Podcast Episode #77: No Thyroid, Eyesight, Female Facial Hair & Gym Challenges

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Podcast Episode #77: No Thyroid, Eyesight, Female Facial Hair & Gym Challenges

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1. Paleo benefits and recommendations when you are without a thyroid [12:00] 2. Using nutrition to improve eyesight [20:13] 3. How to eat and exercises to maintain weight? [30:08] 4. Hair loss and facial hair, help! [36:48] 5. Ideas on how to run a successful nutrition challenge [45:25] [smart_track_player url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/balancedbites/BB_Podcast_77.mp3″ title=”#77: No Thyroid, Eyesight, Female Facial Hair & Gym Challenges” artist=”Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe ” color=”00aeef” social=”true” social_twitter=”true” social_facebook=”true” social_gplus=”true” ]


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1.  Paleo benefits and recommendations when you are without a thyroid

Gina says,

My husband does not have a thyroid (thyroid cancer will do that to you – back in 2005) and we are doing some research into what type of diet would be best for his health. We are not paleo at all, but try to reduce grain intake, and I am lactose intolerant so milk products are rare in our house. Though we do have locally made goat cheese and the occasional cheddar. Can you explain the benefits of paleo diet or recommend nutrition advice in regards to his health? While his thyroid levels are regulated well with a prescription drugs and he eats pretty healthy in general, he has gained some weight in the last couple years that we aren’t understanding why. We both work out about 3x week (swimming, lifting weights, running), walk to work every day (about 2 miles), and are active (golf, hiking, trail running, etc) every weekend.

2. Using nutrition to improve eyesight

June says,

Hi Diane and Liz, I'm hoping you might have some info about Paleo and eyesight. Specifically, improving eyesight. I'm 60 yo, been paleo for over a year. I've worn glasses since I was about 40. Bifocals. Plus I had acute closed angle glaucoma about 15 years ago in my left eye which left my optic nerve damaged in my left eye and my left pupil permanently dialated. That hasn't changed, though my eye pressure remains steady now w/ no meds and I have regular check ups w/ my opthalmologist. All that to say…I'm very aware of my less then perfect eyesight. I've noticed in the past few months that some days my eyes just seem way too blurry….comes and goes and doesn't SEEM to be connected to sleep or computer (but maybe it is)….Yesterday I went for a thorough eye exam and my perscription has changed so minutely that they didn't recommend new glasses plus they said my eyes looked fine. So….I'm thinking about food. I'm pretty strict Paleo except for occasional bouts w/ sugar (yes, I do the 21 dsd on and off). For supplements I take fermented cod liver oil almost daily…thank you for that recommendation, Vit. D, a good quality multi and that's about it. I did one round of paleologix and need to order more. It really helped w/ cravings and some digestive issues I was having…but that's another topic…

So, do you have any suggestions or info on eye health w/ Paleo and/or adding other supplements?

Thanks again for all you both do. I hope you come to the SF Bay area for a work shop some time. Diane I met you briefly when you had your book signing….want more!!!

I'm workiing on sleeping more…I get up at 6 most weekdays, do CrossFit 3 days per week. I try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night, but sometimes it's closer to 7 then 8…which is better then I had been doing in the past. I teach Pilates and do massage therapy for my living so am pretty active during the day…ie: I do not sit at a computer all day, but definitely spend too many late hours on Facebook or various website, e-mail etc. in the evenings. I am about 99% paleo. Occasionally having cream in my coffee, butter to cook with, and Paleo sweet treats which I try my best to stay away from.

3. How to eat and exercises to maintain weight?

Jenna says,

Does your body get to a certain weight where hormones change (decreased appetite, more energy) and cause weight to drop easier? I think I've reached that point, and I don't want to eat when I'm not hungry, increase my carb (insulin) levels, or decrease my exercise in order to maintain my weight.

I have been subscribing to a paleo lifestyle for about 8 months. Breakfast can include, eggs in coconut oil, avocado, bacon, fruit with almond butter depending on the day. Snack on almonds/cashews and dried berries/banana chips. Lunch and dinner are typically organic chicken, grass fed beef, eggs, or wild caught fish – roasted or sauteed veg or salad – and some type of potato or rice if my activity levels have been high that day. I walk to/from work (1 miles each way) and go to the gym about 3 times a week (after work). I have always have always been “fit,” a runner since high school and never needed to lose weight. Now, I will run occasionally if the weather is nice, but it's more of an experiential activity rather than a necessity. I weight train 2 times a week, bike an hour (heart rate 105-120) about 3 times a week. I go through spurts with yoga practice. I walk to and from work (about 1 mile each way) 5 days a week. Over the last 3 years have fluctuated between about 121 and 137 (I'm 5'7″). When I get below 125 I find that my appetite starts to get more suppressed and my energy is overflowing. Anywhere below 125 my family and friends start making comments that I'm getting too thin. Currently I'm at 125 and can feel my body starting to get into that mode. I like the way I feel with a Paleo lifestyle, but don't want to lose anymore body fat and am on the verge of feeling bony. I carry most fat in my butt and hips. Have you heard of other people noticing this change at a certain point? Do you recommend I decrease exercise (though I feel I need it to wind down after work), or change what I'm eating to maintain my current state?

4. Hair loss and facial hair, help!

Arielle says,

Hi Ladies! Thank you so much for your awesome, in many cases, life saving podcast and books! I'm spreading the love all throughout my family thanks to your approachable delivery of information. Here's my question: What am I missing here? I have PCOS and am really battling the androgenic tendencies of hair loss and facial hair…hell, hair everywhere! lol I put a new meaning to eating cavegirl!

I have followed a paleo diet strictly for 6 months, other than 2 days in december. I have read PCOS unlocked and took the recoomendations of taking milk thistle and saw palmetto but I'm still a hairy mama and it hasn't decreased at all. what else can I do?? is this just one of those wait it out things?

Very intense  (heavy) weight training one or two days a week only and I walk outside slowly with my 10 month old for stress relief. I am a recovering marathoner 🙁
food varies, always paleo, but is usually three eggs and a veggie shake in the morning (veggie shake includes kale, spinach, chia seed, coconut water, carrots, ginger, lemon, lime, cucumber, frozen strawberries), lunch is usually a big salad with a grassfed pattie on it or another left over piece of meat from dinner, with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and avocado, dinner is usually either chicken sausage sans preservatives, or chicken breast with roasted veggies and some sweet potatoes. Lots of coconut oil, butter, and animal fat used in cooking. Sometimes I snack on raw nuts and fruit. Sleep is poor usually. I co-sleep with my 10 month old and he wakes up a few times a night still. I'm a full time working mom so I often burn the candle staying up after he goes to bed to work on a few things in order to leave work early a little during the day to spend some more time with my baby boy. I'm pretty unhappy with my work situation too so could the stress of that be holding me back from getting rid of these androgenic tendencies? I'm desperate…no woman wants to have to shave her face!

5. How to run a successful nutrition challenge

Eric says,

Hello Diane and Liz, First off, thank you both so much for the Podcast, It's informative and hilarious, Diane I love Practical Paleo and Liz I can't wait for your book to come out. Now for my question(s). I began writing articles on nutrition for the gym I go to here in Rochester about a year ago and sort of became the “nutrition guide” for its members. I have no formal qualifications but I am a nerd, so I guess that's how it happened. Anyway, the owner and I had always emphasized how important it is to dial in your eating habits, especially for members of our type of gym (we do kettle bell, Met-Con, Oly lifting and Crossfit style workouts). I have heard Liz mention, on a few occasions, that she has run 30 day paleo challenges, so I thought this might be a great way to get everyone who has been hesitant to try giving paleo a shot. My question then is, what the heck is a 30 day paleo challenge? How do I go about setting this up? How do you track the participants?

If you've run a few already, what have you found that works and what doesn't? I typed up a sign-up sheet that essentially says, pay attention to what you put into your body for thirty days, stick to a strict paleo diet, I provided a little blank table for people to document when they eat non-paleo foods and what led them to doing so (as an attempt to get people to avoid putting themselves into those situations in the future) and I put something in there that is along the lines of supporting each other and having each other's backs outside of the gym the same way we do inside. This might not be a great podcast question, but I'm not certain if I've ever heard you two discuss how you go about getting people to try out a paleo approach, the Robb Wolf try it for 30 days approach worked for me, but I'm trying to get other people on board. Thanks again for all the help, high five!

Diane & Liz

Comments 3

  1. Love your podcasts! In reference to the segment on hairiness, I believe the contraption you are referring to is an “epilator”. I have one, but I must say that honey waxing at the aesthetician is FAR more effective (and less painful!) at removing unwanted facial hair. Do you have any additional information on waxing and skin care?

    Also, as someone who has dealt with similar hormonal issues, I feel that bone broth and FCLO/HVBO were critical dietary ingredients to reestablishing hormonal balance. As a matter of fact, they worked so well that I am now pregnant with my second child at the age of 45 (yes, forty-FIVE)after a history of fertility problems.

  2. When your book comes out I will get it for my wife as a surprise. She loves Practical Paleo and I really think she will be thrilled to get and read it!

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