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Diane’s Macros Meal Plan: Week 10 Update & Progress

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I can hardly believe I’ve already cruised through 10 weeks on this 12-week meal plan from Christine at Gauge Girl Training! If you missed my previous posts about this meal plan, check them out: My Macros Meal Plan “Planning & Preparation” post (written the first week) My Macros Meal Plan “FAQs” post with all the details (written a few weeks into the …

Balanced Bites Podcast

Balanced Bites Podcast: Episode #6: New to Paleo, Food Intolerance, Type 2 Diabetes, Non Paleo Vices, Omega 3:6 Ratios & Supplementing

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Episode #6 I, Caveman, part of the Curiosity series on The Discovery Channel. Topics:  1 New to Paleo and Gluten-Free lifestyle. [11:50] 2: Food intolerance and travel/indulging. [19:05] 3: Type 2 Diabetes, Paleo and Sweeteners. [30:35] 4: Mom’s fat-loss stall while family progresses. [40:50] 5: Non-Paleo vices, artificial sweeteners & weight-loss stall. [53:30] 6: Omega 3:6 ratios, supplementing and daily bacon. [60:50] Click here to download …

Real Life Changes – Lori’s Story “Small Tweaks Matter… Go Paleo”

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This is a recent testimonial from one of my clients, Lori, who lives in Ohio. When Lori first came to me, she was still eating along the lines of what many consider to be Conventional Wisdom (CW) around what is healthy food: low fat and whole grains. She had already begun to make shifts towards Paleo, but was certainly experiencing …