5 Questions with “Paleo Pals” author, Sarah Fragoso

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Sarah is the National Bestselling author of Everyday Paleo, a trainer at NorCal Strength & Conditioning, and a mom to three boys. She's been paving the way for parents in the grain-free, paleo, and primal communities since she started blogging about her experience with changing her family's diet several years ago. I had a chance to catch up with her to chat about her new book, Paleo Pals: Jimmy and the Carrot Rocket Ship.

And… Sarah has GENEROUSLY offered up a softcover copy of Paleo Pals to one lucky reader here! See details to enter to win at the end of this post!

1. Can you tell us what readers can expect to find in Paleo Pals that's different from what they found in Everyday Paleo?

Paleo Pals is a fiction story book for kids about 3 child super heros who travel the world, helping other kids who might not be all that excited about eating paleo.  I wrote this book for families with kids who already eat paleo AND for kids who are just learning about paleo.

My hope was that kids who eat paleo would have something to relate to and that kids who are just starting to eat paleo would be encouraged and have fun!  There is also a small recipe section in the back so that kids will want to get right into the kitchen and tips for parents as well!

2. What are your kitchen “must haves” for busy Paleo mom and dads?

A slow cooker, pressure cooker, and a food processor are all huge time savers for busy Paleo families.  I also suggest that paleo families keep it simple, plan ahead, and most importantly, enjoy the process together and to get the kiddos involved in the fun!  It's all about perspective and being positive.  Children love to be involved and eating healthier together as a family does not have to be a negative experience. Yes, it can be difficult at best to transition a family to eating paleo but by working together as a team, letting your children help in the kitchen, plan meals, and pick out paleo foods, empowers and excites kids rather then focusing on negatives.

3. Lunch seems to be particularly hard for new Paleo parents to re-think. How did you get past the traditional sandwich, chips, and juice box?

Parents do have to think “outside the lunch box” when preparing paleo lunches but it's entirely possible!  We use stainless steel bento style lunch boxes and insulated thermoses and having the right equipment makes packing a paleo lunch much easier!  I have several suggestions on my blog for paleo lunches and in Everyday Paleo but an example would be: sliced chicken, celery sticks with almond butter and raisins and strawberries!  Leftovers are great to send for lunches as well which is where having an insulated thermos comes in.  I'll sometimes send leftover chili or meatballs for lunch!

4. Do you think Paleo has changed your family’s perception of quality time?

Oh my goodness yes!  Paleo has changed our perspective on a lot of things but now we definitely spend our time together in different and more positive ways.  We watch way less TV, we shop together now when before I used to dread taking the kids to the store, we explore farmers markets, we have joined a CSA and go to the farm together, we spend more time together in the kitchen laughing, cooking, and talking rather then going to loud restaurants or eating in front of the television, we workout together and we learn together.  A blog reader once told me that families should approach this journey with hope and joy, and those simple words of advice are so true. Whenever I find myself frustrated or overwhelmed, I think about all the positive changes our family has made over the years and how much healthier we all are and I press that re-start button and once again approach our journey with hope and joy.

5. Can we expect more adventures from the Paleo Pals?

Yes!  I'm not sure when, but my own kids are already talking about what the Paleo Pals will be doing next!

Click here to download a FREE PDF preview of the great recipe from the book pictured within the post above!


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  1. Already following both blogs on Facebook and by email. We just learned about the paleo diet concept a month ago. Both of your blogs and the Every Day Paleo Cookbook are the reasons that I have made it this far. Thank you for helping our family learn to eat Paleo. 🙂

  2. Already a Facebook fan and just subscribed to the Balanced Bites newsletter! Hoping I get to share this book with some mommy friends of mine.

  3. I already like Balanced Bites and Everyday Paleo on Facebook. I would love to win this book for my granddaughter.

  4. Yay! All the above done. Following both on twitter. Liked both on Fb. Also subscribed to email. Excited hope I win!

  5. I have done 1 & 3. I don’t have a twitter account. I would love to win this book. Being Paleo has helped me make a positive lifestyle change for the better and I only plan to continue and keep moving forward.

  6. Liked both pages on FB and subscribed to the newsletter – not on Twitter yet…This looks like a great book to educate and inspire my kids to buy into the healthy changes I am trying to make for my family.

  7. Every thing is “liked” and “followed” and confirmed ;o) I make lots of things from Sarahs cookbook already and they are always huge hits with the kiddos! Hope I win!

  8. Mission accomplished! Sarah has a great FB page and even though my kidz are teens…every little bit helps.
    I will share with my friends that have small children. Thanks.

  9. Already liked and following Balanced Bites; now like and following Everyday Paleo! Looks like a fun book that my kids would love.

  10. I like you! I really, really like you! On FB. And Everyday Paleo, too 😉 And I signed up with your newsletter, which I can’t believe I hadn’t already done.

    I don’t Tweet, though, so I couldn’t do that step. One of these days, I’ll start…

  11. I had liked & subscribed to balanced bites long ago- LOVE them both- my go-to resources for many many things. And just Liked Everyday Paleo- thx!! Great stuff!

  12. I bought Paleo Pals at Paleo f(x) and my 5/6yo kids love it. They call themselves Paleo Pals and really like making the recipes. Super fun stuff and I hope everyone that hears about it has the good sense to buy a copy or three!

  13. I am following Everyday Paleo and Balanced Bites on Facebook and Twitter. I am also signed up to receive the Balanced Bites email letter and blog. Loving them all! 🙂 Starting tomorrow on a 6 week paleo challenge for myself and hoping to make it a lifestyle change. I would also LOVE more info on how to sell this lifestyle to my kids too! 🙂

  14. I’ve liked Everyday Paleo on fb for a while now…incredibly excited to see whats new with balanced bites! Liked both of them on FB 🙂

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