5 Not So Healthy Habits to Ditch Now | Balanced Bites

5 Not-So-Healthy Habits To Ditch Now

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If you’re like me, you’re probably bombarded with every type of “diet” advice under the sun on a daily basis, and it’s seriously overwhelming. I’ve talked about my overall nutritional philosophy in depth before, but ultimately I try to keep things simple: Eat real, nutrient-dense food. Choose water over other drinks. Move some each day. Aim for 7-8 hours of …

My Take on Intermittent Fasting | Diane Sanfilippo

My Take on Intermittent Fasting

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What’s my take on intermittent fasting? This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get! There has been a lot of hype around intermittent fasting (IF) over the last several years, which understandably has left many of you wondering if it’s right fit for your nutrition needs. With an informed approach that is personalized to your own health …

Farmers Market Finds | Diane Sanfilippo

Farmers Market Finds | What’s Up Weekly with Diane | May 24th, 2017

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Here’s what was up last week! Quick Links: Diane: Direct – Farmers Market Finds 21-Day Sugar Detox Coaches Program Balanced Bites Spices Giveaway! Balanced Bites Podcast – Episode #296, Taking Control of Your Own Health with Dr. William Davis Upcoming Event with Cassy Joy – Vancouver New 21DSD Testimonial – The 21DSD Helped Save my Dad’s Life New 21DSD Blog Post …

Women's Health & Fertility - Diane Sanfilippo, Liz Wolfe | Balanced Bites

Podcast Episode #230: Women’s Health & Fertility

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Topics: 1. News and updates from Diane & Liz [2:27] 2. Something new that I’m into: mango salsa and parent’s group [18:05] 3. Maximizing fertility; nutrient seeking and stress reduction [24:00] 4. Low testosterone levels in men [41:18] 5. Prenatal brands and low basal body temperature [46:55] 6. Best options for birth control [52:20] 7. #Treatyoself: fresh squeezed orange juice …

The Real Deal on Adrenal Fatigue – Guest post on RobbWolf.com

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Hey guys! I have a guest post over on RobbWolf.com that went up this week – below is an excerpt, and a link to the full post. I’ve covered this a bunch in a podcast episode, which you can listen to for free here or via iTunes, it’s Episode #15 of The Balanced Bites Podcast. I’ll probably also do a follow-up on …