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How To Cut An Avocado Like a Pro

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Not sure how people can get clean and pretty avocado slices? Don’t care because you’re not a food stylist? Haha! I feel you. Well, if you care or are just curious about how to cut an avocado like a pro, here’s how! Using a ripe but not overripe avocado, halve it, then quarter it. I’m sure some folks will peel …


Paleo Snacks

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When folks switch over to a Paleo/Primal lifestyle, one area that takes a little reframing is SNACKING. It makes sense, right? Snacks according to Paleo principles look and taste much different than those on a Standard American Diet (SAD). In this post, I hope to inspire some different snack options for you and your family, as well as provide some super easy …

Canola Oil May Be “Paleo Diet” Approved, But I Won’t Eat It

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(11/1/11 Note: The revised version of Loren Cordain’s The Paleo Diet no longer promotes canola oil as healthy, but at the time of this post’s original publication, the version of The Paleo Diet that I purchased was pro-canola oil.) I have been saying I should blog about this topic for months now, so here it goes. I’m keeping it pretty short …