayson mentioned? It sounded great. Thanks for another wonderful Podcast.

  2. Great podcast, just listened to most of it in the car this morning. It’s crazy how far companies will how far they stretch the truth when it comes to what they say on labels.

    Enjoyed the parts about the store bought guac that contained no actual avacado and 41 “other” ingredients as well as the canadian bacon that looked like it was packed with car in brown paper but was one of the most unhealthy items they found.

    Was kinda shocked Mark Sisson eats packaged grated cheese, lol.

    An article called “What Packaged-Food CEOs Are Saying About Advertising” came across my LinkedIn news feed full of corporate double speak.

    “Shoppers “remain very discerning around product choices that they make,” said Sean Connolly, CEO of meat marketer Hillshire Brands. “Their household balance sheets remain stretched and so they are trying to get the best bang for their buck,” he added. That, he said, puts pressure on marketers to ensure that products are “provocative and offer real tangible benefits.”


    On that note I’ll be looking deeper at this too

    Again, great episode, looking forward to finishing it later today.

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