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I’m writing a keto book!

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Big news over here… I'm writing a keto book!

Back in 2011 when I was writing “Practical Paleo,” I was actually *eating* KETO paleo.

Fast forward to now, and I’ve had a lot of experience with keto over the years, most of which I didn’t share anywhere partially because I was simply on another path with my work (#21DSD program, books, and beyond). And, frankly, I was avoiding talking more about it because I felt like: 1) a lot people were/are *already* talking about it, and 2) I wasn’t sure that what *I* had to say about it was something I wanted to put out into the world.

When I asked my kitchen cabinet (a term from Brene Brown that refers to my *most* trusted friends and colleagues) their thoughts, should I do this or not? Every one of them said yes, and that they’d appreciate being able to refer folks to a book of mine on the topic.

And, after watching my community ask questions and seeing that there is, in fact, space for me to share my take on approaching keto (both as a short-term dietary intervention *and* as a lifestyle) in a sane, healthy, and balanced way, I finally decided that I’m ready to put it into a book.

So, it’s happening. More details to come soon.

For now, I’d love to know what questions you’d hope to find answers to in an entry-level book on KETO. Note that this book isn’t a 4-500 page beast like Practical Paleo. It’s a smaller, easy to read, HEAVILY how-to oriented book with context provided and answers to a lot of commonly asked (but often confusing) questions.

What are your questions on this and what would make a book from me on keto REALLY helpful to you/your family/friends who are seeking guidance?

Let me know below!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Would love to know how KETO helps or hurts autoimmunity. Is it safe for those with thyroid disease and or weakened adrenal systems. Thanks!

  2. This is exciting Diane! A few things of interest – where is the line between being fat-adapted and truly ketogenic (i.e., do you always need to be “in ketosis” to be “keto”) and does it matter? Can you do keto without measuring/tracking macros, or is keto just always a potential trigger for a disordered mindset for those vulnerable to that? Also, how do different levels of “low (net) carb” affect women’s hormones (both child-bearing years and menopausal) – is there a level which is “safer” to not cause hormonal issues? And last, how to manage protein since sometimes too high protein can trigger hypoglycemia (as it did for Jimmy Moore)….I think that’s it for now!

  3. I love practical paleo, and in that style I would definitely read your keto. I’ve been wondering how to get enough fiber and stay in ketosis. And with a family of young children how to we feed everyone?

  4. How long should one eat < 20g carbs/day? If I go through periods of < 20 g of carbs and periods of < 50 g carbs, what foods are best during a transition? Or, is a 24-48 fast best? Do you have food/cooking strategies for intermittent fasting (16 hours no eating followed by 8 hours eating)? Do you have any good green keto shake recipes? Your spices page in PP is awesome — could you provide a similar overview of dressings (e.g., balsamic, blue cheese, caesar) and sauces (e.g., BBQ, red sauce) that are keto (I would use these pages everyday)?

  5. Address Keto hair loss and perhaps supplements you’ll need while in Ketotis. I was in Ketosis for three months, then suddenly the wheels fell off my body! Autoimmune issues flared, my hair fell out in handfuls and my lips were so cracked and bleeding I couldn’t put enough lip balm on them. A few frustrating Dr. appts later I was told I was deficient in numerous vitamins. I haven’t gone back to eating Keto, instead am focusing on giving my body what it needs to feel “normal again.” Sadly, I felt great in Ketosis up to that point, but am SUPER nervous about dipping my toes in again. Looking forward to the book, Diane, your words will be an asset for sure! 🙂

  6. Hey Diane, so excited you are writing this book. I would like to understand about Keto for women. Also, are there certain circumstances that when present a person should not eat Keto, like menopause, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, etc? Is keto for everyone and if not why/when?

    Thank you! Looking forward to the book.

  7. What is the best starting formula for macros and what to try if that formula isn’t working for you. How long do you try before adjusting macros.

    Paleo keto is so important to me but I so struggle woth finding non dairy. I also have a husband who hates coconut milk – so that always puts a damper on trying new recipes with that (each one I have tried in the past he has hated).

  8. I want to hear more about ketosis and hypothyroidism. I have already had a partial thyroidectomy. So, meds are must.

  9. Do you have to be keto for life?
    Is cyclical keto better for women’s hormones or better in any regard?
    Why should anyone go keto?
    What are the pitfalls and benefits for women going keto?
    Net carbs or total carbs?
    How does an individual determine their personal carb threshold?
    How do you lose fat on keto without regain?
    Some programs insist you must stay at 20 total carbs which means you are then limiting even non starchy vegetables – is this a good idea?

    1. How do you know/make sure your body is absorbing the increased fat? Should you take digestive enzymes?
      What about adrenal problems for women going low carb? I did it once and started getting insomnia and possibly adrenal fatique.

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  10. I guess more of a comment than a question – but hoping that your focus is on low carb/high protein and using fat to satiate. I see so many people start Keto , including myself, that got drawn in by eating ALL THE FAT – and only later discovered that it worked *even better* with more protein and using fat as a lever to fight cravings. I’ve always enjoyed your work, your live videos, and books. I did the 21-day sugar detox a few years ago and it was life changing (that sounds overly-dramatic, but it opened my eyes on HOW to change habits , I’ve been doing so ever since!). I’ve been doing Keto for almost a year and a half now and I look forward to your insight on it as well!!

  11. Keto is very intriguing to me and I know several people who have had tremendous success. However, there are many valid experts state going into ketosis often is very unhealthy and taxing on your organs. How is your version of keto safe. Is it for everyone to try? What results do you get in comparison to Practical Paleo & 21 DSD? Good luck!

  12. I would like to know about any longer term issues that can come up with keto. Is it possible to heal or put in remission an autoimmune.

    Can you dive deeper and go keto/carnivore as a short term or even as a monthly or how ever often kind of “reset” for the system.

  13. How low carb does a recipe had to be to qualify as KETO? And how do you measure that?
    How can KETO affect hormones especially adrenal glands and what do you need to watch out for if you are healing from adrenal fatigue?
    Can you balance intermittent non-KETO meals with KETO and still lose weight? Or is it all or nothing?

    So excited for this book! I want to try KETO for weight loss and have had lots of questions without knowing where to turn. I trust you so excited to see what you have to say!

  14. Signs to look out for if keto isn’t working for you. When to move on or how to adjust to test it out again, like is it all or nothing? Can you be keto-ish ☺️
    Is it helpful for women to adjust what they eat during the phases of theit cycle.
    Fat/calorie add on ideas for breastfeeding?

  15. This may be too specific for your book, but: keto for pregnant/breastfeeding women – where are the lines, when is okay to start, etc.. Because it’s so helpful for emotional stability, I would be very curious to hear how it might impact postpartum stuff.

    1. Yes, I second this one… I’ve got an 11 week old baby and am considering keto. How does keto affect breastfeeding, if at all? Also, quick breakfast ideas for a keto plan. I get sick of eggs, and need something quick when trying to get myself ready for work and a baby ready for daycare.

  16. I would love to know more about plant based keto meals. I am not plant based but I do try to incorporate lots of plant based meals into my diet, for a number of reasons. Is it even possible and if so how?
    Cheers to your newest adventure! x

  17. My question for the book is about children and adolescents. Should children and adolescents follow a keto diet? If they are healthy and active is a keto diet beneficial to them? How would a keto diet at young ages impact growth and long-term health?

  18. I have been on and off with keto as I discovered through your 21 day sugar detox that sugars and carbs cause flare ups with my autoimmune disease. I still continue to flare up with keto but not too badly and feel that it is due to dairy products and fake (chemical laden syrups, sweeteners, etc.) low carb products. Keto is very difficult when you take out dairy as dairy is the best fat source in the diet. A lot of keto recipes contain tons of dairy. I would love to see non-dairy recipes or recipes that contain alternative ingredients to make them dairy free. I would also love to see a list of low-carb, high-fat foods to eat to keep the daily fat intake high.

  19. Oooooh, Tina and Erika have some great questions! I want to know how flexible Keto can be? I have a 7 year old daughter and I want to know that I can particitate in fun things like birthday cake and ice-cream on occasion, but would that mess things up completely, aka, referencing Tina’s question do you have to be Keto for life. I also want to know the ratios of what to eat. I have tried to go Keto before and my macros were never correct.

  20. First -Thank you for everything you do!

    Keto questions : I cannot eat eggs or dairy. Is keto something I could be successful at or will it be difficult because of my restrictions.

    Thank you !!!

  21. Is it true that there are some aspects of Keto that women should not do due to hormone impact (ie. not as low carb or intermittent fasting) and does that change once a woman is in perimenopause/menopause because their hormones more closely resemble mens at that point? Or really anything about Keto and menopause – not that you have ANY experience but maybe some research/advice? I’m just starting out and there is very little available about this/my population!

  22. Hi Diane,
    I’m so excited for this book! I’d like to know:
    1. Keto and pregnancy – is it safe? Weren’t some of our ancestors that lived far north doing this? Why is it hard to eat protein when pregnant?
    2. Keto and nursing – is it safe? What about in later years of nursing? Our ancestors breastfed until their youngins were up to 4 (so awesome!). Does this change as the child gets older?
    3. Is my young toddler already on a keto diet, accidentally? Is this okay? Is it okay for her to be mostly keto, but then have a day where she eats 3 large sweet potatoes?
    Thank you so much! Love all your books–especially the 21DSD books. Changed my life!

  23. Would this lifestyle work for people with autoimmunity? Hashimoto’s? How does this effect your hormones?
    I still can not wrap my head around eating a higher fat diet then I am use to. That should be addressed in the book.
    All the talk lately about coconut oil and how it is not what is touted to be.
    I think a book for beginners would be great, all the basics and whom this lifestyle may NOT be for.

  24. —What is the difference between 21DSD, paleo, and Keto?
    —Yes/No foods for each?
    —Are there daily portion/quantity restrictions for paleo and/or Keto?
    —How do you count macros and such for Keto?
    —What happens if you suddenly quit Keto? Will you gain the weight back really fast? I’ve heard it’s supposed to be a permanent change b/c otherwise your scale will shoot up really fast!
    —21DSD makes me feel wonderful, sleep like a baby, and lose about 9 pounds. What should I expect from paleo or Keto?

  25. I’d actually love to see the behind-the-scenes, book-making/creation process. I can imagine a TON of your followers are like-minded people and would totally indulge in how you’re actually doing it… I know I would 🙂

  26. I am curious about the effect on triglycerides and if eating more fat will have a negative impact. Also, the benefits for a type 2 diabetic which I know others have already asked about.

  27. I’d love to see you cover how to transition between keto and Paleo and maybe how it works with 21DSD. I like keto but can’t maintain it long term or see muscle loss when I did. Really looking forward to your take on keto.

  28. A couple of years ago you had Stefani Ruper on the podcast talking about fertility/pcos and the requirement got carbohydrate intake in paleo. I’d be interested for you to address the suitability of keto for women in general, and women struggling with fertility, issues like pcos or endometriosis, and breastfeeding.

  29. Bioidentical ketones – drinking them…. how does this effect your body short and long term?

    Keto and nursing and or pregnant (i basically ate this way through two pregnancies and nursed through one so i think it’s ok but curious if there are any facts)

    Keto and Crossfit/ any exercise.
    How much exercise can you do with Keto? I always feel great on it but others have said they cannot work out very strenuously on Keto.

    Can’t wait to check out what you have for us!

  30. I think it would be great if you could share how 2 Keto without measuring ketones.
    How to keto with Hashimoto’s and Elimination Keto.

  31. I’ve not gone full Keto in fear, because eating low-carb over a few years didn’t work well for my adrenal, thyroid, and hormonal health. Once I started eating more carbs, I felt better, had more energy, and lost body fat. QUESTION: Is Keto a good way to eat long-term or short-term for women who have or had adrenal, thyroid, and or hormonal derangements – why or why not?

    1. I second this question as another woman who has thyroid/adrenal issues I am a little fearful to try keto (even though I want to) for fear of throwing things off. Addressing how we might be able to go about this would be great. Thank you! Best wishes as you go through the writing process 🙂

    2. This concerns me. I have thyroid issues and my doctor WANTS me to move to a Keto diet. I’d like to know the answer to this too.

  32. I’d like to know more about how Keto should work for folks dealing with pre-diabetes/Diabetes. Should it be a short term or long term strategy to reversing the disease? What is the best way to approach it?

  33. I don’t count carbs but do try to eat a lot of plant based foods with meat as condiment. What is your take on being keto flexible or being able to go in and out of ketosis? Also it is confusing when you hear that animal products cause inflammation. Is that based on conventional animal products?
    Thank you for all your info. Love to listen and learn.

  34. I am a holistic nutritionist and certified holistic cancer practitioner – I do use keto in cancer care; my issues with it are:
    1. It can make the body acidic (which cancer loves), so am always having to supplement clients to keep them alkaline.
    2. It does not have the prebiotic component so am having to supplement prebiotic to support gut health.
    3. It is devoid of phytonutrients, which have incredible protective qualities.

    Because of the above, I do not find it sustainable in the long term.

    Also, especially in women, when they try to come off keto, their leptins become wacky and I often see rebound weight gain.

    As a diet to starve cancer, I love it. As a long term lifestyle I’m not a fan – just too much nutrient lacking. I also find almost always when clients first come in, they think they are in ketosis and they are not. They are dipping in and out which can escalate keto flu symptoms.

    I am a huge fan of Paleo, as I can create a plan taking into account blood type, unique metabolic function, nutrient needs etc. and avoid the nutrient lacking, highly sprayed, inflammatory grains.

    All just my findings in my practice. Hope it helps.

  35. This is awesome news, Diane! I have Mastocytosis and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Lots of the literature out there suggests that Keto could be beneficial for patients with EDS. I’ve been wary of going for it as my diet is already limited to low FODMAP and low histamine foods. My question would be can short-term keto provide a helpful intervention for those with auto-immune issues (reset the balance, as such)? Is long term keto a viable option and what would be the effects of this choice? Any research to show the long term benefits of keto? x PS. Loving your culinary version of the Marble Jar!!

  36. Tools to test hormone levels at home to make sure Keto is being done safely.
    Of course a list of veggies that help keep balance while staying in Keto.
    Any products that make Keto easy(ier) for a busy lifestyle.
    Post workout nutrition for Keto. – As a runner, I’d be interested in HIIT post-workout as well as a longer more sustained cardio post workout reco – and any timing windows for nutrition and recovery.

    Also I second Candace above. My provider and I are exploring possible thyroid issues so I’m back deep in practical paleo looking at those eating plans you so thoughtfully prepared and i was curious about how/if any Keto principals might fit. I do enjoy getting all of my nutrients in each day during a pretty set 8 hour window and fasting the other 16 hours, but i’m not sure if that’s helping or hurting.

  37. This is great!! I assume/hope you’ll include meal plans and recipes!?! I’d love to have one of yours to follow.

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  38. Hi Diane,
    I think my response/question in regards to what you posted above will be asked many times, but I would love for you to address the relationship with keto and women’s hormones, how to “cycle sync” with keto, etc. Thanks for all you do!

  39. All good questions thus far

    Really interested in Keto specific to female hormones

    What females really need to focus on for Keto success

    Carbs focus for females on Keto

  40. I know there’s a big difference between ketosis and ketoacidosis. I’m aware ketosis is safe and I know about acidosis.. But can ketosis lead to ketoacidosis? This is still unclear to me.. What is the relation here? Thanks!! Excited to read your book!:)

  41. Hi Diane! Can you address macros and how to determine caloric intake based on activity level for weight loss, maintenance, etc?

  42. So excited about this news!! Eating mostly keto has been the only way I’ve found that enables me to consistently feel healthy, energetic, balanced, and to maintain my ideal weight. That being said, counting macros and determining the right level of carbs seems to be a never-ending process. I’d love to see tips on the following incorporated into the book:

    • How to determine the best ratio of fat/protein/carbs without having to track macros
    • Ketone testing (is it necessary?)
    • Staying in ketosis – how long is too long?
    • Keto meal plans 🙂

    Really looking forward to this book! Thank you, Diane!

  43. This might be too deep a topic but I would love to hear more about maintaining Keto lifestyle after being diagnosed with cancer. I have read Nasha Winters book, which is really good but it is very medical and I would like to have something that is a lighter read. BTW, I have Practical Paleo and it sits on my coffee table because I refer to it all the time 🙂
    Thank you for all that you do!

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  44. I want to know why suddenly dairy is back on the menu? It was discouraged and disparaged on paleo and now on keto it is fine…why the change of mind? Thanks!

  45. So excited for this book! I’ve struggled with my weight all my life. I’ve tried calorie counting, low fat, strict paleo, not so strict paleo, elimination diets, and a brief brief bought with Keto. I liked it, but was afraid that I was doing it wrong or that I was approaching it too much as a “diet” and then would gain all my weight back when I stopped (I was and I did), so I guess my question is IS there a way to approach keto as a short term method of losing weight and then maybe applying that to the rest of your life. OR is keto something that can be sustained for someones entire life? I have a few friends who are doctors and they all seem to think keto is too extreme (the old “everything is healthy in moderation” line), but they also do not study nutrition. Like at all. I’m currently in school and reverted back to my non-paleo ways during finals and am just now starting to get back into working out regularly and cooking my meals again. So this would be a perfect time to start learning more and starting a new diet/lifestyle!

    Thanks for all the support you give your followers. I love following you and your book was like my bible when I first started experimenting with eating paleo. 🙂


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  46. Don’t forget about us older women, 60+ and beyond. So much of the Keto community concentrates on the hormones of younger women. Our bodies react differently with the adrenals being responsible for creating all our sex hormones after menopause. The Baby Boomers represents the largest group of people in the US and we are all in our 60’s and 70’s and trying to age gracefully. I think Paleo and keto are extremely important topics for us because we were in the height of the low- and non-fat era. You could talk about how 30 years of eating low fat effects the entire working of your body. And how keto is healing for us. Thank you

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  47. Keto for perimenopausal/menopausal women and are the “rules” any different with regards to different hormones, hormones more similar to men. Really anything on this/my population, there is very little out there. Not that you’re at all familiar with this! 🙂

  48. Looking forward to another book from my favorite cookbook author! 🙂 Although, a book on Keto might not be one for me. I, like Candace above, don’t do well without the carbs. I have no doubt Diane will consider addressing this issue and for that I would buy the book! 😉 I have to admit though that I was really hoping for another “family friendly” cookbook (one that has more simple family style recipes for busy weeknights). Maybe the next book? Hint, Hint. 😉 😉

  49. I’m excited to see your insight into Keto as a Nutritionist. I am a nutritionist as well, who has played with Keto on and off and I follow a lot of the guru’s, but at times, there is conflicting information in regards to working out hard (aka CF or long S & C classes). I’d like to read about how you ate/eat during your workout days, whether you use exogenous ketones, and if so, when. Ideally, I’m excited to see a Keto book written from a Nutritionist’s point of view.

  50. The first time I tried Keto, Candida wrecked me and I ended up going back to my regular diet and cravings ensue. I can’t find a balance. Also the second time I tried, I just couldn’t get my sugar cravings under control to continue.

  51. I’m interested in this question as well. I also suffer from thyroid disease but find I feel much better and more energetic when I’m eating low carb. What can account for the difference between people who feel better / worse

  52. The carb reload days for women interest me. Should we as females be doing them or not. Calories matter or no? There are so many ways to do keto and I have issues finding enough research on women living a keto life style. I do believe avoiding or even completely omitting sugar and grains is always the best idea. Just interest to learn more on female hormones and macros and calories when doing the keto diet as a forever way of eating.

  53. I would love for you to expand on the topics of:

    – keto and athletes
    – gender differences as it pertains to keto
    – travelling and unforeseen circumstances
    – sustainability and keto (both environmentally and longevity wise)

  54. There’s a lot of controversy with Keto. I know it’s beneficial for certain conditions/illnesses, etc. Is it ok for just anyone looking to be healthier, needing to lose weight, or not? I’ve heard that it can cause other health issues, hypothyroid, when used longer term. What are the facts? Who should not do Keto? I have experience with Keto diet, but am not currently eating that way. The above are ?? I still have and thought others might benefit from in your new book!

  55. I have two questions around Keto.
    1. Hormone related: specifically PCOS/insulin resistance. I’ve always heard Keto is poor for those that are insulin resistant but that hasn’t made sense to me since you reduce carbs anyway to keep your blood sugar more regulated.
    2. Exercise related: I’ve read a few things about not doing Keto if you’re a frequent/heavy lifter/do CrossFit. Other than literally belonging to a CrossFit gym, how do you know if you fall into this category? What does it look like to be a frequent/heavy lifter?

  56. Thank you, Diane! I’m looking forward to your keto book.

    is it safe to alternate days of eating keto (very low carb) with higher carb days? So, that might mean going in and out of ketosis. is that safe?

    What does appropriate amount of fat look like on the plate? A visual guide with some examples would be great. Is cooking veggies in coconut oil considered enough fat?

    are vegetables really necessary? can we just eat delicious fat bombs with protein powder?

    Can you “go keto” without tracking macros?

    would you know if consuming too much protein without tracking macros?

    I’ve seen keto recipes that use the new sweeteners (like Stevia, erythritol). Are these sweeteners safe? after doing the 21 DSD, I don’t trust them, but are they fine and the body doesn’t treat them the same way as the older artificial sweeteners (aspartame, etc.)?

    Does bacon count as protein and fat?

    what about iodine? do we need to get salt that includes it?

    can we just eat real food that is low crab and not worry about the details without doing harm to our bodies?

    how can we squeeze in an occasional favorite fruit?

  57. Hi, I’ve been keto since the beginning of March, along with my daughter. She has lost 25 lbs, and I have lost 13. It’s much slower going weight wise than when I began paleo in general, which was almost 6 years ago now (thanks to your first book!!). When we first started, we were not really prepared. I hope your book will cover that. We went through the “keto flu” and didn’t start feeling better until we started taking electrolites and vitamins. A quick easy start up with a checklist or suggestions would be good. Some easy to make first week or two recipes would be good too. Please address whether thyroid health and age has much to do with it. I am almost 60, and my daughter is only 24, so I think some age had to do with our weight loss. I also are a strict paleo, in other words no dairy. A lot of keto books we found had so many dairy recipes. Having a lot without, would help. We used the chronomoter program online to help us track our exercise, nutrients, etc. It seemed no matter how much kale I ate, the program kept suggested kale, lol. An easier way to do it would be helpful. thanks.

  58. Hi Diane, I love that you are writing a Keto book! 🙂 I just wanted to tag along with Candace and Amy above with questions about how to do keto (or a version of it) without straining adrenals, thyroid, and other hormone issues. I feel great (at least mentally) when I am no-/low-sugar, LCHF, candida-diet, intermittent fasting, and such but I feel like it’s not always great for my thyroid issues (autoimmune Hashimoto’s) and adrenal fatigue. The verdict seems so up in the air as to whether keto is good or bad for adrenal fatigue that it drives me nuts. So, if at all possible, I’d love to see you delve into this issue in your new book! Thanks for all that you do and put out there. 🙂

  59. Hey Diane, excited for your new endeavor 🙂 I’d be interested in how to get started, what to set up and do, what to look for, how to “count” nutrition labels, how to “count” for keto, how to test ketones, do you have to test to do keto (meaning, is there no point if you’re not going to test your body levels/results), can keto be bad for you if you don’t test your ketones, when and why should you go in and out of Ketosis, health pros and cons to keto, are you not tricking your body to burn fat instead of glucose and how healthy is that on your body (nutritionally and functionally).

    Thanks, good luck 🙂

  60. Hi
    It would be great if you and your team could do some medical research as to how following Keto would work together to help with SIBO and other gastro problems like IBS…and not create more problems. That would be a great section to have in your book. Thank you for reading.

  61. Diane, I am so freakin excited about this. I have loved Practical Pelo (both of them) and have come to really trust and desire your advise on how to best fuel these crazy stressed out bodies of ours without becoming complete nutcases. 🙂 I would love to know how to best integrate paleo with Keto and where is it most important to make super clean (more expensive) choices in food ( ie. Fats, grassfed, organic, etc.). Wishing you the super best time writing this book and praying it won’t be the stressful event in your life that your other books have been. Rock it out!!!!

  62. How do I get started on Keto?
    Why Keto vs. Paleo?
    Should men vs. women do keto differently?
    Heathy & high quality supplement suggestions
    Getting started on Keto meal plans/how to but make the meal suggestions simple / quick & easy to make & follow for a person who works full-time and has a family to feed. There is no way I could/would ever make separate meals for my family. Getting one healthy meal on the table is a big enough struggle. 😉

  63. Every time I’ve gone keto I get very constipated. None of the usual tricks work– probiotics, magnesium, buffered vitamin c, keto green smoothies or coffee. Also, are you going to cover intermittent fasting as well?

  64. Food plans that included normal, easy to find ingredients would be very helpful for a novice like myself. I have found that many food plans contain unique or out of the ordinary vegetables and meats making the plans difficult to follow.

    Special diet requirements options would be great too, such as dairy free options for the lactose intolerant folks.

    Best wishes with your new book! I have enjoyed your others.

  65. My keto question: (because my interest in keto is in its health benefits, NOT fat burning weight loss, and it’s application to depression and anxiety.) Do you have to be in ketosis To get the benefits?

  66. what happens if I go “out of keto” (because….life!) – is it an all or nothing kind of thing? Like once you are out of ketosis you’ve undone all the work you’ve put in to get there?

    do I need to monitor with keto strips and all that tech equipment?

    what about all the keto powders and stuff on the market…pros/cons?

    examples of day in the life! easy portion guide for go-to snacks/meals

    do i need to track fat intake super carefully? if yes, a proposed system!

  67. Please please please make a book that is Keto for Women. No side bars “thoughts to consider for ladies”. So many Keto books have been written BY woman (yay!) but not enough FOR women. I would love to learn more in dept regarding Keto & : hormones, sexual drive, sleep, menopause, fertility, postpartum, skin/wrinkles & targeted weight loss (keto vs liposuction) etc!

    1. Post

      Thanks, Amy. While that won’t be my focus for this book in particular (“only for women”), I know that the majority of my readers are women and I will be writing it with you in mind.

  68. I am just happy you are writing this because in the recipes I have seen for keto, they use xanthum gum, or erythritol (and other fake sugars) that I know are not good, (and have been wondering what healthier options are out there) as well as other items, such as low sugar ketchup and other items that I just know are not ideal in a diet. It also seems a macros approach is needed for keto, which I feel is different from the intuitive eating that you mostly speak of, so explaining that I think would help. Also, how to read labels…I have heard when looking at a product, the fat content should be high, then protein, then carb…but how low should the carb be-at least of what the protein is? Something else? Another thing is I know a lot Paleo athletes added carbs in to help with energy and illness, so how does an athlete do keto and not suffer from performance and illness? Indicators of if it’s working or not too…for example, my sister is trying keto and has now done it for 4 weeks along with starting CF back up, and is barely losing weight or noticing a difference in clothing…why might this be? Should adjustments be made and if so, what? I feel like that’s a lot for now…I am sure more will come to me.

  69. I lost 36# in 4 months ( end of 2016) then plateau’d then slowly gained almost 2/3’s of it back. Still keto’ing and love this WOE but wish weight loss would resume ( I have 60 to lose).
    Your thoughts?!?🙏🏻

  70. How do you follow keto if you have an egg allergy.? So many keto recipes are full of eggs. Also, dairy (cream in particular) is out for me.
    I do not understand how you know how much to eat – what does 85% fat for example look like? Is it a teaspoon on my plate, 1/2 cup or what? I have looked at a few books on keto but can not figure out what a meal looks like. Don’t tell me to have 15% protein, tell me what that is by weight or measure.
    Yes, you should definitely write a clear, easy to understand book!

  71. Expanding on Erika’s question, keto post-partum while maintaining milk supply.
    Keto during pregnancy?
    Explanation of why electrolytes are so important during keto?
    Long-term potential pitfalls of using erythritol and stevia? How much is too much?
    This may be too specific, but If even some veggies kick you out of keto, what else could be the problem?

  72. This is great news, Diane! I am working with the CA Center for Functional Medicine and on week 8 of Keto to help with some health challenges. So, I am a beginner. I will love whatever you create and learn from a trusted source!

  73. Hi Diane,
    What about all of us with thyroid and adrenal imbalances and keto? I have Hashimotos and eat about 50% fat, 30% protein and 20% carbs but still need some carbs. Also someone who has both these issues AND has had a gallbladder removed can have trouble if they are not taking bile salts and digestive enzymes. I know of someone who attempted keto with their husband and had trouble.

  74. Pingback: New This Week / June 20, 2018 - Balanced Bites, Diane Sanfilippo

  75. Who is the Keto diet made for: male/female, athletes/everyday people, what age group, or overweight/obese? What medical conditions is a Keto diet good for or bad for? What supplements should you take while on the Keto diet? How do you know if a Keto diet is right for you before you start the diet? Should I conquer my sugar addiction before starting a Keto diet? Is a Keto diet right for menopausal women?

  76. Which Keto foods are best to avoid being constipation?
    Easy suggestions for dairy free Keto
    How do you make Keto a lifestyle and not a fad?

  77. calculating macros – how much fat/proteins/carbs should you be eating and what to do when you are falling short on fat/proteins but just aren’t hungry.

  78. I’m excited to see what you come up with. Love your books. I have been doing keto for a few weeks now. I think one thing I struggle with, is balancing the high fat diet with the calories. Typically things that are high in fat are also high in calories. I’m trying to balance the right ration of fat/protein/carb but also not go too high in calorie, tips on how to do that would be helpful. Also troubleshooting getting into ketosis. I feel like I am keeping my carb intake super low but I don’t think I’ve reached ketosis. It seems other people fall into much faster. So trying to evaluate if I need to up the fat? Lower the protein? Also maybe multiple recipes/ways to use specific low carb veggies. Also small meal and snack ideas as well. Thanks!

    1. Post
  79. This is amazing! I’ve only been doing keto for three weeks, but even researching before starting I kept thinking to myself, I wish Diane had a keto book because I trust her.. (and Robb Wolff of course), but most of the info out there is YouTube junk. This is so exiting!!

    My questions are:

    Pros and cons of counting net v total carb?

    What are the effects of limiting veggie intake to meet macro requirements, or should / should we not?

    Best electrolyte supps?

    Testing for ketones.. what is the reliability of ketone strips? I have been keto for 3 weeks, very strict counting, and can’t seem to fall below “Small-light pink color” despite already eating a low carb paleo diet previously. Maybe protein should be lower?

    Adequate macro ratios for keto.. buzz about carnivore keto?

    Does have bulletproof coffee break a fast? What if it contains collagen peptides? Best bulletproof recipe for weight loss (confused about ratios of butter/ghee v coconut oil /milk v MCT). I’m in a groove no with MCT and a little cinnamon to top it off, but open to other ideas 🙂

    Keto v low carb, carb ups and carb cycling.. how to determine what is best?

    Keto for losing those last stubborn 5 lbs! Tips, tricks and recipes!

    Does including dairy on keto impact weight loss from a metabolic standpoint? Sources out there say it may, .. seeking your guidance here rather than a random you tuber.

    How to maintain weight if moving between keto and low carb? Realistically – this is probably where I’ll sit after experimenting with keto for a couple of months. The reason being is that I am such a foodie and can’t pass out on an occasional evening with friends and a few glasses of wine, a good old (gf) pizza, or a vacation where you want to stick to whole foods but don’t want to have to count macros. Have to live a little!

    Thank you thank you thank you Diane! Looking forward to another exceptional piece of work!

    1. Post
  80. I do not have much weight to lose but think the keto diet has lots of long-term benefits. However, even when trying to lose 5-10 pounds, I found it very hard to actually get into ketosis. If I worked VERY hard at increasing healthy fats (mct AND butter to coffee, extra coconut oil veggies, extra olive oil to salad, etc), then I could get to trace amounts of ketones at best. But, as I ate this way, it increased overall calories so much that I felt I slowly creeped up 1-3 pounds a week! Is this what happened and how can I prevent that weight gain and how can I get into ketosis easier?

    1. Post
  81. Exercise when starting keto, keto when you have an autoimmune such as hashimotos (is it a good idea, special adjustments, etc), signs to tell if keto isn’t working for you an dc how to adjust, achieving fat loss, intermittent fasting ( who should do it, benefits, what can you REALLY put in your coffee and stay fasting), super simple meal plans, how to carb up, suggested supplements while ketoing , do you need to measure ketones and if so what method or device do you suggest. I know the answer to most of these questions are out there, but I want to hear Diane’s advice. I trust Diane. I feel like when she has advice or suggestions it helps me shut out all the other noise. That being said, I’d be curious who some of the keto gurus Diane has started following and everyone else commenting here. I like Dr. Eric Berg, Leanne Vogel, Shawn Myner and Martina Slajerova

    1. Post
  82. can a person go in and out of keto safely? example: keto 5 days and up to 150 grams for 2 days (maybe a potato on the weekend). I resist going keto for fear that I will do long term damage if I’m bouncing in and out.

    1. Post
  83. I have mostly positive experiences having gone Keto for almost a year. It was the first time I lost tons of weight without much effort. However some of my complaints and struggles were:
    1) Fear that I might be hurting my body in the long run by restricting nutrients. What are the specific nutritional supplements one might need while missing out on carbs?
    2) I had very low energy for working out.
    3) What legitimate science based studies show that it is healthy and not another fad?
    4) Who are the real life examples of people who live the lifestyle of Keto dieting and are thriving in terms of longevity?
    5) when I was really in Keto I experienced IBS symptoms like constipation and painful acid reflux that felt like chest pain. Is there a supplement or practice to could help? Is this a sign of an unbalanced Keto diet.
    6) I’d like to follow a 30 day (or more) meal plan and do this style of eating again without the side effects. Is that possible?
    7) I found it so difficult to have so much protein that I often needed powders and products.
    8) please leave explicit instructions for a Bulk Cooking session that could be done once a week to setup a successful week of eating including recipes for Keto snacks.

    Thank you!! I’m really happy your doing this. I feel like you bring a calm and logical approach to these ideas that make it easy for anyone to accomplish.

    1. Post

      Thank you Sharon! This book will cover some of these but in terms of deeper science and TONS of real life examples I don’t think this book will be the resource as it’ll be a more practical/how-to book with some basics to the science, if that makes sense! I think you’ll love it though! I appreciate these questions.

  84. I was interested in the keto diet as I have to lose weight however my doctor was against me doing Keto because I have high bp and I am taking meds for that as well as elevated “bad” cholesterol and she doesn’t want me to eat all the high fat food that you are encouraged to eat on keto. is there a way to do keto with healthy foods only that will not affect my bp and cholesterol?

    1. Post
  85. Keto, women and hormones health are my top concerns. Personally, I believe in carb cycling, but it is very difficult to figure out how often and how much that carb intake should be. There is plenty of information about keto and men out there, not so much for women, especially women who are not looking to switch to keto for weight loss, but for brain optimization. I’d also love to learn more about how to can do keto with familial hypercholesterolemia.
    Thank you!

    1. Post
  86. For me, information on figuring and counting macros and meal planning would be helpful.
    Also, information on how dairy affects your body…does it cause inflammation? How do I heal my adrenal fatigue with keto?
    What are some EASY dairy free meals?

    Thanks so much. I am excited to see your book. I have the 21 Day Sugar Detox and Practical Paleo

    1. Post
  87. I see a ton of keto advocacy by men based on male experiences. I’d love to understand more about when and how it works for women. Indications of when it’s appropriate and when it’s not working. Also how to adjust from hardcore keto dieting for weight loss and shifting to a more moderate lifestyle.

    1. Post
  88. I am SO happy you are writing a Keto book! Excited to hear your insights.
    Here are some questions:
    What are good ways to track your carb/ fat intake?
    How do you know how many carbs you should be eating?
    Are supplements like magnesium really necessary? And how do you know when you might need supplements of any kind?
    If you slip out of keto, how long does it take to get back?
    If you have a glass of wine now and then keep you from reaching or staying in ketosis?

    1. Post
  89. First of all, I’m very excited about this, because when Diane speaks, I can ignore the rest of the “noise”. That being said, all the questions I’m about to list I’ve gotten answers for from other Keto gurus, but I’d like to here Diane’s take:
    1. Keto effects on autoimmune such as hashimoto’s
    2. Who should intermittent fast with keto (or who shouldn’t), and what can you REALLY put in your coffee stay fasted
    3. How do you do do keto with having to keep your nuts minimal to none, plus no dairy
    4. Help with carb ups, the right way to do it
    5. Who are your favorite keto experts?
    6. Simple keto meal plans
    7. How to lose fat while doing keto
    8. Signs that keto isn’t working for you, how to adjust to make it work or when to give up
    9. Do you need to measure ketones, and if so, best methods/device?
    10. Your best quick tips on going keto and staying keto, especially while traveling

    1. Post
  90. I also have questions about keto, both short and long term, affects on thyroid health, both for those who currently have thyroid problems and those who don’t but want to avoid them.

    1. Post
  91. I read somewhere (a physician and I cant remember who) that keto is stressful on the thyroid. Where does that put us people with Hashimoto’s with an already taxed thyroid?

    1. Post
  92. I’ve been eating Wahls Protocol Paleo for MS for a couple of years. I had been eating Paleo for years before that. When I tried following Wahls Keto (the next step), I had worse adrenal symptoms, like many. I also have serious pituitary and hormone issues and low blood sugar. I’d like to see an explanation of macros, the formulas to consider for each meal, how to determine when to eat, how to customize the plan to fit your own needs, is coconut oil as good as xct/mct? How about olive oil? Walnut oil? Are any lower glycemic sweeteners (maple syrup, coconut sugar, dates, date syrup) ok and how much?

    1. Post
  93. Hi Diane! Thank you for creating this book! I trust your work and can’t wait. I was successful going paleo because of the 21DSD and pratical paleo. I want to go Keto but don’t know where to start and how to keep going. Will this info be in the book?

    1. Post
  94. The Ketogenic Diet cured my son’s epilepsy over 20 years ago before anyone was talking about Ketogenic.
    I’d learned about the diet from watching the movie Do No Harm starring Meryl Streep.

    1. Post
  95. I, too, have questions about Keto and thyroid health. I see articles that say Keto is good for thyroid and others that say it is bad. Is it a good idea for someone with hypothyroidism? Should I cycle in some carb refeed days? What does that look like? Is Keto helpful for autoimmune disorders like Hashimoto’s?

    I look forward to your newest book, Diane! Thank you for all your research and passing along your knowledge!

    1. Post
  96. Can you give us at least a 2 week menu with 20 grams of carbs so we can see what it really looks like.
    How much protein we should eat– as over 60 year old adults—but being aware of gluconeogenesis.

    Discuss how much fat is too much fat and put correct amounts in the meal planner.

    Combining intermittent fasting with Keto and how to get enough nutrients if I skip breakfast daily and do only 2 meals a day–lunch and dinner.

    How this can help type 2 diabetics–my husband is off all of his diabetes drugs by doing Keto and supplements, and walks daily. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doctor is very pleased!

    How to break a plateau or mistakes while doing keto which kicks you out of ketosis.

    1. Post

      I will be doing some meal plans and the carb grams will vary slightly since it’s not a custom plan for one person but rather a general plan for many. But thanks for these, D. – will cover these as well as I can in the book! Glad to hear your husband is off meds!!! Amazing.

  97. How to eat Keto while following paleo guidelines. How to find the optimal amount of carbs for my body. How to make Keto sustainable

    1. Post
  98. My biggest struggle with keto is on the subject of sweeteners. So many recipes suggest artificial/zero calorie sweeteners. I understand that they are “safe” within the parameters of the diet but I choose not to ingest chemicals if I can help it. Rather than going through life denying myself a little sweet treat is there another option?

    1. Post
  99. I second Tina P and Dena’s comments

    I’d also like to know your thoughts on nutrition pre/post anaerobic exercise
    Tree-nut peanut free options (coconut is ok)
    Non-sugar alcohol, Non-stevia alternatives
    quick prep tips for weekend meal prep, like freezer/batch cooking
    instant pot prep?
    How to do keto economically without eating the same thing 5 days in a row
    What are keto deal breakers…when should you add in carbs?
    Is it really necessary to measure ketones directly or is it enough to go off of energy alone?
    Is MCT oil really good for you or is it just hype?

    thank you for writing this book! I’m looking forward to reading it!

    1. Post
  100. How do I know if a Keto diet is right for me? My impression that people go on the diet as a means for weight loss rather than as a healthy diet option. Also, is a keto diet healthy long term? Is it really sustainable?

    1. Post
  101. How can I:
    support hormanal balance,
    maintain electrolyte balance,
    prevent these leg cramps at night ( I’m taking salt and magnesium and it’s not helping),
    extend my fertile years,

    how should I alter keto when I get pregnant (nobody is talking about this)

    1. Post
  102. YaY I’m so excited for this as someone who has been a big fan of your and owns all your book and done 21d program a few times ! I personally have been doing keto since oct 17 and have lost 40lb so far and even more then that the change in my energy level is insane! I often reference your books when making my meal plans as a lot of your recipes are keto or can be easily modified to fit keto! I would suggest covering interment fasting in the book as keto and IF and widely used together.
    Can’t wait for this book to come out so I can add it to my Diane collection!

    1. Post
  103. Hey Diane! So glad you’re diving in and sharing your knowledge and recipes for keto food. I’d love to have some kind of designation about whether or not the recipes are paleo, keto, dairy, etc. Like the indicators in Practical Paleo when the recipes said whether or not there were nightshades, etc. That aspect of the book was so great. And keep up your spice mixes in this book — they are amazing!

    1. Post
  104. My niece is successfully adopting keto as a lifestyle and said she never met anyone who didn’t lose weight on it, but that was me, after 5 weeks I only lost the initial water weight 4 or 5 lbs. I did under 25 carbs and 80 to 100 fat grams. I felt great, no food cravings! I’m a senior, obese, not very active, what did I do wrong? Tks!

    1. Post
  105. I didn’t read through the comments, so I apologize if this is a duplicate but I would really like some additional information on the keto diet in conjunction with the female hormone cycle.

    I have been eating “keto” for about 7 weeks and not taking cheat meals/days. In a couple of months, I will be going on vacation and I do not intend to stay “on plan” but I also don’t want to go crazy. How should one aim to eat “off plan” while still supporting a healthy lifestyle – and in such a way that will make transitioning back to keto relatively seamless? Stick to Paleo principles? Macro balance? A little of both?

  106. Questions for the Keto book:

    1) How to be keto and avoid dairy – so many keto recipes focus on dairy and I found when I tried keto I used dairy as a crutch to get through it, when I probably should avoid dairy.
    2) As others have said, keto & autoimmunity/thyroid/adrenals.
    3) Cycling keto – if you don’t want to be permanently keto, how best to cycle? Do you have to be keto for a certain amount of time – i.e. best to do it for 4 weeks, or can do it for just a few days if cycling.

    Thanks! Looking forward to the book!

  107. I am so excited to hear about this new book project! I think the main questions I want to see addressed is how does KETO differ for women, in order to support hormones? What are the different levels of carb intakes in a day? I.E. athletes might want to be here, people healing metabolic damage at this level of carbs, breastfeeding women at this level, newbies at this level etc. How do we know we are fully fat adapted? How can we do KETO and digest all the fat if we either have a sick gallbladder or do not have a gallbladder?
    I really look forward to reading your new book when it launches!

  108. Hi Diane.

    I am thrilled to hear about your new book, have all of your publications and listen to your podcast faithfully! I have been following you for years and have even attended the BB seminar in Washington, DC several years back! I have a few questions regarding keto…

    Is there a simplified way to plan my meals and keep my macros balanced?

    The best approach to keto for weightloss.

    Keto and fermented veggies. I have been making my own for quite a while and want to make sure that a few tablespoons per day will not harm my weightloss progress.

    Keto and dairy.

    Keto and intermittent fasting for weightloss.

    Discuss the Hormone Cascade. I had a subtotal thyroidectomy 20 plus years ago and take Nature-Throid.

    Keto supplementatation (e.g. exogenous salts, mct oil, coconut oil, magnesium, ACV…)

    Discuss use and recommendations for occasional use of sweetners…monkfruit, stevia, swerve, etc.

    Discuss indulgence in occasional treats, such as keto bark, pork rinds, Quest Hero bars…

    Many thanks in advance!

  109. First I have to say that I hope you decide to write the longer version Keto book, just like the Practical Paleo book. I loved all the information you put in the PP and if it were not for all that information it would have been more difficult to move forward with the 21DSD. So hopefully that is encouraging to you. The other is I’d like to know how or if Keto can help with healing the gut, Psoriatic Arthritis, fatigue and candida build up in the gut. Also, what are the benefits of Keto vs. the Practical Paleo? Why would I want to eat or try Keto? Besides weight loss, how is Keto going to help my body health over all, specifically the GI? Thanks Diane. I’m so excited for you and this journey.

    1. Post
  110. I would love to learn more about keto and woman’s hormones. Is keto a no-go for those who have struggled with hypothalamic amenorrhea? As a studying NTP, I can’t find anything in our course work that goes into this. If anything, I might guess that keto might not be the best choice psychologically for those who have struggled with restricted eating in the past, but I haven’t seen any research on why keto wouldn’t be great for someone trying to regain their menstrual cycle from a physiological standpoint . I would love to know your thoughts!

    Additionally, I would love to know more about keto and it’s ability to help neurological problems. My dad is an ex-NFL linemen who has pre-dementia at 55-years-old. I would love to help him.

  111. Diane, I love your writing style and am very much looking forward to this book. I’d love to hear more about appropriate protein levels while on keto, how much is too much vs not enough, etc. Also how to know if keto is a better fit for you vs. fat adapted but not full on keto, and also if and how you recommend cycling / hitting different levels of fat intake vs. carbs on different days. I’ve been reading the Keto Reset Diet and listening to a few podcasts lately but am really interested in hearing your recommendations for keto for women, as most of the experts in this space seem to be men and obviously our bodies, nutritional needs and goals are so different. Lastly, I’d be interested in hearing how you work in some favorite foods like Siete tortillas while remaining in ketosis. Assuming you just eat fewer vegetables on that day but interested in the details. Thanks for all your incredible work! Can’t wait to read this book.

  112. Diane, i am extremely interested in Keto and hearing about your book just made me take a deep breath. If there is any way to begin now with learning how to begin how it works that would be great. There is so much info on the web that it is confusing.

    Thank you and can’t wait for the book.

    1. Post
    1. Post
  113. What’s the real deal with doing Keto if you’ve had your gall bladder removed? Bad? Very bad?
    What is the best beginner plan?
    Do you really need all the crazy-expensive products out there?–and why are they loaded with monk fruit and stevia?
    I’m a celiac who is allergic or intolerant to milk, bananas, pepper, garlic, walnuts, pecans, corn, eggs. I need a plan I can stay on–not a diet, but a way of eating forever.
    Can or should it be Keto?
    I’d love to see “Pratical Keto”

    1. Post

      Thanks for these, Christine! I’m definitely addressing these in the new book! The book is called “Keto Quick Start” since I wasn’t going to tackle the same type of content (exhaustive meal plans!) that I did in Practical Paleo, but it IS a very practical book, as you’ve come to expect from me. I didn’t want to set people’s expectations of the book to be “the same as PP but for keto,” because it’s not exactly that way.

      You can definitely eat keto and avoid the foods you need to avoid (there’s little dairy in my new book), but you’ll need to navigate your way around peppers, garlic, nuts, and eggs – that’s just the nature of the beast with varied food allergies/intolerances. For a customized meal plan and support 1:1, I highly recommend checking out my 21DSD coaches ( – they are all amazing and can help support you! Oh, and you don’t need any products to eat keto- I’ve done this for many years without any of that stuff 😉

  114. Can you add a section about finding the right balance with foods. I think this is a big problem for new starters. I failed 3 times before i found the right food that gave me energy through the day! The failed times i would feel physically drained and even missed days off work!

    I constantly tried new dishes… If it made me feel rubbish i would cross that off the list, if i ate a dish and i was feeling ok, i would keep it on the list and so on.

    Hope this is a valid contribution!

    1. Post
  115. Hi Diane!

    Just want to say mad props to your book! I picked it up the other day from Chapter’s and your detailed explanation on the subject is nothing short of awesome!

    Thanks so much for this!

    1. Post

      Thank you! I’m so glad you love it! Even though you purchased elsewhere, I’d so appreciate if you’d leave an Amazon review- it helps people to select the book among many! Cheers!1

  116. After keto’ing off and on, i’ve discovered a few things.

    carbs are totally unnecessary for the average sedentary person. Don’t be offended. most of us are. if you’re not running sprints, crossfitting, BJJ, or building mass through heavy lifts, you rarely need carbs. There isn’t a fruit or bread that anyone “NEEDS”

    carb is a cap.
    protein is the goal.
    fat is the max. If you’re jiggly, YOU’RE the fat. Don’t kid yourself.

    the drink tons of water, is BS too. drink so you are hydrated. drink so you you pee a little yellow. otherwise, you just flush out ALL your minerals.

    that’s what I’ve experienced, both with big fat me, slightly less fat me, and i need blood lipids to resemble normalcy. I’m the only one of 7 in my family with normal to really awesome blood numbers.

    I love Diane’s books and have read and use her Paleo and Keto book almost daily. Egg the Yolks caused a huge fight with Nursing school trained wife at first.

    as I sip my whiskey I realize I’m writing stream of conscience, but what I say is true.

    Diane is great, her books are great and i’m glad for all of them.

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