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Diane’s Macros Meal Plan: Week 10 Update & Progress

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I can hardly believe I've already cruised through 10 weeks on this 12-week meal plan from Christine at Gauge Girl Training!

If you missed my previous posts about this meal plan, check them out:

My Macros Meal Plan “Planning & Preparation” post (written the first week)

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My progress so far

In the 10 weeks since starting the program, I've regained the baseline of what it feels like to be myself. I know that sounds like an unscientific result, but I'll get to the numbers in a moment.

The biggest difference I feel is that I have a newfound way of balancing the nutrition I'm taking in to work for not only my energy levels and satiety (I truly have not been hungry beyond the normal “pre-meal” time on this plan!) but also for the fat loss goals I had.

I haven't weighed myself on this plan.

Since I honestly feel like scale-based numbers, while relevant in the grand scheme of things, are simply not the biggest indicator of progress for someone who trains and may gain muscle and who has fewer than around 20 pounds to lose.

In the absence of a scale, what have I done to track progress?

I've taken progress photos every single week, in the same spot in my apartment, in the same sports bra and shorts outfit (I set it aside exclusively for photos each week) as well as measurements.Gauge Girl Training measuring tape

The Gauge Girl Training online tracking system asks for the following measurements:

Waist – for women, this is the smallest part of our abdomen, or our “natural waist”
Hips – this is the fullest part of the glutes
Chest – measured under the arms about 3″ above the nipples
Arm – flexed, around fullest part of the bicep
Thigh – the largest part of the upper thigh
Calf – flexed, the largest part of the calf (I think I measured the first few weeks of this unflexed, so I'm only counting what I believe was an honest loss below, since measuring flexed)

I added two of my own measurements, since I feel they were extremely relevant to seeing my own progress:

Waist, large – this is at the bellybutton or the widest point of love handles
Hips (natural) – this is the hips at their widest point (this is lower than where my hip bones and fullest part of my butt are – thanks squats!)

Changes I've seen in my measurements over the last 10 weeks:

Gauge Girl Training, measurements!Waist: -1.0″
Hips: -1.0″
Chest: – 0.25″
Arm: -0.50″
Thigh: -0.75″
Calf: -0.25″

Waist, large: -2.25″
Hips (natural): -2.25″

You can see why I wanted to measure those extra spots!

I know my body well, and I knew that while my natural waist might shift a bit, the area I had the most to lose from was much lower than that in the love handle area! I also knew that my hips are an area where I easily put on weight, so the extra measurement there was a great one to track.

Both of my additional measurements proved to have the largest loss. I think that my particular body type – which I would consider an athletic pear shape – is one that may be relevant for these extra measurements if you're taking on a similar fat loss plan.

What will you do after the 12 weeks are up?

I will re-assess where I am at the time, and either take a break and then continue with a newly formulated plan for a new set of goals, or I'll talk to Christine about “reverse dieting” to get back to a baseline for a new normal. Time will tell.

What my meals have looked like in the last few weeks…

Fasted morning cardio with coffee.

Meal 1: 2 whole eggs, small portion of additional lean protein (though sometimes I forget to add this), white rice, white potatoes, or sweet potato, arugula or some kind of green vegetable.

macros breakfast  macros breakfast 2  macros breakfast 3

Meal 2: [lunch] chicken, steak, or seafood (any type of fairly lean protein), white rice, white potatoes, or sweet potato, vegetables, my portion of additional fat.

macros dinner 3  macros dinner 2   macros dinner

Meal 3: [post workout] protein shake with Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, organic frozen cherries, organic vanilla extract, pinch of green stevia or sometimes a tiny bit of organic maple syrup, ice, water, and a splash of low-fat coconut milk. Watch my protein shake recipe video here.

Meal 4: [dinner] chicken, steak, turkey, or seafood (any type of fairly lean protein),white rice, white potatoes, or sweet potato, vegetables, my portion of additional fat.

macros lunch  macros dinner  macros dinner 3

Meal 5: [evening snack] chicken, steak, turkey, or seafood (any type of fairly lean protein), white rice, white potatoes, or sweet potato, vegetables, my portion of additional fat. I change this meal up pretty often with something like deli turkey or roast beef, a small amount of Paleo mayo (see below for the one I use) or other sauce that fits my plan, and fruit instead of starches and veggies for my carb source. Sometimes this shifts to be a 3 or 4pm snack versus after dinner if dinner is later.

macros snack  macros snack 2  macros snack 3

Links to products I'm using & foods I'm eating

(Get more details on these items in my Diane's Macros Experience: Planning & Preparation post if you like.)

Single Compartment Meal Prep Containers

Diane's Macros Experience | Planning & Prep2-Compartment BPA-free Containers 
3-Compartment Meal Prep Containers
If you prefer to use glass, I love these containers from Glass Lock.

Salter Eco-Friendly Bamboo Kitchen Scale (hold the “on” button for a few seconds to turn it off)

Misto olive oil spray bottle

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Organic Green Stevia Leaf Powder

Stainless steel straws

Nutreince Multivitamin (I like the natural/unflavored best)

Speaking of quality oils, if you'd like to try the Paleo mayo I use from Primal Kitchen, use code BALANCEDBITES at checkout to receive a whopping 15% off of your order. Along with the oil, the spices are a must-try, as well as the balsamic vinegars!

My training update.

My weekly workouts typically look like this:
Monday: Morning cardio, 45-60 minutes (fasted), Cardio Kickboxing, 60 minutes (Turbo Kick) in the evening – if I arrive early for the class, I do some lifts I may have missed over the weekend.
Tuesday: Morning cardio, 45-60 minutes (fasted), Session with personal trainer (mostly body-weight workouts with some kettle bell movements, barbell lifts, and gymnastic-movements that are full-body movements and lots of core strengthening, balance,  etc.)
Wednesday: Morning cardio, 45-60 minutes (fasted), Tennis with my husband before lunch
Thursday: Morning cardio, 45-60 minutes (fasted), Session with personal trainer(mostly body-weight workouts with some kettle bell movements, barbell lifts, and gymnastic-movements that are full-body movements and lots of core strengthening, balance, etc.)
Friday: Morning cardio, 45-60 minutes (fasted)
Saturday: Late morning weight lifting session, Cardio Kickboxing, 60 minutes (Turbo Kick)
Saturday: Late morning weight lifting session, Cardio Kickboxing, 60 minutes (Turbo Kick)

I don't do the morning fasted walks on the weekends since my daily routine is different then, and I like to slow-roll into my weekend days. On weekdays lately I've somehow found that I not only enjoy my hour at the gym, I look forward to it and don't like when I need to miss it for some reason. WHO AM I?!

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    1. It’s what Christine calls the process of “stopping” the diet/fat-loss phase of a meal plan and approaching a plan from a maintenance perspective. Simply because we don’t want to continue to lose fat doesn’t mean a plan won’t be helpful, so that’s what it’s for as I understand it. You can ask her more about this at gaugetirltraining.com

  2. Hey Diane! Sorry if I missed it, but is the morning cardio only walking each morning? If it were jogging or something else, I would have thought “damn, that is a lot of exercise!” Glad you’re hitting the results you were looking for and I love the podcast:)

  3. Hi Diane! I was just wondering if I missed your macros experience “wrap-up and what’s next” post (I couldn’t find it), or if you were planning to do that soon. I’ve been very interested in your journey, and I recently started working with a coach at my CrossFit gym to track my macros. My plan is similar to yours in that I bumped up my carbohydrate intake (which feels pretty awesome) and reduced my fat intake. My goal was to lose 5-10 lbs, but I also wanted to gain some muscle and perform better in my workouts. I’ve only been doing this for three weeks, but I am starting to wonder how I want it to play out in the long term. I would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks for all that you do for our community 🙂

  4. Hi Diane!
    I appreciate that your bringing things back to the blog and I hope I’m leaving my question in the right area!
    I’m going to be starting my own macro plan with the help of my trainer and I’ve decided to give some gluten free bread and grains a try and see how I feel with them. I bought the Canyon bakehiuse bread because I know that’s what you’ve used by I want to make more informed decisions about what I’m buying. Can you tell me what kinds of things you look for or what I should be looking for when buying gluten free products. Obviously eating real whole foods is still the most important thing for me and I want to be sure I’m doing this in the most healthful way possible.
    The other thing that has been difficult for me is cutting back on my fat and sticking to lean protein…what can I say I love my bacon, avocados, and lots of ghee on everything! Any tips or tricks to cutting back on the fat? Thanks in advance and thank you for all you do! I’ve learned so much through you and Liz!

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