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Hi there!

Big news over here… I'm writing another book! (spoiler alert – it's on keto!)

Back in 2011 when I was writing “Practical Paleo,” I was actually *eating* KETO paleo.

Fast forward to now, and I’ve had a lot of experience with keto over the years, most of which I didn’t share anywhere partially because I was simply on another path with my work (#21DSD program, books, and beyond). And, frankly, I was avoiding talking more about it because I felt like: 1) a lot people were/are *already* talking about it, and 2) I wasn’t sure that what *I* had to say about it was something I wanted to put out into the world.

When I asked my kitchen cabinet (a term from Brene Brown that refers to my *most* trusted friends and colleagues) their thoughts, should I do this or not? Every one of them said yes, and that they’d appreciate being able to refer folks to a book of mine on the topic.

And, after watching my community ask questions and seeing that there is, in fact, space for me to share my take on approaching keto (both as a short-term dietary intervention *and* as a lifestyle) in a sane, healthy, and balanced way, I finally decided that I’m ready to put it into a book.

So, it’s happening. More details to come soon.

For now, I’d love to know what questions you’d hope to find answers to in an entry-level book on KETO. Note that this book isn’t a 4-500 page beast like Practical Paleo. It’s a smaller, easy to read, HEAVILY how-to oriented book with context provided and answers to a lot of commonly asked (but often confusing) questions.

What are your questions on this and what would make a book from me on keto REALLY helpful to you/your family/friends who are seeking guidance?

Comment here with your KETO QUESTIONS so I can be sure to cover them!

Thanks in advance.

Balanced Bites Master Class is open for enrollment

Open enrollment for the Balanced Bites Master Class is HERE! The cart is open now!!!

Want to get more information on the Balanced Bites Master Class right now? Head to to get a TON more information and enroll in the class!

Body Awareness ProjectMoments of “body awareness” are completely unique to you and your own personal journey throughout life. In Part One of The Body Awareness Project, I talk about how important it is to release the expectation in ourselves to respond the same way during different times in our lives. The truth is that our bodies are always changing. We go through many phases throughout our lives (injuries, periods of stress, sicknesses, recoveries, etc.)… We must acknowledge what season of life our bodies are currently in and treat it with the love it deserves.

Part Two of Body Awareness Project is in the works! Stay tuned for our next topic we dive into, and for now, check out Part One


OUR JULY 21DSD kicks off on Monday, July 9th – ARE YOU IN?! If so, be sure you’re prepared The 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide,  which will help you from a week ahead of time through a week after your 21DSD!

Also, the 21DSD Daily Guide is on sale for ~ $18 on Amazon right now!! This is an awesome deal, and there’s no telling how long the price will last!

Sign up for the full program here!

#BBSpices Recipe Highlight – GREEK Blend

I'm sharing some recipe inspiration, featuring a new blend each week. This week the spotlight is on my GREEK blend! 🙂

  1. GREEK Baked Thighs with simple Greek salad: Season skin-on chicken thighs with GREEK blend and grill until the chicken has cooked through. Serve with a simple Greek salad – toss together cucumber, tomato, olives, with olive oil, GREEK blend, and a squeeze of lemon juice. (Photo: @fullbodyfix)
  2. Not-just-for-meat-GREEK chickpea & quinoa bowl: Mix together chickpeas, quinoa, chopped tuscan kale, mozzarella, and toss with olive oil, balsamic, and GREEK blend. (Photo: @wholesomelyhannah)
  3. Roasted Chicken GREEK skillet dinner: Combine chicken thighs, chopped potatoes, chopped onions in an oven-proof skillet, drizzle with a little olive oil, season with GREEK blend and roast at 400F until the chicken has cooked through & the potatoes and onion are crispy.
  4. GREEK Lamb Chops: Simply season lamb chops with GREEK blend, and sear then bake at 375F until medium rare. Serve with a squeeze of fresh lemon.

For more information about the blends available click here.

And be sure to follow @balancedbites on Instagram for recipe inspiration & upcoming giveaways!

What you missed on Instagram

I ate this today over a bunch of meal-prepped grilled chicken and a whole diced avocado with hot sauce, more lime juice, and Maldon flake salt. It was super fast, healthy, easy, and delicious. Great for anyone eating #Paleo #keto or #21dsd – obviously also #glutenfree and #dairyfree.

Swipe for the *recipe* – the bag of shredded stuff I had was from Trader Joe’s. 🙌🏻⭐you can also tap the bookmark under the right corner of this pic to save this to your recipes for later!

#beforethestir #dianessaladmadness


Who here remembers the days before Instagram when I somehow got dubbed “bacon girl” and I had T shirts for sale that read “Bacon is Rad, Gluten is Bad.”

Today’s breakfast is lemony kale seasoned with TRIFECTA #BBspices a la @fedandfitwith bacon and eggs seasoned with @balancedbites SUPER GARLIC blend.

Keep it simple!

#keto #ketodiet #ketorecipes#ketobreakfast #ketoquickstart #paleo#21dsd #healthyfats #eattheyolks#baconisrad #lowcarb #lowcarbbreakfast

New on the Balanced Bites Podcast

Your Body Is Awesome Because IT'S AWESOME

#352: Your Body Is Awesome Because IT'S AWESOME
An instant fan favorite, in episode #352 Liz & I are talking about body positivity and how to find balance so make sure you listen in!

1.  News and updates from Diane & Liz [1:40] ·  Balanced Bites podcast Facebook group
·  21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide in Costco
·  Liz’s gym adventures
2.  Balanced Bites Master Class Q&A [16:17] 3. Liz’s photo that broke the internet [26:54] 4. Body positivity and finding the balance [37:23] 5. Finding a place of nonjudgement [46:05] 6. Summertime fun plans [48:41]

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