FAQs: How will I get calcium on a Paleo diet?

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Those looking to make the move to a Paleo Diet often question the nutritional value of “this way of eating.” One of the assumptions is that, without dairy foods included, the overall diet will be very low in calcium. I recently created a comparison of a day’s worth of meals on the USDA recommended diet versus a Paleo diet for children …

truvia packets hype

There is Nothing Honest About Truvia

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The commercial jingle for Truvia is SO catchy but it REALLY annoys me for a lot of reasons. The biggest issue I have with this product is that it’s the latest marketing brain-child meant to fool people into thinking that they can be healthy and still eat processed crap from a cute-looking package. I know the commercial isn’t that new, but …

Balanced Bites | Diane Sanfilippo | Priorities for Eating Paleo on a Budget

Priorities for Eating Paleo on a Budget

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Eating with a Paleo or Primal approach can seem daunting when you realize that you are no longer going to rely on the cheap, filler ingredients you may have become accustomed to buying on a regular basis. No more rice and beans. No more bread, pasta or cereal. These are all cheap foods. And rightfully so; they provide poor nutritional …

Fats: Which to Eat & Which to Ditch

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Click here to download the PDF guide! (Also see this post: “FAQs: What Are Safe Cooking Fats & Oils?“) I get a TON of questions regarding fats and oils. And rightfully so. There is a TON of confusing, conflicting and darn right misleading information out there about which are the healthy ones for us to consume. I tend to come …

Canola Oil May Be “Paleo Diet” Approved, But I Won’t Eat It

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(11/1/11 Note: The revised version of Loren Cordain’s The Paleo Diet no longer promotes canola oil as healthy, but at the time of this post’s original publication, the version of The Paleo Diet that I purchased was pro-canola oil.) I have been saying I should blog about this topic for months now, so here it goes. I’m keeping it pretty short …