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BIRTHFIT, Fitness, & Chiropractic | What’s Up Weekly with Diane | August 29, 2017

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Here’s what was up last week! Quick Links: Diane: Direct Vlog Dr. Scott – Upcoming Events! Balanced Bites Podcast – Episode #310 New Book – 21DSD Daily Guide – releasing January 2018 Balanced Bites Spices – Update! New 21DSD Recipe Roundup – Sheet Pan Chicken Highlights from Instagram Diane: Direct Vlog Have more than 5 minutes to get ready? I’ve …

Ask the Doc: Chiropractic & Self Care with Dr. Scott A. Mills - Diane Sanfilippo, Liz Wolfe | Balanced Bites

Podcast Episode #229: Ask the Doc: Chiropractic & Self Care with Dr. Scott A. Mills

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Topics: 1. News and updates from Diane [2:06] 2. Something new that I’m into: facial hair [3:04] 3. Introducing our guest, Dr. Scott A. Mills and chiropractic [4:02] 4. What is subluxation and is it treatable? [12:20] 5. What is that popping noise? [15:47] 6. Best sleeping position and bed [20:47] 7. Best exercises for low back and sacrum [23:49] …

Adjust your way to new PRs… and a big giveaway!

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Let me paint a picture of you. You eat Paleo, you’re a CrossFit athlete and life is good. Actually, it’s great! You’ve discovered a way of living that feels so right. You are feeding your genetic blueprint with the raw materials required for outrageous health. You tell everyone you know because you are altruistic and this stuff really works! But… …