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Podcast Episode #208: BB Classic: Paleo 101, Part 2

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Topics: 1.  [NEW] What’s new for you from Diane & Liz [3:22] 2.  [NEW] Something new that I’m into: Hike it Baby and a new carrier [6:54] 3.  What should I eat and macros [8:22] 4. Integration of Weston A. Price principles [21:04] 5. Superfoods and budgeting [27:54] 6. Breaking the rules and cheating [37:45] 7. Lean meats and canola …

Oils, Fats & Why to Avoid Canola Oil

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Ok, I know this may seem overwhelming, but take a few minutes to read some of this. And feel free to reply with your thoughts or additional insights for me to share with others. Most of you already use olive oil mainly, I know, but be aware that the best overall are the following: Organic Olive Oil- uses: low heat …